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2021 Jul 1Z0-414 pdf exam

Q21. Which two are supported methods for viewing system statistics? 

A. Analytics 

B. Solaris stat tools: iostat(1M), vmstat(1M) 

C. Appliance CLI 

D. Oracle SunPlex Manager 


Answer: A,C 

Q22. Which are the five primary tabs for the Browser User Interface? 

A. Configuration 

B. Maintenance 

C. Shares 

D. Status 

E. Analytics 

F. Dashboard 

G. Service 

Answer: A,C,G 

Q23. Which are the four key attributes to set up ZFS storage appliance for Microsoft Exchange? 

A. Blocksize 4k El 


C. Enable Read/Write SSD 

D. iSCSI protocol 

E. Serial number of ZFS storage appliance 

Answer: B,C,D,E 

Q24. Identify the rack configuration that is not compatible for installing the ZFS Storage Appliance. 

A. 19-inch wide 4 post-EIA cabinet 

B. Two post-EIA compliant cabinet 

C. Sun Rack 900/1000 cabinet 

D. SunEdge expansion cabinet 

Answer: B

Q25. A storage administrator is configuring replication for a share. Identify the two required fields that must be specified. 

A. The target system 

B. The target storage pool 

C. The compression ratio 

D. A replication group 

E. Maximum Bandwidth 

Answer: A,B

Renewal 1Z0-414 exam question:

Q26. Which two options describe the data services Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances provide? 

A. The FTP service allows both anonymous and user-authenticated logins. 

B. The iSCSI service supports discovery, management, and configuration using the iSNS protocol. 

C. For shadow migrations, in order to properly migrate data, the source file system or directory must be read-only. 

D. With remote replication, data is replicated at the project level only. 

E. Supports a robust implementation of the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol version 

Answer: B,C 

Q27. Identify three valid thresholds used by the Status Dashboard. 

A. Monsoon 

B. Rainy 

C. Cat-5 Hurricane 

D. Sunny 

E. Thunderstorm 

F. Typhoon 

Answer: B,D,E 

Explanation: Dashboard ThresholdsThe following icons indicate the current state of monitored statistics with respect to user-configurable thresholds set from within.Settings. 

Icon Description Icon Description 

image:Dashboard: Threshold sunny Sunny 

image:Dashboard: Threshold hurricane hurricane 

image:Dashboard: Threshold partly cloudy partly cloudy 

image:Dashboard: Threshold hurricane class 2 hurricane class 2 

image:Dashboard: Threshold cloudy Cloudy 

image:Dashboard: Threshold hurricane class 3 hurricane class 3 

image:Dashboard: Threshold rainy Rainy 

image:Dashboard: Threshold hurricane class 4 hurricane class 4 

image:Dashboard: Threshold stormy stormy 

image:Dashboard: Threshold hurricane class 5 hurricane class 5 

Q28. Which three statements are true about Cluster Configuration of ZFS Storage Appliances? 

A. In Cluster environment, only one node at a time can be the owner of each storage pool. 

B. To utilize resource of both nodes simultaneously, you need at least two storage pools: one that maps to node1 and another that maps to node2. 

C. Read SSD is in head node, so cached data will not fail over to another node. Warm-up time is required after failover in order to cache the data again. 

D. In Cluster environment, only one controller can be assigned resources. 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q29. A storage administrator wants to enable compression for a performance-sensitive application. Which option should be used? 



C. GZIP-9 

D. SHA-1 

Answer: A 

Explanation: The NFS protocol is used for communication with the Oracle Linux-based Oracle Database RAC server environment. LZJB compression is used for all filesystems mirroring for data protection in order to obtain optimal performance. LZJB reduces the footprint of this data significantly. LZJB compression requires less CPU overhead than other compression options, making it perfect for this performance-sensitive environment. In fact, in many cases, the use of LZJB actually enhances performance because it reduces throughput requirements through the back-end SAS interfaces. 

Q30. Hybrid Columnar Compression is unique to Oracle Storage. 

How many times can you get better compression with HCC versus competitive options? 

A. 3-5x 

B. 5-8x 

C. 2-4x 

D. 8-12x 

Answer: C