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2021 Jul 1Z0-414 actual test

Q11. A storage administrator wants to configure the "Cache Profile". Which is a valid configuration type? 

A. Mirrored 

B. Double-parity raid 

C. Triple mirrored 

D. Single-parity raid, narrow stripes 

E. Striped 

Answer: E 

Q12. Which feature should be enabled to secure communications between the ZFS Storage Appliance and an LDAP server? 




D. Simple Configuration 

Answer: B 

Explanation: Likewise, SSH can be used to secure communications between system 

administrators and those systems they are managing. 

Q13. A storage administrator plans to replicate new data from primary ZFS storage to the secondary ZFS storage. 

Where should the administrator check to verify the current status of a replication? 

A. Configuration > Services > Remote Replication 

B. Shares > edit selected Share > Replication 

C. Shares > Project > edit selected Project > Replication 

D. Maintenance > Logs > Alerts 

Answer: A 

Q14. Which is the best SAN zoning method for ZFS Storage ZS3? 

A. Any method 

B. Multiple initiator zoning 

C. Multiple target zoning 

D. Single initiator zoning 

Answer: C 

Q15. Which two groups' tasks become easier when a share is published? 

A. Administrators trying to administer the domain 

B. Users who are using the Find feature of the Start menu to find remote shares based on identifier or description 

C. Users trying to find shares in large Active Directory environments 

D. Users trying to add a meaningful description to shares so that others may find it 

Answer: B,C 

Explanation: Publishing Shares to Active Directory Publishing shares makes it easier for a resource to be found in large AD environments. By publishing shares to Active Directory, users can use the Find feature on the Start menu on their Windows desktops to find remote shares based on their identifier or description. In order to publish shares to Active Directory, open the File Server Management console, click on Shares, right click on the share name to be published, click on properties, then choose the Publish tab and check the “Publish this share in Active Directory”

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Q16. Which client is used to authenticate as local users when using the Active Directory Service in the workgroup mode? 


B. NIS+ 



Answer: C 

Explanation: his document focuses on the process of creating and sharing filesystems in both domain and workgroup mode, joining a domain, mounting SMB shares within the domain, and managing object rights 

Q17. Which devices can be tuned using the synchronous write bias property by selecting values of either latency or throughput? 

A. Quantum devices 

B. Log devices 

C. Block devices 

D. Cache devices 

Answer: B 

Explanation: A setting of.Synchronous write bias : Throughput.for a dataset allows synchronous writes to files inother.datasets to have lower latency access to SSD log devices. 

Q18. Which disk profile setup usually best serves random read workloads? 

A. DRAM, followed by pool disks 

B. Read cache devices (Readzillas) 

C. DRAM, followed by read cache devices (Readzillas) 

D. Log devices (Logzillas) 

E. DRAM, followed by log devices (Logzillas) 

F. Pool disks 

Answer: D 

Q19. Identify the three levels of upgrades that are available. 

A. Micro: Designed to fix bugs within 24 to 48 hours 

B. Minor: Designed to add new features 

C. Major: Big feature revisions 

D. Major: Designed to add new features 

E. Minor: Big feature revisions 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q20. What is the effect of a snapshot rollback on a clone? 

A. There is no effect. 

B. Performance may be impacted during the snapshot rollback because the system restores the original blocks of the share. 

C. The clone may disappear if the snapshot being rolled back was taken prior to the clone's original snapshot. 

D. If the clone was promoted prior to the snapshot rollback, no impact will be noticed. 

Answer: D