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A customer accepts a quote for 10 products sold by your organization. The customer agrees to pay for half of the total immediately and pay the other half once the products are received.
How do you track this transaction in Microsoft Dynamics 365 so the accounting department will understand the transaction?

  • A. Create a new invoice that includes all of the items sold to the customer, and set the invoice to the Partial Fulfilled status reason.
  • B. Create a new invoice that includes all of the items sold to the customer, and set the invoice to the Partial Paid status reason.
  • C. Create a new invoice that includes half of the items sold to the customer, and set the invoice to the Complete Fulfilled status reason.
  • D. Create a new invoice that includes half of the items sold to the customer, and set the invoice to the Complete Paid status reason.

Answer: D

An organization uses goals for tracking sales and opportunities in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
The organization wants to extend their sales and goals KPls. and have created a calculated field on Opportunity for Weighted Revenue, based on Est. Revenue and Probability.
Now the organization wants to include weighted revenue in their goals.
Which options meet this customer's needs? Each answer represents a complete solution.

  • A. Edit the existing goal metric and change the in-progress value to point to the new weighted revenue held.
  • B. Add a new rollup quer
  • C. In the query editor, include the weighted revenue fiel
  • D. Use the new rollup query in your goals.
  • E. Create a new goal metric and name it "Weighted Revenue."' Add rollup fields for actual value, and use the weighted revenueheld for the in-progress value.
  • F. Edit the existing goal metric for revenue, add a custom rollup field, and point it to the new weighted revenue fiel
  • G. Then, adjustthe goal charts to also include the custom rollup field.

Answer: AB

After several weeks of negotiation with a customer, the customer decides to purchase ten tor them.
You need to send a new quote to the customer while keeping records of the requested change. What should you do?

  • A. Revise the quote, activate, and send the new quote to the customer.
  • B. Close the quote as Los
  • C. Create a new quote and send it to the customer.
  • D. Create a new Opportunity, and send a new quote to the customer.
  • E. Close the Opportunity as Lost create a new quote, and send it to the customer.

Answer: A

On an Opportunity. you need to show Stakeholder, Products. Competition, and Sales Teams related to the Opportunity. What ,s automatically set when selecting a related record from within the Opportunity form?

  • A. the creation date of the related record
  • B. the Last Date Modified field on the related record
  • C. the relationship between the related record and the Opportunity
  • D. the ownership of the related record

Answer: A

You are working for a company that is in the process of trying to secure a large contract
As you work with this sales opportunity, you need to manage all the various people involved in the sale, both from the customer and external stakeholder point of view.
You need visibility on the Opportunity record to do this.
Which type of functionality can you use in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to facilitate visibility of those involved?

  • A. Stakeholders
  • B. Business Process Flows
  • C. Contact Preferences
  • D. Chats

Answer: D

You are the sales manager for your company.
You want to trade key performance indicators as well as record activities for all of your clients in order to improve the ratio of, and turn leads into, sales.
Which feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 will allow you to do this?

  • A. Relationship Analytics
  • B. Email Engagement
  • C. Auto Capture
  • D. Relationship Assistant

Answer: C

You are a sales manager for your company.
In order to improve sales, you want Microsoft Dynamics 365 to analyze the daily actions and communications of your sales staff. In addition, you would like the analysis data to be used to remind your sales people of upcoming activities and create actionable items to keep them focused.
Which feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 performs these functions?

  • A. Auto Capture
  • B. Relationship Assistant
  • C. Email Engagement
  • D. Site Map Designer

Answer: A

You receive an email from a person who was referred to your organization by a third party.
You track the email and create a Lead for the prospect After a few emails exchanged between you and the prospect you realize that the service they are want is not a service your company offers.
How do you capture this information in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • A. Disqualify the Lead.
  • B. Close the Lead as Lost.
  • C. Untrack the emails exchanged with the prospect
  • D. Qualify the Lea
  • E. Close the Opportunity as Lost.

Answer: C

Your sales manager has asked you to take over management of a sale for a customer that was managed by a previous employee.
You want to make sure everyone who views the Opportunity has full visibility to everything that has happened with the sale to this point and allow other staff to see that you are now managing the sale.
How can you meet these needs in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • A. Email the new management information to everyone in the company.
  • B. Delete the Opportunity and recreate it.
  • C. Assign the record to yourself.
  • D. Assign the record to a team.

Answer: D

An organization uses goals aligned with fiscal periods.
The fiscal periods were never set up and will now need to be aligned with the organization's actual fiscal year and period. What will happen to the goal records that use the old fiscal period when the settings are updated?

  • A. Goals will automatically set the date range to match the new fiscal periods.
  • B. Goals will become inactive until they are manually aligned with the new fiscal periods.
  • C. Fiscal periods cannot be changed when used by active goal
  • D. Deactivate the goals while adjusting the fiscal period.
  • E. Goals will continue to run using the old fiscal period
  • F. A user can manually update the goals if needed.

Answer: A

You are a sales support specialist for a company that utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365.
You are going through the many records of their current database and inputting this data into Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Which instance below would be created as an Opportunity record in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • A. a person who calls into the company after receiving a mass mailing advertisement from your company
  • B. a person who has prequalified for a mortgage and wants to utilize a real estate agent to look at property
  • C. a person who signs a contract to purchase three cases of your product on a quarterly basis for 2 years r
  • D. a list of people supplied by a marketing research firm that matches your target market

Answer: D

You have been hired to configure a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation for a company. You need to create a business process flow that accommodates multiple work flows, based on a sen Which action will meet your need?

  • A. Add additional multiple linear business process flows.
  • B. Add stages to the linear business process flow.
  • C. Add branches to the business process flow.
  • D. Add multiple steps to the business process flow.

Answer: A

You are a sales person for a large automobile dealership.
You created a lead within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a potential customer who was interested in a current sales event at your dealership. The potential customer selected a new car but was unable to finance it due to bad credit The potential customer has given up for the time being.
How should you modify the record to update it for this sales opportunity?

  • A. dose as Lost
  • B. dose as Won
  • C. dose as Disqualified
  • D. dose as Cancelled

Answer: B

You are working with a sales organization so that they can better utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage their sales process.
What are two advantages of having the organization s sales professionals utilize Auto Capture? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. They will not need to go into Outlook to track their emails.
  • B. They can delay sending an email until an appropriate time.
  • C. They can see untracked emails from Exchange in their activity list
  • D. They can be notified when an embedded link has been clicked within a sent email-

Answer: AB

You are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to sell products in different currencies. The currency exchange rates are updated on a regular basis.
You need to anticipate the impact of the exchange rates on your analytics and KPIs. What are all the circumstances in which the money fields are updated according to the
current exchange rate in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • A. When the exchange rate is updated, all active records with the changed currency are updated.
  • B. It is updated any time the record is updated in any way.
  • C. It is updated when the record is created, a money field is updated, or the statuschanges.
  • D. When the currency is added to a record, the exchange rate is set until the currency field is changed.

Answer: C

An organization has many mobile users accessing Microsoft Dynamics 365 via phone or tablet. Microsoft Excel is not installed on the mobile devices.
The organization wants lo enable their users to view detailed analytics with interactive slicers for ad hoc analysis for their customers and opportunities using only the web browser.
Which action should you recommend?

  • A. Create the detailed analytics as an Excel Template, and instruct the users to download the template.
  • B. Create the detailed analytics as a Dynamics Worksheet, and distribute it to the users.
  • C. Create the detailed analytics as a Report and instruct the users to run the report when needed.
  • D. Create the detailed analytics as an Excel Template, and instruct users to open the template with Excel Online.

Answer: A

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