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Q31. An operations engineer wants to manually optimize the MPLS Traffic Engineering tunnels. Which Cisco IOS EXEC command should the engineer apply? 

A. tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute destination 

B. tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option lowest _number dynamic 

C. mpls traffic-eng reoptimize lockdown 

D. mpls traffic-eng multicast-intact 

E. mpls traffic-eng reoptimize 


Q32. Refer to the exhibit. 

ABC and XYZ MPLS VPN customers are accruing Internet access. Both CEs are sending traffic to the Internet. Which statement about their connectivity is true? 

A. Both CEs will have connectivity. 

B. Only CE-XYZ will have connectivity. 

C. Neither CEs will have connectivity, as both CEs are using the same NATed subnet. 

D. Only CE-ABC will have connectivity. 

E. Neither CEs will have connectivity, as IAR does not have route back to the NATed subnet. 


Q33. Which are the four main functions of the Cisco IOS XR System Manager? (Choose four) 

A. performs system monitoring 

B. is the main IOS XR component for device drivers and software installation management 

C. starts, restarts, and terminates processes in response to user configuration or RP failover 

D. is responsible for the message-passing "bus" for interprocess communication 

E. acts as a central repository for all process-related information 

F. performs health checks 

G. initiates disaster recovery based on the process health 

H. invokes a dumper to collect a core dump when a process terminates abnormally 

Answer: C,E,G,H 

Q34. BGP best route selection process is based on what? 

A. path attributes 

B. lowest cost 

C. highest bandwidth 

D. lowest delay 

E. lowest hop-count 


Q35. A network engineer needs to connect two core switches that use Gigabit Ethernet interfaces in an MPLS backbone and that are separated by a distance of 60 km. Which Cisco GBIC achieves this goal? 

A. Cisco 1000BASE-T GBIC 

B. Cisco 1000BASE-SX GBIC 

C. Cisco 1000BASE-LX/LH GBIC 

D. Cisco 1000BASE-ZX GBIC 




Q36. Two Service Providers are beginning a merger between AS boundaries to provide MPLS-enabled services between their networks. Customers are using both Service Providers for services and, under certain circumstances; there are requirements to extend Layer 2 VPN circuits between each provider. The providers are in the process of completing the technical merger. However, the MPLS is not supported between the providers. Which action allows MPLS Layer 2 VPN circuits to be built over the inter-AS link? 

A. Create a GRE tunnel with the mpls ip command between ASBRs. 

B. Create Layer 2 VPN peerings between PE routers from each provider. 

C. Create a VPNv4 peering between ASBRs to advertise labels between each provider. 

D. Create a sham link between ASBR routers to enable a superbackbone peering for Layer 2 VPN signaling. 


Explanation: https://ccdewiki.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/inter-as-l2vpn-mpls-solutions/ 

Q37. Network Operations team has configured the routers with the logging buffered warnings command. Which three severity levels appear in the router syslog? (Choose three.) 

A. errors 

B. notifications 

C. informational 

D. alerts 

E. debugging 

F. emergencies 

Answer: A,D,F 

Q38. Refer to the exhibit. In the short-pipe QoS mode, this customer has QoS control for which two links? (Choose two.) 

A. a 

B. c 

C. d 

D. b 

E. e 

Answer: A,E 

Q39. Refer to the exhibit. The referenced TE tunnels compete for bandwidth requirements over the limited available bandwidth that is provisioned. Which core MPLS component erases a conflict and provides admission control for any new added TE tunnel? 

A. link management 

B. link attributes 

C. MPLS TE priorities 



Explanation: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/5_x/nx-os/mpls/configuration/guide/mpls_cg/mp_te_RSVP.pdf 

Q40. Which BGP feature improves the convergence and response time to adjacency changes with BGP neighbors? 

A. Fast Peering Session Deactivation 

B. BGP Multihop 

C. reducing BGP scanner timing to the minimum that is supported 

D. TTL Security Check 

E. Next-Hop Address Tracking