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2021 Mar 400-201 simulations

Q91. Refer the exhibit. Two Autonomous Systems are enabled to support multicast. An engineer wants to set up configuration so that a multicast client at AS 100 can receive multicast traffic from the M-Server at AS 200. However, the RP announcements must be limited within each autonomous system site. Which Cisco IOS configuration achieves this goal? 

A. On both ASBRs Eth0/0 and the no ip pim sparse-mode command. 

B. On both ASBRs add the ip pim send-rp-discovery scope 1 command. 

C. On both RPs add the ip pim send-rp-discovery scope 2 command. 

D. On both ASBRs Eth0/0 add the ip pim bsr-border command. 

E. On both ASBRs Eth0/0 add the ip pim dense-mode command. 

F. On both RPs add the ip pim bsr-border command. 


Explanation: It filters the BSR message: 

Q92. An engineer is tasked with configuring Lawful-Intercept on the Internet facing routers. Which two security issues must the engineer take into consideration? (Choose two) 

A. Default SNMP does not include all the MIB references needed to respond to the request. 

B. A new and dedicated loopback interface is required to communicate with the MD device. 

C. Encryption might be required depending on the request. 

D. The communication between the MD and the Content IAP happens over UDP port 161. 

E. QoS and CoPP should be implemented to protect and optimize the tasks. 

F. SNMFV2c should be enabled in order to provide the correct message format. 

Answer: A,D 

Q93. An IS-IS enabled router with multiple IS-IS neighbors is required to have BFD sessions with all neighbors. Which BFD mode should you use when you want to save the overhead of periodic protocol control packets? 

A. echo 

B. asynchronous 

C. demand 

D. active 


Explanation: RFC - 5880 

Q94. Refer to the exhibit. 

A service provider has multiple time sources in the environment for NTP. The time source at is intended to be seen as a primary time source. What command can be issued on PE4 to fix the configuration, ensuring the proper NTP source will be issued? 

A. ntp peer 

B. ntp peer prefer 

C. ntp server source GigabitEthernet0/0 

D. ntp server prefer 



Q95. A Server Provider is seeing an increasing amount of attacks against its customers. For which kind of attack would an engineer want to design a Backscatter Traceback solution? 

A. Rogue DNS/DHCP Servers 

B. IP Spoofing 

C. Ping of Death 

D. Distributed Denial of Service 

E. Network Attack TCP/UDP Scan 


Explanation: Reference: 

Regenerate 400-201 test engine:

Q96. Which multicast feature listens multicast conversations maintaining a map in order to control which ports receive specific multicast traffic? 

A. Bidirectional PIM 

B. Source Specific Multicast 

C. PIM assertion 

D. IGMP snooping 


Q97. Two routers that are running MPLS and LDP have multiple links that than connect them to each other. An engineer wants to ensure that the label bindings are not flushed from the LIB if one of the links fails. Which configuration meets this requirement? 

A. the mpls ldp neighbor targeted command 

B. the mpls ip command on a Cisco MPLS TE tunnel 

C. the mpls ldp discovery targeted-hello accept command 

D. the mpls ldp session protection command 




Drag and drop each fast detection mechanism on the left to its definition on the right. 


Q99. Refer to the exhibit. The Service Provider is deploying Internet service to its VRF customers by using vrf INTERNET. A dedicated firewall provides NAT functionally towards the Internet. Assume that IP address overlapping between VRFs is not an issue. 

Which three configuration steps are required to add Internet service to the VRF customers? (Choose three.) 

A. Export the RD of vrf INTERNET from all customer VRFs. 

B. Originate a default route on PE4 in vrf INTERNET. 

C. Import the RD from vrf INTERNET in all customer VRFs. 

D. Originate a default route on the firewall in vrf INTERNET. 

E. Import the VRF “INTERNET” Route Target in all customer VRFs. 

F. Import the Route Target of all customer VRFs in vrf INTERNET. 

G. Leak all VRF routes to the global routing table. 

Answer: B,C,G 

Q100. An engineer needs to implement changes to Router_A during a maintenance window. The engineer first saves the running-configuration of all routers to the local disk0, then applies the required configuration changes. However, during post checks, the engineer realizes the implementation was deployed on Router_B instead. 

Which command should the engineer apply to reverse the changes made during the maintenance window? 

A. configure revert disk0:myconfig-1 

B. configure reload ditk0:myconfig-1 

C. configure copy disk0:myconfig-1 

D. configure replace disk0:myconfig-1