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2021 Mar 200-355 actual test

Q31. Refer to the exhibit. 

With the current Cisco WLC version 7.0 syslog level settings set the way they are, which log levels are captured by the Syslog server? 

A. syslog level errors only 

B. all syslog levels 

C. only the syslog severity level number of error and greater 

D. only the syslog severity level number of error and less 


Q32. What three characteristics are components of mobility anchoring? (Choose three.) 

A. enabled as a global setting 

B. enabled on a per WLAN basis 

C. restricts clients to a specific subnet 

D. client traffic is tunneled to predefined WLC(s) 

E. only one mobility anchor is allowed per WLAN 

F. acts as master controller for a mobility group 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q33. Refer to the exhibit. WLC1 becomes unresponsive due to a power failure at a customer site. How does the access point that is shown in the WLC controller GUI behave now that WLC1 is disabled? 

A. associates to controller 

B. associates to controller 

C. associates to controller 

D. associates to controller 


Q34. How can you protect the configuration file from eavesdropping, when uploading from a Cisco WLC? 

A. Use the Configuration File Encryption option. 

B. Choose an SCP as the transfer method. 

C. Connect to the Cisco WLC by using HTTPS. 

D. Connect to the Cisco WLC by using SSH. 


Q35. What are three functions of RRM? (Choose three.) 

A. dynamic channel assignment 

B. detection and avoidance of interference 

C. dynamic antenna polarization 

D. dynamic transmit power control 

E. dynamic controller selection 

F. detection and avoidance of AP client load 

Answer: A,B,D 

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Q37. Refer to the exhibit. Which two wireless functions is the client experiencing? (Choose two.) 

A. Inter-controller Roaming 

B. Intra-controller Roaming 

C. Layer 2 Roaming 

D. Layer 3 Roaming 

E. Inter-subnet roaming 

F. Re-authentication 

Answer: B,C 



Q39. What are two wireless configuration utilities for Apple Mac computers? (Choose two.) 

A. AirPort 

B. AirPort Extreme 

C. AirManager 

D. AirManager Supreme 

E. AirAssistant Ultimate 

Answer: A,B 

Q40. An engineer needs to find out the maximum EIRP allowed for their office in Asia. What regulatory body should be contacted?