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2021 Feb 1Z0-466 latest exam

Q31. What is true about the Implementation Plan? 

A. It shows the detailed tasks for the duration of the project. 

B. It is not modified after the Project Execution and Control phase begins. 

C. It is a subset of the Project Management Plan. 

D. It focuses on the objectives, milestones, and number of iterations for the project 

E. It covers a single phase. 


Explanation: In a project setting, the Implementation Plan is a high level plan that focuses on milestones, objectives, and the number of iterations..It is the plan that is typically developed at the start of an engagement identifying the project phases and milestones..

Q32. Identify two functions of the Project Management Plan [PMP]. 

A. defines the overall project management strategies and approaches 

B. Is limited to project scope 

C. Is the single most important work product produced by the Project Manager 

D. Is limited to the project budget 

E. Is done in project closure and is done only once 

Answer: A,C 



*The project manager creates the project management plan following input from the project team and key stakeholders. The plan should be agreed and approved by at least the project team and its key stakeholders. 

Q33. Select three benefits of using OUM manage. 

A. It encourages early stakeholder involvement. 

B. It is less costly. 

C. It emphasizes clearly documenting the scope of the project and the terms and procedures to implement change. 

D. It encourages use of third-party resources. 

E. It supports improved communication. 

F. It provides incentives to finish projects early. 

Answer: B,C,E 


Note: *OUM includes three focus areas: OUM Envision, OUM Implement and OUM Manage and OUM Operate 

Q34. Select the OUM Implement process in which you develop the system through a number of iterative steps. 

A. Business Requirements 

B. Design 

C. Implementation 

D. Technical Architecture 


Explanation: Implementation 

Through a number of steps, mostly iterative, the final application is developed within the Implementation process. The results from the Design process are used to implement the system suchas source code for components, scripts, and executables. During this process, developers also performtesting on software components. Implementation is the main focus of the Construction phase, but itstarts early in the Elaboration phase in order to implement the architecture baseline (trial architectureand prototype). During Transition, it occurs in order to handle any defects or bugs discovered whiletesting and releasing the system. The main work product of this process is the final iteration build thatis ready to be tested. 


*OUM recognizes the advantages of an iterative and incremental approach to development and deployment of information systems. Any of the tasks within OUM may be iterated. Whether or not to iterate, as well as the number of iterations, varies. Tasks may be iterated to increase quality of the work products to a desired level, to add sufficient level of detail, or to refine and expand the work products on the basis of user feedback. 

Q35. Earned value is a technique to report project status using which three variables? 

A. EV – Earned Value 

B. PV – Planned Value 

C. AC – Actual Cost 

D. PC – Planned Cost 

E. EC – Earned Cost 

Answer: A,B,C 

Explanation: EV – earned value, estimated value of work done. PV – planned value, estimated value of planned work AC – actual cost, what you paid 

Renewal 1Z0-466 question:

Q36. Select the three applicable goals of the OUM Manage Focus Area. 

A. Identify and communicate with project stakeholders. 

B. Effectively transition from the sales (bid) process to Project Start Up 

C. Manage to reduce overall project risk. 

D. Define scope of work. 

E. Decreases implementation time. 

F. Create better project plans. 

Answer: A,B,D 

Explanation: /The Manage focus area is organized into 13 processes: (B)Bid Transition (D)Scope Management 

Financial Management 

Work Management Risk Management Issue and Problem Management Staff Management 

(A)Communication Management Quality Management Configuration Management Infrastructure Management Procurement Management Organizational Change Management 

/OUM Manage Focus Area 

Q37. Where can you access all the phases, activities, tasks, supplemental content, and reference files associated with the OUM Manage Focus Area? 

A. Implement Models View 

B. Manage View 

C. Implement View 

D. Project Manage View 

E. Envision View 

F. Project Plan 


Explanation: OUM 5.6 provides the following views: *Manage Views /Manage Focus Area 

*Implement Views 

*Envision Views 

* Other Views 

Q38. Which Oracle Unified Method phase includes Bid Transition? 

A. Project Start Up 

B. Project Closure 

C. Project Executing & Control 

D. Financial Management 


Q39. Which is the type of closure described as the mechanical an analytical step associated with the closure of a project or phase? 

A. Contractual 

B. Typical 

C. Intra-business 

D. Conventional 


Q40. What is not true about risk management in OUM Manage? 

A. The project manager should regularly conduct risk assessments. 

B. Risks become even more critical during the Project Execution and Control Phase. 

C. Particular attention should be paid to risks prior to production cutover. 

D. If a baseline risk assessment is done during the Project Startup phase, there are no further risk assessment required on the project.