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Which statement is false about generating an Internal Material Transfer for expense destination
Transfer Order?

  • A. Cost Management will pick up the delivery transaction directly from Receiving and process the expense accounting from that transaction.
  • B. Expense destination transfers are expensed upon delivery hitting an expense account Instead of an inventory asset account as would be the case for inventory destination transfers.
  • C. If the receipt is required, then accounting of the receipt delivery transaction will happen Only in Receipt Accounting because there will not be a delivery transaction in inventory.
  • D. Costs for Lot and serial numbers are tracked at put away time when the items are recorded in a destination inventory location.

Answer: A

Your client is about to define their primary ledger.
which set of three primary attributes do they need to know in order to complete this?

  • A. Currency, Description, and Accounting Method
  • B. Chart of Accounts, Accounting Calendar, and Currency
  • C. Chart of Accounts, Description, and Accounting Method
  • D. Chart of Accounts, Ledger Balance, and Accounting Method

Answer: B

Identify the correct movement request where the move orders are preapproved requests for subinventory transfers that bring material from a source location to a shipment staging subinventory within the organization.

  • A. Pick Wave Movement Request
  • B. Shipping Movement Request
  • C. Replenishment Movement Request
  • D. Automatic Movement Request Requisitions
  • E. Movement Request Requisitions

Answer: A

Explanation: Pick Wave Move Orders
Pick wave move orders are pre-approved requests for subinventory transfers to bring material from a source location in the warehouse to a staging subinventory. These move orders are generated automatically by the Oracle Shipping Execution pick release process.
For all move orders, the final result is one of the two supported transactions:
1. Subinventory Transfer or
2. Account Issue.

What are the four steps for the move request process flow?

  • A. Confirm pick slips
  • B. Run the Movement Request Pick Slip Report
  • C. Create shipment
  • D. Physically move the material
  • E. Run pick slip allocation
  • F. Create Movement Request

Answer: ABDF

Explanation: https://fga.fa.us1.oraclecloud.com/fscmUI/topic/TopicId_P_8F21C92CDB35134FE040D30A6881406F

While performing the task "Create Chart of Accounts, Ledger, Legal Entities, and Business Units in Spreadsheet Task", you did not provide the functional currency; however, you mentioned that the legal entity country is the United States of America.
What will be the functional currency of the ledger you are defining?

  • A. It is mandatory to provide functional currency, because ledger cannot be defined without functional currenc
  • B. The system will throw an error Upon processing.
  • C. The system will ask the user to provide functional currency at the time of uploading the spreadsheet if it is not provided in the first place.
  • D. The system will pick the first available currency from the List of Values.
  • E. It is mandatory to provide functional currency because ledger cannot be defined without functional currenc
  • F. The system will throw an error upon upload of the spreadsheet because all required fields are not populated.
  • G. The system will automatically pick "USD" as functional currency from the legal entity countr

Answer: A

Your customer has defined three business units: two of the them require the same set of receivables payment terms whereas the third needs a separate set of receivables payment terms.
How will you achieve this requirement?

  • A. Define one reference data set and modify the business unit security.
  • B. Define two reference data sets, assign the first set to the two business units which will share the same payment terms and second set to the business unit which needs separate payment terms.
  • C. Define one data set with common payment terms and exclude the payment terms feature from the third business unit.
  • D. Define three reference data sets and assign each data set to each business uni

Answer: B

What does the system do if you have not entered a count for a tag during physical inventory process?

  • A. It will consider the current system quantity.
  • B. Any adjustment will be rejected.
  • C. You will not be able to post without a quantity for every tag.
  • D. It will adjust your on-hand balances down to zero quantity.
  • E. A warehouse person will be notifie

Answer: D


While creating the consignment agreement, you have set the consumption advice frequency to "monthly" and the billing cycle close date to "31st August, 2021".
What will happen when you run the consumption advice process on 31st August, 2021?

  • A. No consumption advice is created.
  • B. Consumption advice is created and the next closing date is set to 7th September, 3020.
  • C. Consumption advice is created and the next closing date is set to 30th September, 2021.
  • D. Consumption advice is created and the next closing date Is set to 30th October, 2021.

Answer: C

Explanation: https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/r13_update17c/scmcs_gs/FAMML/FAMML1432436.htmHYPERLINK "https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/r13_update17c/scmcs_gs/FAMML/FAMML1432436.htm#FAMML138 0448"#FAMML1380448

Which two tasks must be defined to set up the Facilities Schedule?

  • A. Manage Facility Workday Patterns
  • B. Manage Facility Shifts
  • C. Manage Facility Holidays
  • D. Manage Facility Operations
  • E. Manage Facility Time Cards

Answer: AB

During Cloud Inventory implementation your customer requires you to enable the Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) KPI to review the list of standard reports which is useful for their Current business scenario. When navigating to reports and analytics, the warehouse dashboard doesn't show any KPI watchlist.
Identify two causes.

  • A. Supply Chain and Order Management Business Intelligence Analytics is not enabled.
  • B. Logistics Business Intelligence Analytics is enabled.
  • C. Organization is not enabled for warehousing.
  • D. Data permissions for the organization being referenced are not set up.
  • E. Logistics Business Intelligence Analytics is not implemente

Answer: AE

You are currently implementing Oracle Cloud for the Singapore entity of your Multinational customer. Their head office is located in Japan. Apart from Singapore, their other entities are using a legacy system.
Their requirement is to implement Oracle Cloud in such a way that at the end of the financial year, all their financial reporting should be in Japanese Yen.
How will you fulfill the above requirement?

  • A. Define two ledgers one in SGD (Singapore Dollars) and one in Japanese Yen and transfer data of all the subledgers in these two primary ledgers.
  • B. Define one primary ledger with Japanese Yen currency so that all the subledger data gets converted to Japanese Yen automatically.
  • C. This requirement cannot be fulfilled.
  • D. Define one primary ledger with SGD (Singapore Dollars) as primary currency and use the reporting currency functionality to provide the necessary data in Japanese Yen currency.

Answer: D

Identity two statements that are true about the cost-organization relationship.

  • A. Only inventory organizations belonging to different item Master Organizations can be part of a cost organization.
  • B. The inventory organizations that are assigned to a cost organization must all belong to the samelegal entity.
  • C. Costing Item Validation Organization can only be item Master Organization of the underlying inventory organizations.
  • D. Costing Item Validation Organization is used to default the Unit of Measure for costing calculations.

Answer: BD

Explanation: https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/r13_update17c/scmcs_gs/FAIMS/FAIMS1921448.HYPERLINK "https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/r13_update17c/scmcs_gs/FAIMS/FAIMS1921448.htm#FAIMS192144 8"htm#FAIMS1921448

You defined an Inventory Organization that is meant to track the contract manufacturing process outsourced to a supplier.
Where do you mention that this Inventory Organization is meant for one particular supplier?

  • A. Manage Inventory Organization Locations
  • B. Manage Contract Manufacturing Relationships
  • C. Manage Item Organizations
  • D. Manage Inventory Organizations
  • E. Manage Sublnventories

Answer: D

Your client has just set up their chart of accounts. They are now designing the organization hierarchy in the system.
Which three structures should the customer use to do this?

  • A. Divisions, Business Units, and Departments
  • B. Cost type, Default Cost Structure, and Item Organization
  • C. Warehouse, Subinventory, and Locators
  • D. Cost Centers, Organizations, and Locations

Answer: A

Your client has decided that Discrete Manufacturing will be Implemented at a future stage, so any new supply from current manufacturing will be added to current inventory by the Open Transactions Interface. The immediate requirement is to go live with Inventory and Order Management.
Which two seeded transaction types can be omitted for material status control?

  • A. Backflush Subinventory Transfer
  • B. All Transaction Types Related to Work in Process
  • C. All Internal Transactions
  • D. Average Cost Update
  • E. Miscellaneous Issues and Receipts

Answer: AB

You set up an Item organization and an inventory organization as part of your customor's requirement.
Your customer has, by mistake, performed a receipt transaction in the Item organization Instead of the inventory organization. How will you rectify the error?

  • A. Perform a return of item and receive the item again in the correct organization.
  • B. Perform a correct receipt transaction and receive the item in the correct organization.
  • C. Perform a new receipt in the correct organization and retain the stock in Item organization because it does not affect any other operation.
  • D. It is not possible to receive item in the item organizatio

Answer: D

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