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Q31. To support the ATM/POS interface with Oracle FLEXCUBE, FLEXSWTTCH is used Which two are functions of FLEXSWITCH? (Choose two.) 

A. converting ATM Switch propnetary format messages into ISO 8583 format 

B. converting ISO 8583 format messages into Oracle FLEXCUBE Gateway XML messages 

C. converting Response XML back to ISO 8583 message format 

D. converting Response XML back to proprietary format messages that ATM Switch can understand 

Answer: A,D 

Q32. What should be your next step when the End Of Cycle process is aborted due to insufficient tablespace in the database? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Delete or move unwanted large files from the database server to create free space. 

B. Add one or more data files to the database. 

C. Skip the EOD batch that is currently running and proceed with the rest of the EOD. 

D. Delete or move the data file that is full to create free space. 

Answer: B 

Q33. In which table are screen details in the Workbench Tool such as module, logging required, tanking modification, and so on stored? (Choose the best answer.) 






Answer: B 

Q34. Which table or view is checked to verify ELCM grants permission? (Choose the best answer.) 





Answer: B 

Q35. Identify the correct placement order of the d 

A. Tab > Section > Body > Partition 

B. Tab > Body > Section > Partition 

C. Body > Tab > Section > Partition 

D. Body > Tab > Partition > Section 

Answer: C

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Q36. Fields are grouped into field sets. In which portion of the screen are field sets placed? (Choose the best answer) 

A. partition 

B. tab 

C. section 

D. header 

Answer: D 

Q37. Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking SWIG is the interface that facilitates the business needs of communicating and integrating with the SWITCH Server and Oracle FLEXCUBE. Identify the deployment pattern where Switch can call the Oracle FLEXCUBE Gateway. (Choose the best answer.) 

A. the synchronous and asynchronous deployment model 

B. the asynchronous and hybrid deployment model 

C. the synchronous and hybrid deployment model 

D. the synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid deployment model 

Answer: A 

Q38. In Oracle FLEXCUBE you can specify the destination of the report that you want to generate. Identify three destinations that you can specify. (Choose three.) 

A. Pinter 

B. View on-line 

C. Spool 

D. Send by e-mail 

E. Send by SWIFT 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q39. Identify the (unction category that would be selected in the Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal 

Banking Workbench Tool while designing a contract screen. (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Transaction 

B. Maintenance 

C. Report 

D. Process 

Answer: A 

Q40. I he Main Package has designated calls to Hook Packages for executing any functional checks and business validations added by a user, f he structure for all Hook Packages is the same. Which three are valid components of Hook Packages'? (Choose three.) 

A. Fn_Post_Check_Mandatory 

B. Fn_Pre_Check_Mandatory 

C. Fn_Post_Build_Type_Structure D d Fn_Post_Check_Optional 

D. Fn_Pre_Check_Optional 

Answer: A,B,C