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Q251. Which of the following files cannot be backed up by RMAN? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Database datafiles

B. Control files

C. Online redo logs

D. Database pfiles

E. Archived redo logs

Answer: CD

Q252. When exporting metadata for the transportable tablespaces, what is the correct next step after confirming endian format?

A. Export the tablespaces using data pump.

B. Determine if the transportable set is self-contained.

C. Convert the datafiles using RMAN.

D. Copy the datafiles from source to destination.

Answer: B

Q253. What can you determine about the following linguistic sorts based only on their names?



A. 1 is a monolingual sort.

B. 2 is a monolingual sort.

C. 1 is case insensitive.

D. Both 1 and 2 are case insensitive.

E. Case sensitivity is unknown.

Answer: A

Q254. You executed the following commands:




Which statement is correct regarding the above statistics collection on the SH.CUSTOMERS table in the above session?

A. The statistics are stored in the pending statistics table in the data dictionary.

B. The statistics are treated as the current statistics by the optimizer for all sessions.

C. The statistics are treated as the current statistics by the optimizer for the current sessions only.

D. The statistics are temporary and used by the optimizer for all sessions until this session terminates.

Answer: A

Q255. In Recovery Manager (RMAN), you are taking image copies of the data files of your production database and rolling them forward at regular intervals. You attempt to restart your database. After a regular maintenance task, you realize that one of the data files that belongs to the USERS tablespace is damaged and you need to recover the data file by using the image copy. Because a media failure caused the data file to be damaged, you want to place the data file in a different location while resto ing the file.

Which option must you consider for this task?

A. using only the RMAN SWITCH command to set the new location for the data file

B. placing the database in the MOUNT state for the restore and recovery operations.

C. using an RMAN RUN block with the SET NEWNAME and then the SWITCH command.

D. configuring two channels: one for the restore operation and the other for the recovery operation

Answer: C

Update 1z0-053 exam guide:

Q256. Which statement about using RMAN stored scripts is true?

A. To create and execute an RMAN stored script, you must use a recovery catalog.

B. When executing a stored script and a command fails, the remainder of the script is executed, and a message is written to the alert log file.

C. RMAN stored scripts can always be executed against any target database that is registered in the recovery catalog.

D. When you execute a stored script, it always executes using the persistent channel settings previously set with the CONFIGURE command.

Answer: A

Q257. True or false: you can perform an active database duplication when the database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

Q258. You are an Oracle DBA responsible for an ASM instance. The disk controller on your system fails. You suspect that the disk itself is okay. You know it will take 24 hours to replace the controller and you don't want to have to rebuild the disks from scratch. What do you do? 

A. Take the whole disk group offline and wait for the controller card to be installed. Once it's installed, bring the disk group online again.

B. Change the ASM parameter ASM_PREFERRED_READ_FAILURE_GROUPS to indicate that you want to read from the non-failed disk. Once the disk controller is replaced, reset the parameter to its original value.

C. You have no choice but to rebuild the disk. Drop the disk from the disk group and wait for the controller to be replaced. Once the controller is replaced, add the disk back into the disk group and allow ASM to rebuild it.

D. If you are using any setting other than REDUNDANCY EXTERNAL for your disk group, you will have to recover any data on that disk from a backup. The database will be unavailable until you can correct the problem and perform recovery.

E. Change the attribute DISK_REPAIR_TIME on the disk group to a time greater than 24 hours.

Answer: E

Q259. Which of these are valid Flashback Database recovery point parameters? (Choose all that apply.)


B. Timestamp

C. Named recovery point

D. Transaction ID

E. Session ID

Answer: ABC

Q260. Observe the structure of the table employees:

The table contains 8475 records.

One of the employees wants to know the names of all employees of the company. For this, he fires the following query:


Since the operation performed on executing the query cannot fit into memory, it requires disk space to complete the operation. Which of the following types of segments will Oracle allocate to complete the operation and to provide the required result?

A. Rollback segment

B. Temporary segment

C. Data segment

D. Index segment

Answer: B