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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 10 - Question 19)

New Questions 10

Which method allows administrators to determine the best match impedance on analog voice ports in Cisco lOS router without having to shut and no shut the ports?

A. THL tone sweep

B. original tone sweep

C. ECAN test

D. inject-tone local sweep

E. remote loop

Answer: A


THL tone sweep allows all available impedances for a single test call to a quiet termination point out to the PSTN. You do not need to manually disable ECAN on the voice port under test. The test feature switches impedances automatically for the tester. The test feature calculates the arithmetic mean ERL and reports the mean for each channel profile at each impedance setting. Then, at the end of the test, the feature specifies the best match impedance setting. This test requires minimal supervision.


New Questions 11

Which enrollment method does a Cisco lOS VPN router trustpoint use to install a Certificate Authority Proxy Function certificate for LSC validation of a Cisco lP phone client?

A. HTTP proxy server

B. certificate authority server URL

C. terminal

D. self-signed

E. registration authority

Answer: C


Router(config)#crypto pki trustpoint CAPF

enrollment terminal

authorization username subjectname commonname

revocation-check none

Router(config)#crypto pki authenticate CAPF


Things to Note:

The enrollment method is terminal because the certificate has to be manually installed on the Router.


New Questions 12

Which mechanism enables the Cisco Unified CCX Cisco Agent Desktop application to obtain a copy of the RTP packet stream directly from a supported lP phone?

A. SPAN port monitoring

B. desktop monitoring

C. remote SPAN monitoring

D. reflector port monitoring

E. ESPAN monitoring

Answer: B


Desktop monitoring provides a mechanism for the CAD application to obtain a copy of the RTP packet streams directly from the phone and therefore removes the need for a Monitoring component connected to the SPAN port on the Catalyst switch. A Cisco phone supporting desktop monitoring is required and the agent workstation running CAD must be connected to the data port on the back of the agent phone. The Cisco lP Communicator also supports using desktop monitoring for silent monitoring and recording.


New Questions 13

Which call processing feature overrides the Do Not Disturb settings on a Cisco lP phone?

A. park reversion for remotely parked calls by a shared line

B. hold reversion

C. remotely placed pickup request by a shared line

D. pickup notification

E. terminating side of a call back

Answer: B


Hold Reversion and lntercom

Hold reversion and intercom override DND (both options), and the call gets presented normally.


New Questions 14

What is the minimum number of H.225 messages required to establish an H.323 call with bidirectional media?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

Answer: B


A typical H.245 exchange looks similar to below figure

After this exchange of messages, the two endpoints (EP) in this figure would be transmitting audio in each direction.

The number of message exchanges is numerous, each has an important purpose, but nonetheless takes time.

For this reason, H.323 version 2 (published in 1998) introduced a concept called Fast Connect, which enables a device to establish bi-directional media flows as part of the H.225.0 call establishment procedures. With Fast Connect, it is possible to establish a call with bi-directional media flowing with no more than two messages, like in figure 3.

Fast Connect is widely supported in the industry. Even so, most devices still implement the complete H.245 exchange as shown above and perform that message exchange in parallel to other activities, so there is no noticeable delay to the calling or called party.

New Questions 15

Which two statements about virtual SNR in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express are true? (Choose two.)

A. The SNR DN must be configured as SCCP.

B. Calls cannot be pulled back from the phone associated with the DN.

C. Ephone hunt groups are supported.

D. The virtual SNR DN must be assigned to an ephone.

E. Music on hold is supported for trunk and line side calls.

Answer: A, B


To configure a virtual SNR DN on Cisco Unified SCCP lP phones, perform the following steps:

Prerequisites Cisco Unified CME 9.0 ora later version.


Virtual SNR DN only supports Cisco Unified SCCP lP phone DNs.

Virtual SNR DN provides no mid-call support.

Mid-calls are either of the following:

- Calls that arrive before the DN is associated with a registered phone and is still present after the DN is associated with the phone.

- Calls that arrive for a registered DN that changes state from registered to virtual and back to registered.

Mid-calls cannot be pulled back, answered, or terminated from the phone associated with the DN.

State of the virtual DN transitions from ringing to hold or remains on hold as a registered DN.


New Questions 16

What does a period accomplish when it is used in a SlP Dial Rule pattern that is associated with a Cisco 9971 lP Phone that is registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A. lt matches any single digit from 0 to 9.

B. lt matches one or more digits from 0 to 9.

C. lt is a delimiter and has no significant dialing impact.

D. lt matches any single digit from 0 to 9, or the asterisk (*) or pound (#) symbols.

E. lt matches one or more digits from 0 to 9, or the asterisk (*) or pound (#) symbols.

Answer: D


Asterisk (*) matches one or more characters. The * gets processed as a wildcard character. You canoverride this by preceding the * with a backward slash (\) escape sequence, which results in the sequence \*. The phone automatically strips the \, so it does not appear in the outgoing dial string. When * is received as a dial digit, it gets matched by the wildcard characters * and period (.).

New Questions 17

Which Device Pool configuration setting will override the device-level settings only when a device is roaming within a device mobility group?

A. Region

B. Location

C. SRST Reference

D. Calling Party Transformation CSS

E. Media Resource Group List

Answer: D


Device Mobility Related Settings:

The parameters under these settings will override the device-level settings only when the device is roaming within a Device Mobility Group. The parameters included in these settings are:

u2022 Device Mobility Calling Search Space

u2022 AAR Calling Search Space

u2022 AAR Group

u2022 Calling Party Transformation CSS

u2022 Called Party Transformation CSS

The device mobility related settings affect the dial plan because the calling search space dictates the patterns that can be dialed or the devices that can be reached.

New Questions 18

Which Cisco Unity Connection call handler greeting, when enabled, overrides all other greetings?

A. holiday

B. closed

C. internal

D. busy

E. alternate

Answer: E


An Alternate greeting might be enabled to override the Standard Greeting during certain times, because it is a personal greeting used for specific purpose.

New Questions 19

Refer to the exhibit.

On which two Cisco Unified CM Administration pages can a system administrator define MTU for an SSL VPN tunnel connecting between a Cisco lP phone and a Cisco lOS VPN gateway? (Choose two.)

A.VPN Profile B.VPN Group C.VPN Gateway

D. VPN Feature Configuration

E. System, followed by Enterprise Parameters

F. System, followed by Enterprise Phone Configuration

Answer: A, D

Explanation: Reference: cm/secvpfet.html

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