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2021 Mar 352-001 test

Q131. Which two mechanisms ensure that a network design provides fast path failure detection? (Choose two.) 


B. fast hello packets 


D. IP Cisco Express Forwarding 

Answer: AB 

Q132. In a network design using carrier Ethernet, which three mechanisms can be used to improve Layer 2 down detection and thereby reduce routing convergence time? (Choose three.) 


B. Ethernet port debounce timers 

C. link-state tracking 

D. object tracking 

E. fast IGP hello 

Answer: ADE 

Q133. You are working on a network design plan for a company with approximately 2000 sites. The sites will be connected using the public Internet. You plan to use private IP addressing in the network design, which will be routed without NAT through an encrypted WAN network. Some sites will be connected to the Internet with dynamic public IP addresses, and these addresses may change occasionally. Which VPN solution will support these design requirements? 

A. GET VPN must be used, because DMVPN does not scale to 2000 sites. 

B. DMVPN must be used, because GET VPN does not scale to 2000 sites. 

C. GET VPN must be used, because private IP addresses cannot be transferred with DMVPN through the public Internet. 

D. DMVPN must be used, because private IP addresses cannot be transferred with GET VPN through the public Internet. 

E. GET VPN must be used, because DMVPN does not support dynamic IP addresses for some sites. 

F. DMVPN must be used, because GET VPN does not support dynamic IP addresses for some sites. 


Q134. Your design plan includes mutual redistribution of two OSPF networks at multiple locations, with connectivity to all locations in both networks. How is this accomplished without creating routing loops? 

A. Use route maps on the ASBRs to allow only internal routes to be redistributed. 

B. Use route maps on the ASBRs to allow internal and external routes to be redistributed. 

C. Use route maps on the ASBRs to set tags for redistributed routes. 

D. Use route maps on the ASBRs to filter routes with tags so they are not redistributed. 


Q135. Refer to the exhibit. 

When designing an MPLS-based LAN extension between DC-1 and DC-2, what are three advantages of deploying VSS? (Choose three.) 

A. Layers 2, 3, and 4 flow-based load balancing 

B. native VSS and MEC failover without using scripts 

C. sub-second failover 

D. required to configure VPLS 

E. failover time depends on Cisco IOS EEM and STP convergence 

F. limited VLAN-based VPLS traffic hashing 

Answer: A,B,C 

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Q136. How should multiple OSPF areas be designed when deployed on a classic three-layer (core/distribution/access) network hierarchy? 

A. The OSPF flooding domain boundary should be at the edge of the core layer. 

B. The OSPF flooding domain boundary should be within the distribution layer. 

C. OSPF should generally be deployed in a three-layer domain hierarchy to align with the physical three-layer hierarchy. 

D. OSPF flooding domain boundaries should be placed with route aggregation in mind. 


Q137. Refer to the exhibit. 

This new OSPF network has four areas, but the hub-and-spoke area experiences frequent flapping. You must fix this design failure. Which two mechanisms can you use to isolate the data center area from the hub-and-spoke area without losing IP connectivity? (Choose two.) 

A. Make the DC area totally stub. 

B. Make the DC area an NSSA. 

C. Convert the DC area to EIGRP protocol. 

D. Deploy a prefix summarization on router D. 

E. Use OSPF distribute-list filtering on router A. 

Answer: AD 

Q138. Refer to the exhibit. 

You are asked to design this OSPF network to converge within 60 ms for unicast packets after a topology change due to a single link failure. Which technology can be enabled while conforming to the design requirements? 

A. Loop-Free Alternates 


C. IGP neighbor timer tuning 

D. IGP SPF timer tuning 

E. RSVP-TE Fast Reroute 


Q139. Which two options are characteristics of firewall transparent mode operations in a firewall solution design? (Choose two.) 

A. The firewall acts like a router hop in the network. 

B. OSPF adjacencies can be established through the firewall. 

C. Changes in the existing IP addressing and subnets are required. 

D. Multicast traffic can traverse the firewall. 

E. The firewall can participate actively on spanning tree. 

Answer: BD 

Q140. For a storage area network design, which technology allows a switch to support multiple Fibre Channel IDs per fabric port? 

A. N-Port Identifier Virtualization 

B. Inter-Virtual Storage Area Network Routing 

C. Zoning 

D. Fabric Port Trunking 

E. Node Port Virtualization 

F. Expansion Port Trunking