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Q51. When you configure a Botnet Traffic Filter on a Cisco firewall, what are two optional tasks? (Choose two.) 

A. Enable the use of dynamic databases. 

B. Add static entries to the database. 

C. Enable DNS snooping. 

D. Enable traffic classification and actions. 

E. Block traffic manually based on its syslog information. 

Answer: B,E 

Q52. What is the best description of a unified ACL on a Cisco firewall? 

A. An ACL with both IPv4 and IPv6 functionality. 

B. An IPv6 ACL with IPv4 backwards compatibility. 

C. An IPv4 ACL with IPv6 support. 

D. An ACL that supports EtherType in addition to IPv6. 


Explanation: nfig/ intro_intro.html 

Q53. What are two high-level task areas in a Cisco Prime Infrastructure life-cycle workflow? (Choose two.) 

A. Design 

B. Operate 

C. Maintain 

D. Log 

E. Evaluate 

Answer: A,B 

Q54. Which four are IPv6 First Hop Security technologies? (Choose four.) 

A. Send 

B. Dynamic ARP Inspection 

C. Router Advertisement Guard 

D. Neighbor Discovery Inspection 

E. Traffic Storm Control 

F. Port Security 

G. DHCPv6 Guard 

Answer: A,C,D,G 

Q55. What is the default behavior of an access list on the Cisco ASA security appliance? 

A. It will permit or deny traffic based on the access-list criteria. 

B. It will permit or deny all traffic on a specified interface. 

C. An access group must be configured before the access list will take effect for traffic control. 

D. It will allow all traffic. 


Q56. Which statement about how the Cisco ASA supports SNMP is true? 

A. All SNMFV3 traffic on the inside interface will be denied by the global ACL 

B. The Cisco ASA and ASASM provide support for network monitoring using SNMP Versions 1,2c, and 3, but do not support the use of all three versions simultaneously. 

C. The Cisco ASA and ASASM have an SNMP agent that notifies designated management ,. stations if events occur that are predefined to require a notification, for example, when a link in the network goes up or down. 

D. SNMPv3 is enabled by default and SNMP v1 and 2c are disabled by default. 

E. SNMPv3 is more secure because it uses SSH as the transport mechanism. 



This can be verified by this ASDM screen shot: 

Q57. Which command tests authentication with SSH and shows a generated key? 

A. show key mypubkey rsa 

B. show crypto key mypubkey rsa 

C. show crypto key 

D. show key mypubkey 


Q58. What can you do to enable inter-interface firewall communication for traffic that flows between two interfaces of the same security level? 

A. Run the command same-security-traffic permit inter-interface globally. 

B. Run the command same-security-traffic permit intra-interface globally. 

C. Configure both interfaces to have the same security level. 

D. Run the command same-security-traffic permit inter-interface on the interface with the highest security level. 


Q59. Prior to a software upgrade, which Cisco Prime Infrastructure feature determines if 

the devices being upgraded have sufficient RAM to support te new software ? 

A. Software Upgrade Report 

B. Image Management Report 

C. Upgrade Analysis Report 

D. Image Analysis Report 


Q60. A network engineer is troubleshooting and configures the ASA logging level to debugging. The logging-buffer is dominated by %ASA-6-305009 log messages. Which command suppresses those syslog messages while maintaining ability to troubleshoot? 

A. no logging buffered 305009 

B. message 305009 disable 

C. no message 305009 logging 

D. no logging message 305009