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2021 Dec 1Z0-242 free practice questions

Q41. - (Topic 0) 

Evaluate this PeopleCode snippet. 

Local Array of Number &MyArray; Local Any &Len, &Result; 

&MyArray = CreateArray(3); &MyArray[1] = 100; &MyArray[2] = 200; &MyArray[3] = 300; 

&Result = &MyArray.POP(); &Len = &MyArray.LEN; &End = &MyArray[&Len]; 

What are the correct values for &Result and &End? 

A. &Result is 300 &End is 200 

B. &Result is 300 &End is Null 

C. &Result is 300 &End is 300 

D. &Result is Null &End is 300 

E. &Result is 100 &End is 300 


Q42. - (Topic 0) 

The Application Engine program PSU_PROC_CRSE has a Do Select action with the following code: 











The program works fine in testing, but it fails when run on an Oracle database platform. 

Select the two approaches that will resolve the problem and give the expected results. (Choose two.) 

A. Delete the Where clause. 

B. Change the WHERE clause to WHERE A.EFFDT = MAX(EFFDT). 

C. Change the SELECT clause to SELECT DISTINCT. 

D. Change the WHERE clause to WHERE %EffdtCheck(PSU_COURSE_TBL A, %CurrentDateIn). 

E. Replace the GETDATE() function with the %CurrentDateIn system variable. 

F. Select the Active check box on the step so that the PeopleSoft Application Engine automatically selects the current row. 

Answer: D,E 

Q43. - (Topic 0) 

View the Exhibit that shows the PeopleCode to publish the CUSTOMER service operation. This code has been placed in the SavePostChange event in the CUSTOMER_ID field in the PSU_CUST_TBL record. When a user updates the customer in the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture and saves the page, what data from the page will be copied into the message structure? 

A. The entire rowset 

B. Only the rows of data at level 0 

C. Only the rows of data at level 1 

D. Only the rows of data that have changed in the rowset 

E. The original values of the changed rows, as well as the rows of data that have changed 


Q44. - (Topic 0) 

View the Exhibit. Note the values in the CHKPOINT row. 

This program is taking much longer to run than it needs to. 

The ability to restart without compromising data integrity is crucial. The program has the 

Disable Restart check box deselected. 

What is one area of opportunity to cut processing time? 

A. Reduce the frequency of commits. 

B. Reduce the number of checkpoints by using Bulk Insert. 

C. Replace section-level or step-level auto commits with explicit commits within SQL steps. 

D. Use a derived/work record for the state record so that checkpoints are stored in memory instead of in a SQL table. 

E. PeopleCode records checkpoints much more quickly than SQL actions, so execute SQL using PeopleCode actions wherever possible. 


Q45. - (Topic 0) 

The Get Student Enrollments page uses a PeopleCode program to select and display rows based on user input. When the user clicks Refresh, FieldChange PeopleCode populates a stand-alone rowset using a Select method. When you test the program, the new rows are appended to the previous rows instead of replacing them. How do you fix this problem? 

A. Use a work scroll instead of a stand-alone rowset. 

B. Add &Rowset.Flush(); after the Select method. 

C. Use an Update method instead of a Select method. 

D. Add &Rowset.Flush(); before the Select method. 

E. Add &Rowset.Refresh (); after the Select method. 

F. Add &Rowset.Refresh(); before the Select method. 


Rebirth 1Z0-242 actual exam:

Q46. - (Topic 0) 

You created a component interface based on a component that has a parent and one non-effective-dated child (Level 0 and 1). You have been asked to write the PeopleCode to insert a new row in the collection if the row does not exist. In order to determine whether the row already exists, which method will you use? 

A. InsertItem() 

B. ItembyKeys() 

C. CurrentItem() 

D. GetEffectiveItem() 

E. GetEffectiveItemNum() 


Q47. - (Topic 0) 

What is required in order to use an Application Engine Call Section action to call a portion of another Application Engine program? 

A. The called step is set to Public. 

B. The called action is set to Public. 

C. The Call Section action must specify the program name and section. 

D. The Call Section action must specify the program name, section, and step. 

E. The called program has Application Library selected in the program properties. 

F. A Call Section action can never call a portion of another Application Engine program. 


Q48. - (Topic 0) 

View the Exhibit. 

This run control page executes an Application Engine program that updates the Course 

table using the parameters entered by a user. 

In addition to the run control page, which three elements must be in place? (Choose three.) 

A. A state record with fields to hold input parameters 

B. Component variables to pass the input parameters 

C. A data buffer object to retrieve the input parameters 

D. Application Engine SQL to retrieve the input parameters 

E. A PeopleCode record object to update the Course table 

F. A Process Instance table to store run control parameters 

G. A run control record with fields to store the input parameters 

Answer: A,D,G 

Q49. - (Topic 0) 

You want to see exactly when a PeopleCode program fires in the context of the Component Processor flow. Which two methods will work? (Choose two.) 

A. Insert a Print() statement in the program. 

B. Insert a WinMessage() statement in the program. 

C. Insert a MessageCatalog() statement in the program. 

D. Run the PeopleCode Debugger and insert a breakpoint on the program. 

E. Run the PeopleCode Debugger and select Debug, View Component Buffers. 

Answer: B,D 

Q50. - (Topic 0) 

When you service-enable a component interface, the response message shape for the Get method contains _____. 

A. Get keys 

B. Find keys 

C. Object key 

D. CI buffer structure 

E. Find key collection