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Which of the following is a key benefit of a hybrid cloud solution?

  • A. Reduced security risks
  • B. Lower cost of ownership
  • C. Simplified deployment process
  • D. Greater flexibility and scalability

Answer: D

Which of the following is a key trend in the IT industry that is driving the adoption of HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions?

  • A. Increasing use of legacy systems
  • B. Decreasing demand for data storage
  • C. Growing use of data analytics and AI
  • D. Decreasing demand for high-speed network connectivity

Answer: C

A customer tells you their company does not need services because the product warranty will provide sufficient protection. How can you explain why the warranty is not sufficient?

  • A. The customer needs coverage outside normal business hours.
  • B. The customer needs replacement of defective parts.
  • C. The customer is responsible for paying shipping costs for replacement parts.
  • D. The customer must prove that they did not cause the problem by misconfiguring the product.

Answer: A

What is a good indication of a sales opportunity for an Aruba Mobile First Network?

  • A. Developers need to accelerate their development cycles for mobile apps.
  • B. Clients are asking for services that the business does not currently offer.
  • C. IT is struggling to keep up with the amount of data that the business is generating.
  • D. The customer needs to streamline the onboarding process for personal devices.

Answer: B

How do IT teams typically spend the majority of their time?

  • A. doing ongoing maintenance tasks
  • B. creating new apps
  • C. learning about next-gen technologies
  • D. working on innovation initiatives

Answer: A

What is one way that HPE expands the number of opportunities for you to sell HPE Hybrid IT solutions?

  • A. HPE delivers a one-size-fits-all cloud option that you can target to small, medium, and large customers.
  • B. HPE provides an extensive partner ecosystem to ensure that the HPE solution fits in many environments.
  • C. HPE and Aruba together deliver HPC applications that are optimized for the small-to-medium business (SMB).
  • D. HPE has developed vertical-specific variations of its analytic software solutions.

Answer: B

Which HPE acquisition provides solutions that help customers secure their loT devices?

  • A. Cloud Cruiser
  • B. SimpliVity
  • C. Niara
  • D. SGI

Answer: C

When identifying key customer business, technical, and system requirements for an HPE Edge-to-Cloud solution, which of the following is a key activity?

  • A. Documenting every possible requirement, regardless of its relevance to the solution
  • B. Gathering requirements from a single stakeholder to avoid conflicting inputs
  • C. Prioritizing requirements based on their potential impact on the solution outcomes
  • D. Avoiding any requirements that are difficult to implement

Answer: C

A customer has already virtualized much of the data center, but some workloads remain on non-virtualized servers. The customer does not have a strategy for moving to cloud. However, the customer is interested in moving to an IT as a Service (ITaaS) approach in the data center.
Which HPE solution should you target for this customer?

  • A. a high performance computing (HPO solution with bundled management services
  • B. an HPE hybrid cloud that integrates with leading third-party clouds
  • C. an enterprise platform for a Hadoop big data ecosystem
  • D. HPE Hybrid IT software for automating Infrastructure provisioning

Answer: D

A customer tells you they want to modernize IT. Which characteristic indicates a potential HPE Intelligent Edge customer?

  • A. The customer wants to modernize mobile endpoints.
  • B. The customer wants to modernize applications.
  • C. The customer wants to modernize the data center.
  • D. The customer wants to modernize IT operations.

Answer: A

In talking to your customers, what would suggest an HPE Hybrid IT opportunity?

  • A. The customer wants to know if better collaboration tools will improve employeeproductivity.
  • B. The customer is interested in updating their wired and wireless network to include a unified management solution.
  • C. The customer wants to implement user-based access to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access.
  • D. The customer has been trying to automate their infrastructure but is seeing few results.

Answer: D

Which of the following is a key metric for existing infrastructure performance that should be collected and analyzed when assessing the potential impact of an HPE Edge-to-Cloud solution?

  • A. Average revenue per customer
  • B. Mean time to repair
  • C. Social media sentiment analysis
  • D. Number of employees

Answer: B

A customer has an Aruba Mobile First Network. Which need indicates that the customer could be a good prospect for an additional Aruba security solution?

  • A. the need to protect servers against malware at the silicon level
  • B. the need to track meeting room utilization
  • C. the need to encrypt big data and archived data
  • D. the need to secure guest and BYOD access

Answer: D

Which steps is HPE taking to build their portfolio and accelerate their strategy? (Select two.)

  • A. inventing new technologies for HPE Hybrid IT and HPE Intelligent Edge
  • B. decreasing the number of partnerships in order to focus on opportunities with top 10 industry leaders
  • C. increasing marketing budgets for server, storage, and hyperconverged products
  • D. making strategic acquisitions that enable them to deliver complete solutions
  • E. focusing on HPE Hybrid IT and de-emphasizing Mobile First Wireless solutions

Answer: AD

A customer is concerned about security and compliance with regulations. Which benefit does an HPE hosted desktop solution provide?

  • A. It automatically deploys patches to all desktops at the network edge.
  • B. It ensures that all data remains securely in the data center.
  • C. It includes security monitoring as a service as part of the solution.
  • D. It embeds a silicon root of trust in every desktop.

Answer: B

When validating that a final solution design meets updated customer requirements, which of the following is necessary?

  • A. Planning the solution design
  • B. Qualifying the customer requirements
  • C. Documenting customer intent
  • D. Selecting the right HPE and 3rd party products and services

Answer: C

Which desire indicates a customer who is interested in transforming to an IT as a Service (ITaaS) approach?

  • A. The customer wants deep insights into big data collected at the edge.
  • B. The customer wants to accelerate provisioning to provide on-demand IT.
  • C. The customer wants to improve user experience in an open office environment.
  • D. The customer wants to reduce costs and regain control of the data center.

Answer: B

When assessing the potential impact of an HPE Edge-to-Cloud solution on an organization's existing infrastructure, which of the following is a key consideration?

  • A. Ensuring that the solution aligns with the latest technology trends
  • B. Determining the budget for the project before assessing the impact
  • C. Analyzing the solution's potential impact on existing business processes and systems
  • D. Avoiding any customization to minimize complexity

Answer: C

According to IDC, what is the attitude of most Global 500 companies toward digital transformation?

  • A. They are skeptical that it will provide a return on investment.
  • B. They have completed their digital transformation products and are turning their attention to the next trend.
  • C. They are committed to it and have formed dedicatee digital transformation teams.
  • D. They are waiting to see if their competitors are successful in implementing it.

Answer: C


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