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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 14 - Question 23)

Q14. Which two statements about RIPng are true? (Choose two)

A. IPv6 can support as many as 8 equal-cost routes.

B. IPv6 can support as many as 32 equal-cost routes.

C. A route with a metric of 15 is advertised as unreachable.

D. Both inbound and outbound route filtering can be implemented on a single interface.

E. 16 is the maximum metric it can advertise.

Answer: D,E

Q15. Which two statements about TCP MSS are true? (Choose two.)

A. The two endpoints in a TCP connection report their MSS values to one another.

B. It operates at Layer 3.

C. MSS values are sent in TCP SYN packets

D. It sets the maximum amount of data that a host sends in an individual datagram

E. It sets the minimum amount of data that a host accepts in an individual datagram

Answer: C,D

Q16. Which two statements about IPv4 and IPv6 networks are true? ( Choose two)

A. IPv6 uses a required checksum at the network layer

B. In IPv4 fragmentation is permed by the source of the packet

C. IPv4 uses an optional checksum at the transport layer

D. IPv6 uses a UDP checksum to verify packet integrity

E. In IPv6routers perform fragmentation

F. In IPv6hosts perform fragmentation

Answer: D,F

Q17. When is it useful to disable split horizon on an EIGRP interface?

A. Disable it when you want to provide additional backup paths in your network.

B. Disable it when you want to send routes that are learned from another routing protocol to peer on the same interface.

C. Disable it when you need to send updates to peers on the interface on which the updates were received.

D. It is never advisable to disable split horizon on an EIGRP interface.

Answer: C

Q18. Which PIM mode can forward traffic by using only (*.G) routing table entries?

A. Space-dese mode

B. Bidirectional mode

C. Deuce mode

D. Sparse mode

Answer: B

Q19. Which statement is true about IGMP?

A. Multicast source send IGMP messages to their first-hop router, which then generates a PIM join message that is then sent to the RP.

B. Multicast receivers send IGMP message to signal their interest traffic multicast groups.

C. IGMP message are encapsulated in PIM register message and send to the RP.

D. Multicast receivers send IGMP message to their first-hop router, which then forwards the IGMP message to the RP.

Answer: B

Q20. Refer to the exhibit.

You are configuring Router1 and Router2 for L2TPv3 tunneling. Which two additional configurations are required to enable Router1 and Router2 to establish the tunnel?(choose two)

A. Router1 must be configured to encapsulate traffic by using L2TPv3 under thepseudowire-class R1toR2.

B. An IP address must be configured on interface FastEthernet1/0 on Router1.

C. Loopback 0 on Router1 must be advertised to Router2.

D. Cisco Express Fowarding must be disabled on Router1.

E. Cisco Discovery Protocol must be enabled on interface FastEthernet1/0 on Router1.

Answer: A,C

Q21. When you deploy DMVPN,what is the purpose of the command crypto isakmp key ciscotest address

A. It is configured on the hub and spoke routers to establish peering.

B. It is configured on the hub to sent the pre-shared key for the spoke routers

C. It is configured on the Internet PE routers to allow traffic to traverse the ISP core

D. It is configured on the spokes to indicate the hub router.

Answer: B

Q22. Which two statements about the BGP community attribute are true?(Choose two.)

A. Routers send the community attribute to all BGP neighbors automatically.

B. A router can change a received community attribute before advertising it to peers.

C. It is a well-known, discretionary BGP attribute.

D. It is an optional transitive BGP attribute.

E. A prefix can support only one community attribute.

Answer: B,D

Q23. Which command can you enter on an interface so that the interface will notify the sender of a packet that the packet that the path is sub-optimal?

A. ip nhrp record

B. ip nhrp set-unique-bit

C. ip nhrp shortcut

D. ip nhrp redirect

E. ip nhrp cost 65535

Answer: D

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