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Q191. The wireless network is using controller-based APs and version 7.0 MR1. The APs appear to be connected properly to the controllers. A wireless user near one of the APs reports that they are unable to connect to the network with their pre-shared key. 

Which option shows the GUI path where you can check the connection status of that client? 

A. WLANs > WLAN_ID > Advanced 

B. Security > Clients 

C. Security > Advanced > Clients 

D. Monitor > Clients 

E. Wireless > 802.11b/g/n > clients 


Q192. What is the function of the Cisco AnyConnect DART tool? 

A. creates a compressed bundle of client logs and information 

B. visualizes a WLAN environment, showing the possible locations of problems 

C. gathers statistics from neighboring clients for comparison to the baseline 

D. helps to troubleshoot a WLAN connection by using easy-to-use wizards and statistic viewers 


Q193. When using the CLI command eping, configured for auto-anchor mobility wireless guest access, which type of packet is tested? 

A. data packets 

B. mobility unencrypted packets 

C. mobility encrypted packets 

D. SNMP control packets 

E. NTP control packets 


Q194. A wireless engineer has been asked to plan a deployment covering the aisles of a warehouse with optimal coverage while bleeding RF across aisles. Which antenna type provides the necessary coverage? 

A. patch 

B. omnidirectional 

C. Yagi 

D. parabolic dish 


Q195. What is the maximum number of lightweight APs that can be supported from a single Cisco WCS Navigator management console with Cisco WCS and Cisco WLC running version 7.0 code? 

A. 10,000 

B. 20,000 

C. 25,000 

D. 30,000 

E. 60,000 


Q196. A customer has asked for its wireless equipment to be managed as securely as possible. Which three management protocols will provide encrypted access to the equipment? (Choose three.) 

A. Secure Shell 


C. SNMPv3 

D. Telnet 

E. SNMPv2c 


Answer: A,B,C 

Q197. Which three severity levels are in the Cisco WCS alarm dashboard? (Choose three.) 

A. Critical 

B. Flash 

C. Major 

D. Minor 

E. Trivial 

F. Urgent 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q198. A wireless engineer is designing the wireless networking for a company with offices in two different locations. Which two regulatory bodies should they check to find the maximum EIRP allowed? (Choose two.) 





E. Wi-Fi Alliance 

Answer: B,D 

Q199. What is the approximate time difference for a client to perform an intracontroller roam compared to an intercontroller roam? 

A. 1 ms 

B. 10 ms 

C. 20 ms 

D. 30 ms 


Q200. Which action secures the SNMPv2C protocol in a Cisco WLC? 

A. configure new communities and disable default communities 

B. use digital certificates to authenticate and encrypt transmissions 

C. enable password or transfer encryption 

D. set a username and difficult-to-guess password