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As the Development Team starts work during the Sprint, it realizes it has selected too much work to finish in the Sprint. What should it do?

  • A. Inform the Product Owner at the Sprint Review, but prior to the demonstration.
  • B. Find another Scrum Team to give the excess work to.
  • C. As soon as possible in the Sprint, work with the Product Owner to remove some work or Product Backlog items.
  • D. Reduce the definition of “Done” and get all of the Product Backlog items “Done” by the new definition.

Answer: C

A Scrum Team is only allowed to meet with stakeholders during Sprint Review.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: B

At the end of a Sprint Product Backlog item worked on during the Sprint does not meet the definition of “Done”. What two things should happen with the undone Product Backlog item? (Choose two.)

  • A. If the stakeholders agree, the Product Owner can accept it and release it to the users.
  • B. Put it on the Product Backlog for the Product Owner to decide what to do with it.
  • C. Review the item, add the “Done” part of the estimate to the velocity and create a Story for the remaining work.
  • D. Do not include the item in the Increment this Sprint.

Answer: BD

Who determines how work is performed during the Sprint?

  • A. Architects.
  • B. The Development Team.
  • C. The Scrum Master.
  • D. Subject matter experts.
  • E. Development Team managers.

Answer: B

When a Development Team is having trouble delivering a working Increment because they don’t understand a functional requirement, what should they do?

  • A. Add a specialist to the Development Team.
  • B. Partially complete the functionality, and discuss the remaining work at the Sprint Review.
  • C. Collaborate with the Product Owner to determine what is possible and acceptable.
  • D. Defer the work to a more appropriate Sprint.

Answer: C

User documentation is part of your definition of “Done”. However, there aren't enough technical writers for all teams. Your Development Team doesn't have a technical writer. What should you do?

  • A. Form a separate team of technical writers that will work on an on-demand basis for the various Product Owner
  • B. Work order will be first in, first out.
  • C. Let the user documentation remain undone and accumulate until after the last development Sprin
  • D. It will then be done by any available technical writers.
  • E. Wait until you have a technical writer on your Development Team to take care of this.
  • F. Your Development Team is still responsible for creating user documentatio
  • G. In this case, the Development Team members will write it.

Answer: D

When does the next Sprint begin?

  • A. When the Product Owner is ready.
  • B. Immediately after the conclusion of the previous Sprint.
  • C. The Monday following the Sprint Review.
  • D. Immediately following the next Sprint Planning.

Answer: B

How do you know that a Scrum Team is cross-functional? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Scrum Team has all the skills to create an increment by the end of every Sprint.
  • B. A few of the Development Team members pair program and do Test Driven Development.
  • C. There are no conflicts within the Scrum Team.
  • D. Every member of the Scrum Team is able to perform every task.

Answer: A

Why does the Product Owner want the Development Team to adhere to its definition of “Done”?

  • A. To have complete transparency into what has been done at the end of each Sprint.
  • B. To be able to reprimand the team when they don’t meet their velocity goal for the Sprint.
  • C. To know what the team will deliver over the next three Sprints.
  • D. To predict the team’s productivity over time.

Answer: A

A Scrum Master is keeping a list of open impediments, but it is growing and they have been able to resolve only a small portion of the impediments. Which two techniques would be most helpful in this situation?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Discuss the impediments with the Development Team.
  • B. Prioritize the list and work on them in order.
  • C. Arrange a triage meeting with all project managers.
  • D. Add each open impediment to the Product Backlog.

Answer: AB

In order to achieve the benefits of Scrum, it is important to enact the value of commitment. What two actions demonstrate the commitment of Scrum Team members? (Choose two.)

  • A. Always deliver the items in the Sprint forecast.
  • B. Help the other Scrum Team members.
  • C. Do your best
  • D. Send out a daily status report.
  • E. Work late.

Answer: BC

Which phrase best describes a Product Owner?

  • A. Go-between development team and customers.
  • B. Value optimizer.
  • C. Requirements engineer.
  • D. Team manager.

Answer: A

Who should make sure everyone on the Development Team does his or her tasks for the Sprint?

  • A. The Project Manager.
  • B. The Product Owner.
  • C. The Scrum Master.
  • D. The Development Team.
  • E. All of the above.

Answer: D

Which of the following might the Scrum Team discuss during a Sprint Retrospective?

  • A. Methods of communication.
  • B. The way the Scrum Team does Sprint Planning.
  • C. Skills needed to improve the Development Team’s ability to deliver.
  • D. Its Definition of “Done”.
  • E. All of the above.

Answer: E

A Scrum Team has been working on a product for nine Sprints. A new Product Owner comes in, understanding he is accountable for the Product Backlog. However, he is unsure about his responsibilities. Which two activities are part of the Product Owner role according to Scrum? (Choose two.)

  • A. Ensuring that the most valuable functionality is produced first, at all times.
  • B. Interacting with stakeholders.
  • C. Providing the Development Team with detailed specifications.
  • D. Describing features as Use Cases.
  • E. Creating detailed functional test cases.

Answer: AB


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