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New CompTIA CAS-002 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 12 - Question 21)

Q12. An intrusion detection system logged an attack attempt from a remote IP address. One week later, the attacker successfully compromised the network. Which of the following MOST likely occurred?

A. The IDS generated too many false negatives.

B. The attack occurred after hours.

C. The IDS generated too many false positives.

D. No one was reviewing the IDS event logs.

Answer: D

Q13. If a technician must take an employeeu2019s workstation into custody in response to an investigation, which of the following can BEST reduce the likelihood of related legal issues?

A. A formal letter from the companyu2019s president approving the seizure of the workstation.

B. A formal training and awareness program on information security for all company

A. managers.

C. A screen displayed at log in that informs users of the employeru2019s rights to seize, search, and monitor company devices.

D. A printout of an activity log, showing that the employee has been spending substantial time on non-work related websites.

Answer: C

Q14. A team is established to create a secure connection between software packages in order to list employee's remaining or unused benefits on their paycheck stubs. Which of the following business roles would be MOST effective on this team?

A. Network Administrator, Database Administrator, Programmers

B. Network Administrator, Emergency Response Team, Human Resources

C. Finance Officer, Human Resources, Security Administrator

D. Database Administrator, Facilities Manager, Physical Security Manager

Answer: C

Q15. A financial company implements end-to-end encryption via SSL in the DMZ, and only IPSec in transport mode with AH enabled and ESP disabled throughout the internal network. The company has hired a security consultant to analyze the network infrastructure and provide a solution for intrusion prevention. Which of the following recommendations should the consultant provide to the security administrator?

A. Switch to TLS in the DMZ. Implement NIPS on the internal network, and HIPS on the DMZ.

B. Switch IPSec to tunnel mode. Implement HIPS on the internal network, and NIPS on the DMZ.

C. Disable AH. Enable ESP on the internal network, and use NIPS on both networks.

D. Enable ESP on the internal network, and place NIPS on both networks.

Answer: A

Q16. Which of the following provides the HIGHEST level of security for an integrated network providing services to authenticated corporate users?

A. Point to point VPN tunnels for external users, three-factor authentication, a cold site, physical security guards, cloud based servers, and IPv6 networking.

B. IPv6 networking, port security, full disk encryption, three-factor authentication, cloud based servers, and a cold site.

C. Port security on switches, point to point VPN tunnels for user server connections, two- factor cryptographic authentication, physical locks, and a standby hot site.

D. Port security on all switches, point to point VPN tunnels for user connections to servers, two-factor authentication, a sign-in roster, and a warm site.

Answer: : C

Q17. A security engineer is implementing a new solution designed to process e-business transactions and record them in a corporate audit database. The project has multiple technical stakeholders. The database team controls the physical database resources, the internal audit division controls the audit records in the database, the web hosting team is responsible for implementing the website front end and shopping cart application, and the accounting department is responsible for processing the transaction and interfacing with the payment processor. As the solution owner, the security engineer is responsible for ensuring which of the following?

A. Ensure the process functions in a secure manner from customer input to audit review.

B. Security solutions result in zero additional processing latency.

C. Ensure the process of storing audit records is in compliance with applicable laws.

D. Web transactions are conducted in a secure network channel.

Answer: A

Q18. An educational institution would like to make computer labs available to remote students. The labs are used for various IT networking, security, and programming courses. The requirements are:

1. Each lab must be on a separate network segment.

2. Labs must have access to the Internet, but not other lab networks.

3. Student devices must have network access, not simple access to hosts on the lab networks.

4. Students must have a private certificate installed before gaining access.

5. Servers must have a private certificate installed locally to provide assurance to the students.

6. All students must use the same VPN connection profile.

Which of the following components should be used to achieve the design in conjunction with directory services?

A. L2TP VPN over TLS for remote connectivity, SAML for federated authentication, firewalls between each lab segment

B. SSL VPN for remote connectivity, directory services groups for each lab group, ACLs on routing equipment

C. IPSec VPN with mutual authentication for remote connectivity, RADIUS for authentication, ACLs on network equipment

D. Cloud service remote access tool for remote connectivity, OAuth for authentication, ACL on routing equipment

Answer: C

Q19. A business wants to start using social media to promote the corporation and to ensure that customers have a good experience with their products. Which of the following security items should the company have in place before implementation? (Select TWO).

A. The company must dedicate specific staff to act as social media representatives of the company.

B. All staff needs to be instructed in the proper use of social media in the work environment.

C. Senior staff blogs should be ghost written by marketing professionals.

D. The finance department must provide a cost benefit analysis for social media.

E. The security policy needs to be reviewed to ensure that social media policy is properly implemented.

F. The company should ensure that the company has sufficient bandwidth to allow for social media traffic.

Answer: A,E

Q20. The Universal Research Association has just been acquired by the Association of Medical Business Researchers. The new conglomerate has funds to upgrade or replace hardware as part of the acquisition, but cannot fund labor for major software projects. Which of the following will MOST likely result in some IT resources not being integrated?

A. One of the companies may use an outdated VDI.

A. B. Corporate websites may be optimized for different web browsers.

C. Industry security standards and regulations may be in conflict.

D. Data loss prevention standards in one company may be less stringent.

Answer: C

Q21. A government agency considers confidentiality to be of utmost importance and availability issues to be of least importance. Knowing this, which of the following correctly orders various vulnerabilities in the order of MOST important to LEAST important?

A. Insecure direct object references, CSRF, Smurf

B. Privilege escalation, Application DoS, Buffer overflow

C. SQL injection, Resource exhaustion, Privilege escalation

D. CSRF, Fault injection, Memory leaks

Answer: A

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