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Q251. - (Topic 2) 

Ann is testing the robustness of a marketing website through an intercepting proxy. She has intercepted the following HTTP request: 

POST /login.aspx HTTP/1.1 


Content-type: text/html 


Which of the following should Ann perform to test whether the website is susceptible to a simple authentication bypass? 

A. Remove all of the post data and change the request to /login.aspx from POST to GET 

B. Attempt to brute force all usernames and passwords using a password cracker 

C. Remove the txtPassword post data and change alreadyLoggedIn from false to true 

D. Remove the txtUsername and txtPassword post data and toggle submit from true to false 


Q252. - (Topic 1) 

A security manager for a service provider has approved two vendors for connections to the 

service provider backbone. One vendor will be providing authentication services for its payment card service, and the other vendor will be providing maintenance to the service provider infrastructure sites. Which of the following business agreements is MOST relevant to the vendors and service provider’s relationship? 

A. Memorandum of Agreement 

B. Interconnection Security Agreement 

C. Non-Disclosure Agreement 

D. Operating Level Agreement 


Q253. - (Topic 2) 

A facilities manager has observed varying electric use on the company’s metered service lines. The facility management rarely interacts with the IT department unless new equipment is being delivered. However, the facility manager thinks that there is a correlation between spikes in electric use and IT department activity. Which of the following business processes and/or practices would provide better management of organizational resources with the IT department’s needs? (Select TWO). 

A. Deploying a radio frequency identification tagging asset management system 

B. Designing a business resource monitoring system 

C. Hiring a property custodian 

D. Purchasing software asset management software 

E. Facility management participation on a change control board 

F. Rewriting the change board charter 

G. Implementation of change management best practices 

Answer: E,G 

Q254. - (Topic 2) 

A multi-national company has a highly mobile workforce and minimal IT infrastructure. The company utilizes a BYOD and social media policy to integrate presence technology into global collaboration tools by individuals and teams. As a result of the dispersed employees and frequent international travel, the company is concerned about the safety of employees and their families when moving in and out of certain countries. Which of the following could the company view as a downside of using presence technology? 

A. Insider threat 

B. Network reconnaissance 

C. Physical security 

D. Industrial espionage 


Q255. - (Topic 3) 

A WAF without customization will protect the infrastructure from which of the following attack combinations? 

A. DDoS, DNS poisoning, Boink, Teardrop 

B. Reflective XSS, HTTP exhaustion, Teardrop 

C. SQL Injection, DOM based XSS, HTTP exhaustion 

D. SQL Injection, CSRF, Clickjacking 


Q256. - (Topic 4) 

Company ABC will test connecting networks with Company XYZ as part of their upcoming merger and are both concerned with minimizing security exposures to each others network throughout the test. Which of the following is the FIRST thing both sides should do prior to connecting the networks? 

A. Create a DMZ to isolate the two companies and provide a security inspection point for all inter-company network traffic. 

B. Determine the necessary data flows between the two companies. 

C. Implement a firewall that restricts everything except the IPSec VPN traffic connecting the two companies. 

D. Implement inline NIPS on the connection points between the two companies. 


Q257. - (Topic 5) 

A large hospital has implemented BYOD to allow doctors and specialists the ability to access patient medical records on their tablets. The doctors and specialists access patient records over the hospital’s guest WiFi network which is isolated from the internal network with appropriate security controls. The patient records management system can be accessed from the guest network and requires two factor authentication. Using a remote desktop type interface, the doctors and specialists can interact with the hospital’s system. Cut and paste and printing functions are disabled to prevent the copying of data to BYOD devices. Which of the following are of MOST concern? (Select TWO). 

A. Privacy could be compromised as patient records can be viewed in uncontrolled areas. 

B. Device encryption has not been enabled and will result in a greater likelihood of data loss. 

C. The guest WiFi may be exploited allowing non-authorized individuals access to confidential patient data. 

D. Malware may be on BYOD devices which can extract data via key logging and screen scrapes. 

E. Remote wiping of devices should be enabled to ensure any lost device is rendered inoperable. 

Answer: A,D 

Q258. - (Topic 4) 

A trust relationship has been established between two organizations with web based services. One organization is acting as the Requesting Authority (RA) and the other acts as the Provisioning Service Provider (PSP). Which of the following is correct about the trust relationship? 

A. The trust relationship uses SAML in the SOAP header. The SOAP body transports the SPML requests / responses. 

B. The trust relationship uses XACML in the SAML header. The SAML body transports the SOAP requests / responses. 

C. The trust relationship uses SPML in the SOAP header. The SOAP body transports the SAML requests / responses. 

D. The trust relationship uses SPML in the SAML header. The SAML body transports the SPML requests / responses. 


Q259. - (Topic 3) 

A company receives a subpoena for email that is four years old. Which of the following should the company consult to determine if it can provide the email in question? 

A. Data retention policy 

B. Business continuity plan 

C. Backup and archive processes 

D. Electronic inventory 


Q260. - (Topic 5) 

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has asked the IT administrator to protect the externally facing web server from SQL injection attacks and ensure the backend database server is monitored for unusual behavior while enforcing rules to terminate unusual behavior. Which of the following would BEST meet the CEO’s requirements? 

A. WAF and DAM 

B. UTM and NIDS 

C. DAM and SIEM 

D. UTM and HSM 

E. WAF and SIEM