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Q41. The Weight field is used in the calculation of which option when working with questions for surveys? 

A. survey reports 

B. user responses 

C. question ratings 

D. ordering the questions in a survey 


Q42. Which user must be used to delete the Incident queries installed from the Service Desk content? 

A. any user 

B. a database user 


D. only the user that created the query 


Q43. There is no New button or action in the Incident application. What is the likely cause? 

A. The User record has been set to an inactive status. 

B. The application is in Admin Mode and is being updated. 

C. The user is not in a security group with the New Incident right granted. 

D. The user is not a member of the owner group assigned to the incident record. 


Q44. A survey must be in which status in order to make and apply updates? 

A. Draft 

B. Closed 

C. Inactive 

D. Pending 


Q45. A consultant is implementing the Incident and Problem Management process at a customer site. The customer requires that an incident is associated to a problem record before it is resolved. What should be done to accomplish this? 

A. Create an incident and check Is Known Error check box 

B. Add a reference to the problem in the Incident Work Log 

C. Use the Select Action menu to create a problem from incident record 

D. Use the Failure Reporting tab to create a problem record and associates it with the incident 


Q46. Which two workflow types can be specified on a Service Catalog offering for service request fulfillment? (Choose two.) 

A. Default 

B. Job Plan 

C. Sub-process 

D. User Defined 

E. Response Plan 

Answer: A,E 

Q47. The intranet service is down at a customer.ˉs location, and the service desk is receiving several calls reporting this issue. What is the correct process the service desk agents should follow? 

A. Create one incident and set it as Global. For each related call, create a new incident and associate it with the global incident. 

B. Create one problem record and set it as Major. All other calls should be registered as activities associated with this problem record. 

C. Create one service request as Originator. Then create new incidents for each related call as Follow Up using the Select Action menu. 

D. Create one new incident record for each call and set it as Generic. When the issue is fixed, create one global Solution and associated it with all incident records. 


Q48. What is the purpose of creating a problem record? 

A. to send an e-mail communication to a user with the status of their issue 

B. to enable the connection between an Incident record and a Change record 

C. to escalate an incident to a problem team when a more difficult technical solution or change to a production environment is required for resolution 

D. to capture an unknown, underlying cause of one or more incidents so that similar incidents in the future are prevented or have a lesser business impact 


Q49. Which two applications use catalogs to allow users to search for and order services? (Choose two.) 

A. Offerings 

B. Catalogs 

C. Offering Catalog 

D. Self Service Center 

E. Create Service Request 

Answer: C,D 

Q50. Service Desk analysts are trying to use communication templates through the Select Action menu in the Service Request application, but they are not visible in the list. What could be done to fix this issue? 

A. Change the status to Approved for each communication template. 

B. Enable the flag Comm log Entry for each communication template. 

C. Set the field Accessible From as ALL or APPS for each communication template. 

D. Associate each communication template to Service Request in the Use With section.