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Q1. What are three purposes of the Offering dialog in the Self Service Center? (Choose three.) 

A. Modify the offering type 

B. re-classify the offering instance 

C. display the details of a descriptive offering 

D. allow the users to overwrite the offering workflows 

E. allow the user to launch the service for an action offering 

F. collect attribute information from the user for fulfillment of the service 

Answer: C,E,F 

Q2. Which statement is true about cart templates in IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5? 

A. They group customers. 

B. They group work orders. 

C. They group offerings that are commonly ordered. 

D. They group shopping carts that are commonly submitted. 


Q3. In working with surveys and questions, when can a question and answer set be deleted? 

A. If the question not used by any survey and is in Active status. 

B. If the question is used by a closed survey and is in Active status. 

C. If the question is not used by any survey and is in Archive status. 

D. If the question is used by a closed survey and is in Archive status. 


Q4. A user opens an existing problem and wants to be assigned as the owner but there is no Take Ownership button or action. What is the most likely cause? 

A. The problem is in an active workflow and cannot be changed. 

B. The user has recently changed his or her password and must first log out. 

C. The user is not in a security group with the option Take Ownership granted. 

D. The problem is already assigned to another user and cannot be reassigned. 


Q5. In IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5, which two types of records can be related to a service group? (Choose two.) 

A. Users 

B. Assets 

C. Access 

D. Locations 

E. Time Zones 

Answer: B,D 

Q6. A solution in which status can be modified in the Solutions application in IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5? 

A. In any status 

B. Only in Draft status 

C. Only in Active status 

D. Only in Work in Progress status 


Q7. When a Ticket Template includes a Job Plan and is applied to an Incident, where will the tasks be listed? 

A. On the Log tab 

B. On the Activities tab 

C. On the Specifications tab 

D. On a work order listed on the Related Records tab 


Q8. What needs to be defined in order to create an Offering? 

A. at least one Catalog 

B. at least one Workflow 

C. at least one Classification 

D. at least one Ticket Template 


Q9. A service desk agent needs to work on a problem ticket but all the fields are locked. What could be happening? 

A. The Is Known Error field is checked. 

B. A root cause must be identified prior to editing the ticket. 

C. Restrictions in the security group are giving read-only access. 

D. The status of the problem must be changed to In Progress to enable the fields. 


Q10. Which two IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5 objects can be used to control how a Service Request offering is fulfilled? (Choose two.) 

A. Actions 

B. Workflow 

C. Escalation 

D. Work Order 

E. Response Plan 

Answer: B,E