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Q31. An IT support specialist is creating a new solution record so it is published and available from the Self Service Center application. He entered information into the Symptom, Cause, and Resolution sections and saved the record. The solution describes resolving an issue with the e-mail server, so in the keywords section he is adding the word: e-mail. 

Now he wants to check if the solution is available from the Self Service Center application so he searches using the email keyword but his solution is not listed on the results list. He checked the solution record again and it is in ACTIVE status and the Self Service Access option is checked. 

Why is the solution not appearing in the results list? 

A. The Expiration Date field is empty 

B. The Lucene engine did not index this record. 

C. A classification was not assigned to the solution. 

D. The specification list on the Specifications tab is empty. 


Q32. Which statement is true regarding the deletion of job plans? 

A. Deleted job plans are viewable from lookup and display lists. 

B. A job plan can be deleted by changing the status to DELETED. 

C. A job plan can be deleted when it is not associated with a record. 

D. A job plan can be deleted if it is associated with a record in any status. 


Q33. When the Service Provider add-on is installed, which statement is true about a customer-specific solution in IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5? 

A. It can be applied on a ticket for any customer. 

B. It can be applied only on a ticket for a global customer. 

C. It can only be applied on a ticket for a customer that is associated with the solution. 

D. It can only be applied on a ticket for a customer that is associated with global solutions. 


Q34. How can new values be added to the solution ke9word list? 

A. modify the related Solution Classification record 

B. add new values to the SLNKEYWORDS domain 

C. add new values to the Specification available from the Specifications tab 

D. use the Select Add/Delete Ke9words action from the Select Action menu 


Q35. Which field can be defined on a Ticket Template? 

A. Vendor 

B. Source 

C. Customer 

D. Service Level Agreement 


Q36. When can a survey be deleted? 

A. When in Draft status 

B. When in Closed status 

C. After the survey report has been run 

D. After all responses to the survey have been responded to 


Q37. How is the Self Service Center enabled to show the user the assets that are associated to them as custodian? 

A. Click the link Show All My Assets 

B. View the recent activities in My Requests 

C. Double-click on the asset record from the My Assets Pod 

D. Click View Service Request and use the arrows next to the assets 


Q38. A customer has two requirements to be implemented using the Incidents application: 

1. A way to track which solutions have been tried on the incidents 

2. Generated monthly reports and whether the issues were reported by phone, e-mail, or external system 

What two areas of the application satisfy this requirement? 

A. use the Worklog tab and the Created By field 

B. use the Tried Solutions section and the Source field 

C. use the Failure Report section and the Reported By field 

D. use the Solution Details tab and the Affected Person field 


Q39. What is a use case for a Ticket Template? 

A. applying a source to a ticket 

B. applying a known solution to a ticket 

C. applying a consistent summary to a ticket 

D. applying a Service Level Agreement to a ticket 


Q40. Which two statements are true about the Catalogs application? (Choose two.) 

A. It allows adding offerings in Pending status. 

B. The Clear a Catalog button removes all offerings. 

C. Offerings can be added or removed when the catalog is Active. 

D. Only offerings of Service Request and Descriptive type can be added. 

E. When the catalog is duplicated, the offerings associated with it are copied. 

Answer: A,C