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Q11. In order to store IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator events into the Profiles database, which of the following properties must be set? 

A. <property name="profiles.events.system.ignore" value="false" /> 

B. <property name="profiles.events.system.publish" value="1" /> 

C. <set="tdi.events.system.ignore" value="1" /> 

D. <set="tdi.events.system.ignore" value="0" /> 


Q12. While installing IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, what is the correct approach for enabling global security? 

A. Always set the administrator name / password to wasadmin / wasadmin as the installation scripts have been written to recognize this name andpassword. 

B. The administrator name provided during the installation can be any value so long as the same name exists in the LDAP repository. 

C. The administrator name provided during the installation must be a unique value and should not exist in the LDAP repository. 

D. Do nothing,the installation process automatically assigns an administrator name and password combination,displays it upon successfulinstallation and also writes that information to the install logs. 


Q13. What does the guid property found in the map_dbrepos_from_source.properties identify? 

A. general identification 

B. the user ID of a user 

C. global unique ID of a user 

D. identifies nothing,it is always set to null 


Q14. What are the two primary items that should be backed up on a regular schedule to be able to restore IBM Connections data? 

A. Lotus Connections directory and shared content stores 

B. IBM Connections WebSphere Deployment Manager and shared resource directory 

C. IBM Connections WebSphere Server profiles and customized configuration files 

D. IBM Connections application databases and content stores 


Q15. Betty has been asked to clear the titles of all users from IBM Connections. She starts the wsadmin client. What would be the wsadmin command she should run first? 

A. execfile("profilesAdmin.py") 

B. execfile("connectionsConfig.py") 

C. execfile("displayConfig.py") 

D. execfile("homepageAdmin.py") 


Q16. The IBM Connections Plugin for IBM Lotus Notes provides which of the following benefits? 

A. Create and update Wikis. 

B. Create and update Bookmarks. 

C. Send HTML links to a file. 

D. Create Communities. 


Q17. Lindsay is trying to enable SSO for IBM Tivoli Access Manager. She has just finished installing the Trust Association Interceptor (TAI) for Tivoli Access Manager but is not able to authenticate via Tivoli Access Manager. What is the likely cause of her issue? 

A. She did not add the web address of the host name of her IBM Connections server to the Local intranet zone of Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

B. The TAI mechanism is not supported in Connections. She needs to use the cookie-based LTPA mechanism. 

C. Tivoli Access Manager is not supported with Connections. She needs to use a supported third-party security product. 

D. Tivoli Access Manager can only be used with SPNEGO authentication. 


Q18. Michael is creating his IBM Connections databases using the provided scripts for IBM DB2. However, whenever he attempts to execute any of the createDb.sql scripts he gets the following exception: "SQLCODE: -551, SQLSTATE: 42501, DOES NOT HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO PERFORM OPERATION ON OBJECT". Which of the following best explains the reason Michael is seeing this issue? 

A. He failed to follow all the steps required to create databases manually,specifically the one to ensure that the owner ID has privileges to createdatabases,tablespaces,tables,and indexes prior to executingthe scripts. 

B. He failed to follow all the steps required to create databases manually,specifically the one to issue the db2start command prior to executing thescripts. 

C. He failed to follow all the steps required to create databases manually,specifically to copy the db2jcc.jar and db2jcc_license_cu.jar files prior toexecuting the scripts. 

D. He failed to follow all the steps required to create databases manually,specifically to execute the appGrants.sql script prior to running thecreateDb.sql script. 


Q19. Jim is having issues with IBM Connections performance. His system team has shown that the CPU utilization is very low and that there are no JVM memory constraints. The network team has shown that there is good network bandwidth and low network latency. He also sees that the proxy server is working well and provides good client-side performance for static content. 

What major area could be changed to improve performance? 

A. The HTTP server configuration. 

B. Disk I/O for the database and file repository. 

C. Add an additional IBM WebSphere node. 

D. Tune the LDAP server configuration. 


Q20. In which file is moderation configured? 

A. events-config.xml 

B. contentreview-config.xml 

C. index-config.xml 

D. roles-config.xml