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Suppose an organization is planning to launch several microsites that have very similar custom tracking on each one. The organization would like to report on the performance of indivual microsites but also review data at an aggregate level.
Based on this information, which report Suit would satisfy the requirement and be most cost effective? Select two.

  • A. Global report suite with a site name variable
  • B. Global report shite with suites for each microsite
  • C. Global report suite and individual report suite for each microsite
  • D. Global report suite with site name variable and individual report suite for each microsite.

Answer: CD

which of the following tools breaks down an eVar by a prop or a prop by an eVar?

  • A. Report Build
  • B. Adobe I/O
  • C. Analysis Workspace
  • D. Reports 3net Analytics

Answer: A

Yesterday, a developer has implemented a set of context data variables to capture the Mobile version of the app. An analyst mapped a context data variable to eVar13 using the O Processing Rules.
When would the value of eVar13 populate the reports?

  • A. The evar13 report will contain data from yesterday.
  • B. The eVar report will contain data at the start of the next month.
  • C. The eVar13 report will contain data starting tomorrow.
  • D. The eVar13 report will contain data starting today

Answer: C

Assume a customer prop and custom eVar were implemented to capture the from named of various forms that were filled out and successfully submitted.
If you want to see the order in which forms are completed on the site, which variable would be most help?

  • A. Custom eVar, since auto form analysis can be used
  • B. Custom eVar, since auto sub relations can be used
  • C. Custom eVar, since linear allocation can be used
  • D. Custom prop, since pathing can be used

Answer: D

Configuring the Adobe Analytics-Adobe target integration sometimes called ‘’A4t enhanced both adobe product. What are some benefits of settings up this integration ? Select two.

  • A. Target can create new custom eVars and implement them without any code changes
  • B. Target activities experiences, and results can be viewed with adobe Analytics
  • C. Adobe analytics can deliver personalized contact based on user preferences
  • D. Custom events from Analytics can be applied to Target reports at any time
  • E. Paid search ads be created on the fly and run on search run on engines

Answer: D

After implementing the percentPageViewed plugin which captures how much of the previous page was viewed you decided to group the values into more manageable business for cleaner reporting. After evaluating your option you decide to create a regulate expression that will automatically group values into 25% buckets.
Based on this information, which regular expression can correctly classify data for the 51+ 75 bucket?
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  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer: A

In chronological order from 1 (top) to 4 (bottom), what are the steps you will perform to make positive changes to a new website?
Select the correct answer for each step from the dropdown list.
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  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

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Which settings determiners how long Adobe will a custom eVar value?

  • A. Merchandising
  • B. Correlation
  • C. Allocation
  • D. Classification
  • E. expiration

Answer: A

Which is the correct way to set an s.t10 call?

  • A. s.tl(‘’this’’.o’’. pageA)
  • B. .tl(‘’this’’.o’’. pageA’)
  • C. .tl(‘’this’’.o’’. pageA):
  • D. .tl(‘’this’’.o’’. pageA):
  • E. .tl(‘’this’’.o’’. pageA’)

Answer: D

What are advantages of using a custom eVar over a custom sprop? Select two.

  • A. Data is processed quickly and available is report almost instantly
  • B. Persistence beyond one image request
  • C. Can be tied to success events
  • D. Can be used in pathing reports
  • E. Can be used for correlation reports

Answer: AD

What are some characteristics of classifications in Adobe Analytics? Select two.

  • A. Can be used to modify marketing channel processing rules
  • B. Must be enabled by Adobe Client Care
  • C. They are completely retroactive
  • D. Can be used to create custom success events
  • E. Data can be grouped manually or by automated rules

Answer: AB

Which reports provides about how visitors arrive at your site? Select three.

  • A. Campaigns
  • B. Marketing channels
  • C. Internal URL
  • D. Visitor profile
  • E. Search Engines

Answer: ACD

There are plans at your organization to implement a new eVar to capture internal search terms on the company website. After speaking with multiple stakeholders. It has been determined that all search terms used during the visit should receive credit for success events.
Based on this information which allocation type should be selected in the report suite eVar settings?

  • A. Most Recent (Last)
  • B. Linear
  • C. Participation
  • D. Original value (First)

Answer: D

Which of the following cannot be used in a conversion funnel report?

  • A. Conversion variables
  • B. Custom Events
  • C. Calculated Metric
  • D. Segments

Answer: A

While preparing for a new analysis implementation for a site, you being conducting stakeholder interviews. Part of the conversation include defining KPIs including custom success events.
What are some examples of custom success events on a site Select two.

  • A. Checkouts
  • B. Checkouts
  • C. Cart adds
  • D. From completions
  • E. Purchases
  • F. Internal searches

Answer: CF

While settings up some classification rules in the classification rule builder, you decide to add a rule identify the third filed in tracking codes as the campaign name.
For examples in tracking code ‘’soc-fd-brandcamp18-1234’’, you would like to see brandcamp18’ classified
as the campaign name.
What should the classification rule output be to get this result?

  • A. $3
  • B. #3
  • C. #2
  • D. #2

Answer: D

There have been question in your organization about adding supplemental data to the campaign tracking codes. What are three available methods for adding metadata to campaigns codes? Select three.

  • A. Import file through FTP import
  • B. Import file through campaign data utility
  • C. Use the classification rule builder
  • D. Import file through browser import
  • E. Configure auto classification in report suite settings

Answer: D

What are some attributes of virtual report suites? Select three.

  • A. They are an alternative to multi -suite tagging
  • B. Some settings are inherited from parent report suite
  • C. Current and real-time data is supported
  • D. They can be added individually to permission groups
  • E. Classification data can be uploaded

Answer: E

A marketing decides to track search refinement that were selected in the search results page. A list was implemented to capture filters in propel using as the delimiter. Suppose a visitor made 10 search result pate view consistent refinement of sort1/sort3’. What will be page view count recorded in the prop1 report?

  • A. 10 page views to sort3
  • B. 10 page views to sort/sort2/sort3
  • C. 10 page views to sort1
  • D. 10 page views to sort2
  • E. 10 page views each to sirt1.sort2. sort3

Answer: B

You are being asked to help someone in your organization who is having difficulty accessing Adobe Launching using the Experience Cloud. Upon clicking the link to access Adobe Launch they are taken to the main Properties tab as expected. However they are not able to access the necessary web property that they need in order to complete the needed work.
Which option below would be the best solution?

  • A. Add the appropriate Adobe Launch Product Profile to the user account
  • B. An authorized client care user in your organization must contact Adobe to get the issue resolved
  • C. Create an Adobe Launch Administrator account for the user
  • D. Add the appropriate Adobe Launch Product assigned to their user account

Answer: D

If you wants to capture multiple values in a variable at once see them reported as individual line items, which variable types should you consider using? Select two.
List prop

  • A. List event
  • B. Solution variable
  • C. List var
  • D. Custom event

Answer: C

Which statement contains the correct syntax for s.UtilagetQueryParam?
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  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer: D


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