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A customer is using AEM 6.4. The Architect is defining "daily" runbook tasks, Which task must be part of the list?

  • A. Version Cleanup
  • B. Offline compaction
  • C. Online compaction
  • D. Audit Log Purge

Answer: D

A company wants to train smart tags to recognize a new tag using Adobe Sensei technology. What is the minimum number of images that must be uploaded to meet this requirement?

  • A. 10
  • B. 50
  • C. 100
  • D. 30

Answer: D

A customer to simplify and automate publishing press release pages and defines the following flow:
AD0-E104 dumps exhibit
What should the Architect recommend?

  • A. Configure MSM with the "Activate on Blueprint activation" option
  • B. Create a custom workflow launches
  • C. Advise the customer to use Launches
  • D. Implement a Sling event listener that triggers on page creation

Answer: B

An author makes changes to a page. The old version still appears on the site. The Author needs to troubleshoot by bypassing the Dispatcher and accessing the AEM page directly through the Publish instance.
What should the author do?

  • A. Modify the AEM Job Processing OSGI configuration
  • B. Adjust the allowedClients of the dispatcher
  • C. Use CURL to do a manual dispatcher flush
  • D. Add a query parameter to the page URL

Answer: D

Which two tools should be recommended to do stress testing of an AEM application? (Choose two.

  • A. jMock and Mockito
  • B. jUnit and Mockito
  • C. Hobbes.js
  • D. Adobe Tough Day
  • E. Apache JMeter

Answer: DE

A customer wants an image to be automatically tagged every time an image is uploaded to the DAM. What should an architect recommend?

  • A. Enable smart tagging in the DAM Upload Asset offloading workflow
  • B. Run the DAM Smart Tag workflow
  • C. Configure enhanced Smart Tagging
  • D. Configure smart tagging in the DAM Update Asset workflow

Answer: D

A user is part of the Employees LDAP group synchronized with AEM. The same user is added to the authors group in AEM. The user is then removed from the Employees group on the LDAP server.
What is the result during the next synchronization with AEM?

  • A. The user is removed from both the Employees and the AEM authors groups
  • B. The user is removed from the authors group but not the Employees group in AEM
  • C. The user is not removed from either the Employees and the AEM authors groups
  • D. The user is removed from the Employees group but not the authors group in AEM

Answer: A

An author makes changes to a page and performs replication to a publish site. Adobe Launch is used to add Analytics tags to the page. The old version of the page still appears on the dispatcher.
The Architect cleared the local browser and dispatcher cache. Also, replication queue has been verified and there are no pending replication jobs.
Which two steps should be performed to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. Check that the stat files are not missing on the dispatcher
  • B. Check that permissions are appropriate for the resources
  • C. Check that dependent components and templates are available on Publish
  • D. Check that the replication agents are configured
  • E. Check that the launch libraries have been published

Answer: BE

How should OSGl configurations be deployed in AEM?

  • A. As an XML file
  • B. As text files
  • C. Using the OSGl config console
  • D. As a package

Answer: D

A university offers the same program with courses across multiple campuses and wants to set up their DAM structure that promotes re-use and sharing between the instructors. The Architect needs to define the top-level folders in the DAM hierarchy be within /content/dam/ < top-level folder >
What should the top-level folder be named?

  • A. Program Name
  • B. Campus Name
  • C. Course Name
  • D. Instructor Name

Answer: B

What should an Architect recommend to lower website response times for international audiences?

  • A. Enable TTL-based caching on Dispatcher
  • B. Enable TTL-based caching on HTTP proxy
  • C. Enable TTL-based caching on CDN
  • D. Enable TTL-based caching on Publisher

Answer: C

A customer has 2TB of DAM assets on-premise.
Which deployment model should an Architect recommend to increase AEM server performance?

  • A. File datastore with default serialization
  • B. S3 datastore with binary less serialization
  • C. File datastore with binary less serialization
  • D. S3 datastore with default serialization

Answer: B

Why must Service Users be created?

  • A. To allow mapping OSGi services to users
  • B. To allow administration access to users
  • C. To restrict mapping OSGi services to groups
  • D. To restrict mapping OSGi services to admins

Answer: D

If a bundle property is configured with a default value in the declaration, via an OSGiConfig node, and via the Felix console. Which will your bundle use?

  • A. The declaration-time default.
  • B. The Felix console configuration.
  • C. The OSGiConfig node configuration.
  • D. The bundle will fail to start due to a conflict.

Answer: B

Which AEM pre-deployment action should the Architect do after final UAT testing but prior to a live production launch?

  • A. Forecast overall visitor traffic
  • B. Stress test all Dispatchers and Publish instances
  • C. Execute relevant AEM licensing and maintenance agreements
  • D. Understand migration requirements

Answer: B

A site needs to be protected against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Which configuration should the Architect review?

  • A. Apache Sling Script Cache
  • B. Apache Sling Redirect Servlet
  • C. Apache Sling POST Servlet
  • D. Apache Sling Referrer Filter

Answer: C

A multi-regional retail company has been using a featured product component on their home page with static content.
As part of the enhancement the retail company wants to leverage Adobe Target to personalize the featured product displayed only to the users in one region. There is plan to apply this enhancement to additional regions in the near future. It is required to keep the featured product component backward compatible without updating the site content.
Which option should the Architect recommend?

  • A. Introduce personalization logic to the "featured product" component
  • B. Introduce component versioning and proxy component pattern
  • C. Use sling:superResourceType and editable templates
  • D. Use the out-of-the-box ecommerce component

Answer: B

You have created a solution architecture for a financial services company. After the design is completed, but before implementation starts, the company decides that rather than
authenticating users against their internal LDAP server, they will authenticate using an externallyhosted SAML Identity Provider.
Which two architectural diagrams need to be revised to meet this change? (Choose two.)

  • A. Physical.
  • B. Conceptual.
  • C. Data Flow.
  • D. Logical.

Answer: BC

A customer wants to use translations, however certain content on pages must not be translated. What should the Architect recommend to meet the requirement?

  • A. Add a translate property to the content component on the page and set it to false
  • B. Add the page path and properties, uncheck Translate box in Translation Configurations
  • C. Add the page path and node type, uncheck Translate box in Translation Configurations
  • D. Add a resource Type reference in Translation Configurations

Answer: B

A customer recently launched a new marketing campaign with large number of dynamic pages. The environment has a typical 1:1 deployment using two publish and two dispatchers.
The customer experiences performance degradation due to several factors: Dynamic marketing campaign pages
• Significant number of additional components on each dynamic page
• Increased concurrent traffic to the site
What should an Architect recommend to improve performance?

  • A. Add additional Publish instances
  • B. Add additional dispatchers
  • C. Increase Publish server disk capacity
  • D. Configure dispatcher caching

Answer: A


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