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Refer to the exhibit.
75940X dumps exhibit
An administrator is trying to add a new VSP to the ACP 4200 rack. However, when the Configuration Wizard is run and the 'Detect Hardware' button is clicked, the VSP cannot be detected.
What is potentially causing this to happen?

  • A. The VSP has not been configured with the correct slot in Configuration Wizard.
  • B. The VSP has not been configured with the correct Device Description in Configuration Wizard.
  • C. The VSP has not been configured with the correct Protocol in Configuration Wizard.
  • D. The VSP's device credentials has not been configured correctly in System Manager.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
75940X dumps exhibit
An administrator notices that the Rack View of Avaya Orchestrator is highlighted with a Red X on the graphical representation of the rack.
What does this indicate?

  • A. At least 50% of the hosts in the rack contain a service which is in critical state.
  • B. The rack has a front door that is currently unlocked.
  • C. The rack is currently unreachable.
  • D. At least one of the hosts in the rack contains a service which is in critical state.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
75940X dumps exhibit
In the deployment shown in the exhibit, how is High Availability achieved across the two Data Centers?

  • A. By ensuring that the L2 VLANs are extended across to both Data Centers.
  • B. By managing both Data Centers using the same vCenter Server and using vMotion and DRS.
  • C. By using Virtualization Provisioning Service (VPS) to automate the provisioning of the network hardware and vSwitches across the two Data Centers.
  • D. By using Avaya Aura® Application High Availability features.

Answer: C

What is the purpose of VMware vMotion as used in ACP 4200?

  • A. It enables an operational virtual machine to migrate from one ESXi host to another, which includes its running state and storage.
  • B. It dynamically allocated and balances computing capacity across the logical resource pools.
  • C. It provides monitoring of operating system and hardware failures, and also restarts virtual machines on other hosts within the resource pool.
  • D. It creates a pool of virtual disk space that can be shared by multiple virtual machines.

Answer: A

When preparing a site for an ACP 4200 installation, which task is optional?

  • A. Identify potential obstacles, such as signs and fire extinguishers in the path from the delivery location to the permanent site.
  • B. Plan the path from the delivery location to the permanent site.
  • C. Ensure that a minimum of four people are available to move the ACP 4200 due to its size and weight.
  • D. Ensure there is a room to maneuver the ACP 4200 around any tight corners in hallways.

Answer: A

Which statement describes a feature of VMware HA?

  • A. It adds VPFM as a SNMP management server.
  • B. It detects host failures and starts applications on other hosts in the cluster.
  • C. It monitors the memory and CPU load on the host servers and balances them by moving VMs between the hosts.
  • D. It moves a running VM from one host to another.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
75940X dumps exhibit
An administrator navigates to the Avaya Orchestrator page shown in the exhibit. The 4850GTS switches and the PIPS Pro1 PDUs are displaying an Orange status icon.
What does this indicate?

  • A. These devices have not been configured with correct credentials.
  • B. These devices have power supply issues.
  • C. These devices have services with status of warning.
  • D. These devices have reachability issues.

Answer: C

An Avaya Orchestrator administrator is asked to check the CPU usage for the last 24 hours of one of the ESXi Hosts, as it has been performing erratically.
How can the administrator go about doing this?

  • A. By clicking on the Compute Group's Service State line.
  • B. By navigating to Quick View – All Host Problems.
  • C. By going to the Performance Graphs of the CPU Usage Service for the host.
  • D. By selecting the VM Group's Service State line.

Answer: A

What is the role of Avaya Aura® System Manager in an ACP 4200 4.0 system?

  • A. It provides a Single-Sign On functionality to Avaya Orchestrator.
  • B. It manages the license for Avaya Orchestrator.
  • C. It provides the application launch point for Avaya Orchestrator.
  • D. It is a component of the Avaya Aura® deployment.

Answer: B

An ACP 4200 engineering team is considering deploying an Extension Rack. What is the purpose of the Extension Rack?

  • A. When the Main rack is not functioning properly the Extension Rack will take over for the main.
  • B. When all hardware components cannot fit into the Main ACP Rack, Extension Racks are used for additional physical appliances and servers.
  • C. When full redundancy is needed, Extension Racks are used for additional physical appliances and servers.
  • D. When the number of telephone extensions on the Avaya Aura® applications exceed the recommended limit, Extension Racks are used to host additional media resources to support a higher limit.

Answer: C

Which three are found in the E:\ ACP_SW_4.0 folder of the Management Server Console (MSC)? (Choose three.)

  • A. Firmware for Extreme Networks VSP Switches
  • B. Software and Patches for Avaya Orchestrator and Avaya Aura® applications
  • C. Installation files for the vCenter client application
  • D. Software and Patches for VMware ESXi and vCenter
  • E. A copy of the Lifecycle workbook

Answer: ABD

How can the administrator check the status of all services being monitored by Avaya Orchestrator?

  • A. It is not possibl
  • B. Services are displayed on a per-Host basis only.
  • C. By navigating to Quick View-All Service Problems.
  • D. By navigating to Details-Service Status.
  • E. By navigating to ACP 4200 Configuration Wizard-Service.

Answer: B

Which statement about the Nimble Storage used in ACP 4200 4.0 is true?

  • A. It is connected directly to the ESXi hosts via multiple 10G links.
  • B. It is connected directly to the ESXi hosts via multiple 1G links.
  • C. It is connected to the network switches via multiple 10G links.
  • D. It is connected to the network switches via multiple 40G links.

Answer: C

Which statement about all hosts in the cluster describes a system requirement for VMware vMotion in ACP 4200?

  • A. They must be the same server type.
  • B. They must have matching Memory capacity.
  • C. They must have matching CPU types.
  • D. They must have matching VMware network settings.

Answer: C

A customer experienced an outage of one of their Host servers in their ACP 4200 solution. Additionally, after the failure, all of the applications that were running on the failed host, did not recover to another host.
To verify the configuration, which third party management tool needs to be used?

  • A. SSH into the switches
  • B. Avaya Orchestrator
  • C. Nimble Storage web interface
  • D. vSphere Web Client

Answer: D

Which two circumstances would require the Avaya Orchestrator ACP Configuration Wizard to be run in the field? (Choose two.)

  • A. When a new G450 Gateway is added to the ACP.
  • B. When a new configuration file for the ACP's VSP Switches is deployed.
  • C. When a new Virtual Machine is added to the ACP.
  • D. When a new ESXi Host is added to the ACP.

Answer: BD

Which three tasks must be completed in preparation of a site for an ACP 4200 installation? (Choose three.)

  • A. Determine the list of Customer Administrators who will require login access to the ACP 4200.
  • B. Install power connections for the ACP 4200.
  • C. Plan the path from the delivery location to the permanent site.
  • D. Determine a permanent location for the ACP 4200.
  • E. Enable SNMP management on the network devices that will be connected to the ACP 4200.

Answer: ABC

An administrator needs to access Avaya Orchestrator.
How does an administrator log into the management interface of Avaya Orchestrator?

  • A. By using a browser to login to System Manager, then clicking on the Avaya Orchestrator link.
  • B. By using a browser to login to Avaya Orchestrator's FQDN or IP address.
  • C. By downloading and using the System Manager Administrator client.
  • D. By downloading and using the Avaya Orchestrator Administrator client.

Answer: B

When a new instance and new VMs are added to ACP 4200, additional VLANs are added to the ACP 4200. To what are these VLANs added?

  • A. The VSP Switches only.
  • B. The ESXi Hosts only.
  • C. The VSP Switches and ESXi Hosts.
  • D. The VSP Switches, the ESXi Hosts, and the existing VMs.

Answer: C


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