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2021 Mar 642-997 exam answers

Q41. Refer to the exhibit. 

This multilayer Cisco Nexus switch had been the active virtual gateway for Group 1 before it became temporarily unavailable. What will happen to GLBP Group 1 when this device becomes available again? 

A. The currently active router remains active. 

B. It depends on the priority value that is configured active on the router. 

C. The Cisco Nexus switch becomes the active virtual gateway after 600 seconds. 

D. It depends on the weighting values that are configured active on the router. 



Ethernet interface 1/5 on Cisco Nexus 5548 is connected to Cisco UCS C220 rack server. What is the status of Ethernet 1/5 interface for FCoE functionality? 

A. Interface reset on Ethernet 1/5 is preventing the FCoE connection from coming up 

B. MTU size of 1500 on Ethernet interface 1/5 needs to be changed for FCoE to come UP 

C. Cisco Nexus 5548 needs a layer 3 daughter card for FCoE to come UP on the Ethernet interface 1/5 

D. Ethernet interface 1/5 is operational for FCoE and the status is UP 


Q43. Which statement about core-edge SAN topology is true? 

A. Converged FCoE links connect the core and edge MDS switches. 

B. The SAN core connects to the network aggregation layer. 

C. Separate links with the same I/O are used for SAN and LAN traffic. 

D. Storage devices are accessed via FCoE over the LAN network. 


Q44. Which two statements about Cisco Nexus 7000 line cards are true? (Choose two.) 

A. M1, M2, and F1 cards are allowed in the same VDC. 

B. M line cards are service-oriented and likely face the access layer and provide Layer 2 connectivity. 

C. F line cards are performance-oriented and likely connect northbound to the core layer for Layer 3 connectivity. 

D. M line cards support Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 with large forwarding tables and a rich feature set. 

E. The F2 line card must reside in the admin VDC. 

Answer: AD 

Up to the immediate present 642-997 simulations:


What is the status of FCoE license on Cisco Nexus 5548 switch? 

A. FCoE license is not installed 

B. FCoE license is installed, but it is expired 

C. FCoE license is installed and status is enabled 

D. FCoE license does not need to be installed because it is part of ENTERPRISE_PKG 


Q46. Which Cisco Nexus feature is best managed with DCNM-SAN? 


B. domain parameters 

C. virtual switches 



Q47. Which item represents the process that allows FCoE multihop using T11 standard FC-BB-5? 

A. distributed FCF 

B. FIP proxy 

C. N Port proxy 

D. FIP snooping 


Q48. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which three statements about the Cisco Nexus 7000 switch are true? (Choose three.) 

A. An emulated switch ID must be unique when the vPC+ feature is used. 

B. Switches with FabricPath and vPC+ consume two switch IDs. 

C. Emulated switch IDs must be numbered from 1 to 99. 

D. Each switch ID must be unique in the FabricPath topology. 

E. Switch IDs must be configured manually. 

Answer: BDE