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Online 640-911 free questions and answers of New Version:

What is the acronym expansion of the UDLD feature of Cisco Nexus Operating System?

  • A. UniDirectional Link Detection
  • B. Unified Data Link Distribution
  • C. Unified Data Loss Detection
  • D. Unified Directional Link Distribution
  • E. Unidirectional Data Loss Detection

Answer: A

Explanation: "Unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD) is a data link layer protocol from Cisco Systems to monitor the physical configuration of the cables and detect unidirectional links." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unidirectional_Link_Detection

A network engineer needs to change the boot process of a router from a normal boot sequence, for password recovery purposes. Which value should be changed on the router?

  • A. configuration register value
  • B. NVRAM size value
  • C. startup configuration value
  • D. IOS version value

Answer: A

On which device would a VLAN be configured?

  • A. Router
  • B. Repeater
  • C. Hub
  • D. Switch
  • E. Gateway

Answer: D

You are designing a network that provides FCoE, FabricPath, OTV, and Layer 3 functionalities. Which device can perform these functionalities?

  • A. Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Switches
  • B. Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches
  • C. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches
  • D. Cisco ASR 1001 Router

Answer: B

What are four security features that are included in Cisco Nexus Operating System? (Choose four.)

  • A. Cisco TrustSec
  • B. IEEE 802.1Qau
  • C. CoPP
  • D. port security
  • E. PIM
  • F. SSL VPN
  • G. IPsec VPN
  • H. ACLs

Answer: ACDH

Explanation: https://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/switches/ps9441/ps9402/ps9512/brochure_cisco_nexus_7000_series_security_features.pdf

0.0.0 - (10/8 prefix) - (172.16/12 prefix) - (192.168/16 prefix)"

5. What is the minimum number of fabric modules that should be installed in the Cisco Nexus 7000 chassis for N 1 redundancy using M1-Series line card?

  • A. 3
  • B. 4
  • C. 5
  • D. 6

Answer: B

Explanation: Decimal 1816
Binary 11100011000
Hexadecimal 0x718 Roman MDCCCXVI Dotted decimal

8. What does RFC 4193 define?
A. IPv6 private network address space
B. IPv4 private network address space
C. unique local address
D. link-local address
Answer: A

9. Refer to the exhibit.
640-911 dumps exhibit
In which two ways does the routing table direct traffic? (Choose two.)
A. The router receives a default route via a dynamic routing protocol.
B. is the IP address of a local interface.
C. is the IP address of the neighbor router that is locally connected.
D. is the IP address of the directly connected neighbor.
E. The gateway of last resort is statically configured.
Answer: A,B

10. At which layer in the OSI stack does the Hypertext Transfer Protocol operate?
A. Layer 1
B. Layer 2
C. Layer 3
D. Layer 4
E. Layer 5
F. Layer 6
G. Layer 7
Answer: G

Which two commands would you use to erase the Cisco Nexus Operation System configuration and return the switch to factory defaults? (Choose two.)

  • A. nexus# write erase boot
  • B. nexus# erase configuration
  • C. nexus# erase running-configuration
  • D. nexus# erase startup-configuration
  • E. nexus# reboot
  • F. nexus# reload
  • G. nexus# shutdown

Answer: AF

Which statement describes the purpose of the MAC address forwarding table of a switch?

  • A. The switch consults the forwarding table to determine the best route to a destination.
  • B. The switch consults the forwarding table to determine the output port.
  • C. The switch consults the forwarding table to determine if the packet is routable.
  • D. The switch consults the forwarding table to determine if access control permits the packet.

Answer: B

Which option includes the two devices that can be connected when a Cisco Fabric Extender Transceiver is used?

  • A. Server to Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extender
  • B. Server to Cisco Nexus 5010 Switch
  • C. Server to Cisco Nexus 5548 Switch
  • D. Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extender to Cisco Nexus 5500 Switch

Answer: D

Where does Cisco Nexus Operating System store the running configuration file?

  • A. RAM
  • B. flash
  • C. bootflash
  • D. volatile
  • E. NVRAM

Answer: A

Explanation: "The "running-config" file is stored in RAM."
http://www.omnisecu.com/cisco-certified-network-associate-ccna/cisco-router- configuration-files.php

What is the maximum distance that is supported by Cisco passive Twinax cables?

  • A. 3 m
  • B. 4 m
  • C. 5 m
  • D. 10 m

Answer: C

What is the maximum distance that is supported between two devices that are connected via Cisco Fabric Extender Transceivers?

  • A. 50 m
  • B. 75 m
  • C. 100 m
  • D. 150 m

Answer: C

An engineer has implemented EIGRP in the data center with a large OSPF routed environment. All EIGRP routes were functioning properly until enabling EIGRP route summarization. Legacy OSPF routes are now being used for route selection. Why have the routes changed?

  • A. EIGRP summary routes have a higher administrative distance than EIGRP specific routes
  • B. reduce the administrative distance for the EIGRP summarized routes
  • C. OSPF has a more specific route with EIGRP summarization enabled
  • D. increase the administrative distance for the OSPF route process
  • E. modify the bandwidth and delay metrics to be preferential over OSPF

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. What will the two resulting tables be on R1 after traffic has successfully passed between Server-1 and PC-A? (Choose two.)
640-911 dumps exhibit

  • A. The IP address and MAC of Server-1 will be associated with R1 interface Eth0.
  • B. The IP address and MAC of PC-A will be associated with R1 interface Eth1.
  • C. The IP address of Server-1 and MAC address of SW1 interface E1/1 will be associated with R1 interface Eth0.
  • D. The IP address of PC-A and MAC address of SW2 interface E1/48 will be associated with R1 interface Eth1.
  • E. The IP address of Server-1 and MAC address of SW1 interface E1/13 will be associated with R1 interface Eth0.
  • F. The IP address of PC-A and MAC address of SW2 interface E1/9 will be associated with R1 interface Eth1.

Answer: AB

In which Cisco IOS mode of a Cisco router could an engineer issue show commands for verification purposes?

  • A. enable EXEC mode
  • B. user EXEC mode
  • C. global configuration mode
  • D. interface level mode

Answer: A

What option tests hardware to verify that all components of the device are operational and present?

  • A. NVRAM
  • B. POST
  • C. BIOS
  • D. Bootstrap

Answer: B

Which option is an example of a link-state routing protocol?

  • A. EIGRP
  • B. RIP
  • C. OSPF
  • D. ARP

Answer: C

Explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link-state_routing_protocol
"A link-state routing protocol is one of the two main classes of routing protocols used in packet switching networks for computer communications (the other is the distance-vector routing protocol). Examples of link state routing protocols include open shortest path first (OSPF) and intermediate system to intermediate system (IS-IS)."

What is the maximum distance for 100Base-TX?

  • A. 10m
  • B. 100m
  • C. 400m
  • D. 500m

Answer: B

Which two options are multicast addresses? (Choose two.)

  • A.
  • B. FF05::2
  • C.
  • D.
  • E. FF05:0001:0:0:0:0:0:BAC0
  • F. FD00::2

Answer: AB

Which network topology is most closely associated with classical CSMA/CD?

  • A. bus
  • B. token passing bus
  • C. star
  • D. extended star
  • E. ring

Answer: A

Explanation: "For the bus topology, the "classical" access methods are the CSMA/CD.." http://books.google.com/books?id=tmJzufisExQC&pg=PA39&lpg=PA39&dq=classic+CSM A/CD+bus+topology&source=bl&ots=b1L_uaAcVR&sig=Tx8zfIavph8RFr9N5n5EDv2WZZo
&hl=ru&sa=X&ei=jnDmUsTTD4no4gSd_oGwCw&ved=0CCwQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=cl assic%20CSMA%2FCD%20bus%20topology&f=false

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