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Q11. Which statement about wireless LAN security in a Cisco Unified Wireless Network VoWLAN deployment is false? 

A. EAP-FAST, if available, is the recommended EAP type for use in VoWLAN deployments. 

B. Although LEAP is considered secure for VoWLAN handsets when correctly deployed, it is recommended that a different EAP method (FAST, PEAP, TLS) is used, if available. 

C. Dynamic WEP mitigates the security weaknesses in static WEP, making it a viable option that can be relied upon to secure a VoWLAN deployment. 

D. When using EAP authentication, the EAP-Request timeout value should be adjusted based only on the advice of the VoWLAN handset vendor. 

E. When using WPA Personal, strong keys should be used to avoid a dictionary attack. 



Drag and drop the characteristic on the left to the appropriate EAP type on the right. 



Q13. Which mechanism incorporates the channel capacity into the CAC determination And gives a much more accurate assessment of the current Call-carrying capacity of the AP ? 

A. Expedited bandwidth 

B. Admission control 

C. Reserved roaming bandwidth(%) 

D. Load-based AC 

E. Max RF bandwidth(%) 

F. Metrics collection 


Q14. RX-SOP is configured for SGHz radio with value set as "High Threshold". Which two clients will associate to the AP? (Choose Two) 

A. client with RSSI-75 dBm 

B. client with RSSI-79d8m 

C. client with RSSI-77dBm 

D. client with RSSI-73dBm 

Answer: A, D 

Q15. Which two Characteristic of U-APSD are true ?(Chosse two) 

A. U-APSD is enabled automatically when WMM is enabled 

B. In addition to extending battery life, U-APSD increases the latency of the traffic flow delivered over the wireless media 

C. U-APSD is configured on the access point switch port and supports the Power over Ethernet feature D. (Unscheduled automatic power save delivery) U-APSD is a Qos facility defined in IEEE 802.11e that extends the battery life of mobile clients 

Answer: A, D 

Q16. Exhibit 

A. The "Client Session" report 802.11and security statics 

B. The "Client Count" report d1splay the total number of active clients on the network 

C. The "Busiest Clients" report dose include autonomous clients 

D. The "Client Count" report include clients to autonomous c1sco ISO APs. 

Answer: B, D 

Q17. Exhibit 

Which AAA attribute is not used by the Cisco WLC running AireOS 8.0 ? 

A. Tunnel-Pnvate-Group-10 

B. Tunnel-Type 

C. Airespace-QOS-Level 



Q18. What happen if a new MAC address is learned on fast Ethernet 5/1? 

A. The port goes into error-disabled state 

B. The port switch state to administratively down 

C. The port forward traffic from the newly learned MAC 

D. The port remain up only traffic from the newly learned MAC is blocked 


Q19. You want to set up Prime infrastructure to be notified when a device configuration has changed. Which option is available in prime infrastructure 2.2 ? 

A. Set up prime infrastructure to send an email containing the device configuration change(s} on regularly scheduled. 

B. Set up prime Infrastructure to send an email containing the change audit report immediately after the configuration change is detected 

C. Set up prime infrastructure to send an email containing the change audit report on a regular scheduled basis 

D. Set up prime infrastructure to send an email containing the configuration change(s) immediately after the configuration change is detected. 


Q20. Your customer needs the list of all the guest client that connected to Wi-Fi successfully but have not yet authenticated. The customer decides to create an advanced filter in Cisco Pounder monitor >client and user which two conditions should be included in the filter? (Choose two) 

A. PEM state =WebauthReqD 

B. On Network= Yes 

C. Status =Associated 

D. Type =Lightweight client 

Answer: C, D