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Which three products are part of the Cisco Virtual Application Container Service? (Choose three)

  • A. Cisco Nexus 9000
  • B. Cisco Nexus 1000v
  • C. Application Policy Infrastructure Controller
  • D. Cisco Prime Network Services Controller
  • E. Cisco ASR 1000 Router
  • F. Cisco Virtual Security Gateway

Answer: BDF

Which two options are common PTP device types? (Choose two)

  • A. transparent clock
  • B. sundials
  • C. crystal clock
  • D. network clock
  • E. boundary clock

Answer: AE

When designing a FabricPath environment, which option is considered best practice for interface
connection type between a set of leaf and spine nodes?

  • A. routed interface
  • B. port channel
  • C. single interfaces
  • D. virtual port channel
  • E. routed port channel

Answer: B

Which option lists key Cisco TrustSec architecture components?

  • A. permit,deny,log
  • B. classify,mark,deny
  • C. authentication,authorization,access control
  • D. identity,enforcement,authentication

Answer: C

How do you manually configure a vNIC MAC address?

  • A. Modify the adapter policy
  • B. Use the set identity dynamic-mac command
  • C. Modify the dynamic vNIC connection policy
  • D. Use the mac-address-table static command

Answer: B

Which two statements about the configuration of APIC in the ACL Fabric are true?

  • A. Cluster controllers added to the APIC be running the same version ot firmware
  • B. When performing planned changes to the cluster, at least one controller in the cluster must be healthy
  • C. Commissioning an APIC can be done via the APIC IU, but decommissioning an APIC must be done using CLI
  • D. An APIC cluster is comprised of multiple controllers that provide monitoring, diagnostic, and confiquration capability
  • E. APIC cluster size is set during the initial setup stri
  • F. And after it configured it requiresa nondisruptive re-initialization of the APIC cluster to change

Answer: AD

Which three connection modes are valid when using Cisco RISE? (Choose three)

  • A. LB connect mode
  • B. Round-robin connect mode
  • C. vPC connect mode
  • D. direct connect mode
  • E. indirect connect mode
  • F. PC connect mode

Answer: CDE


Which two actions must occur for an APIC to be discovered successfully into a new ACI fabric? (choose two)

  • A. LLDP must be disabled on the virtual interface card of theAPIC
  • B. LLDP must be enabled on the virtual interface card ofthe APIC
  • C. The controller must be discovered automatically
  • D. A BIOS password must be set
  • E. The fabric controller target size must be equal to or greater than the number ofAPICs

Answer: AE

Which language is used to write Cloupia Script?

  • A. Python
  • B. Java
  • C. JavaScript
  • D. Cisco UCS Director Macro Language

Answer: C

Drag and drop the best five fundamentals that have proven to enable real world loT successes in innovative companies from the left to the right (in no particular order). Not all options are used
400-151 dumps exhibit


    Explanation: Shift to Service Use the cloud Plan to Scale Automate
    Follow Industry best practices

    Which statistic classes can be used to define a threshold policy for a compute resource? (Choose two)

    • A. Ethernet port CRC stats
    • B. Memory failures
    • C. Processor runtime
    • D. Ethernet port stats
    • E. Processor lock ups

    Answer: CD


    You must send an email after Cisco UCS Director completes a particular operation. Which two steps
    to implement this functionality are most appropriate? (Choose two.)

    • A. Use WebSockets and subscribe to events from Cisco UCS Director.
    • B. Configure Mail Setup in Cisco UCS Director Administration > System settings.
    • C. Implement Python code in the workflow to send an email.
    • D. Use Cloupia Script to send an email.
    • E. Write the appropriate method in XML and pass the email parameters to it.

    Answer: BD

    vPC+ is configured between two Cisco Nexus 5600 Servers Switches. Which type of VLANS can be added to a trunk on a vPC port Channel?

    • A. Native VLANs only
    • B. Classical Ethernet VLANs only
    • C. FabricPath VLANs only
    • D. Only FabricPath encapsulated frames can be sent out of the interface

    Answer: C

    What is the recommended monitoring threshold for Memory in Cloud Center platform?

    • A. Free memory is less than 10% on a regular basis
    • B. Free memory is less than 15% on a regular basis
    • C. Free memory is less than 5% on a regular basis
    • D. Free memory is less than 25% on a regular basis
    • E. Free memory is less than 20% on a regular basis

    Answer: A

    Refer to the exhibit.
    400-151 dumps exhibit
    Which statement about VPC member ports on this switch is true?

    • A. VPC port status remains unchanged
    • B. VPC ports are error disabled
    • C. Only orphan ports stay operational
    • D. VPC ports are suspended

    Answer: A

    Refer to the exhibit.
    400-151 dumps exhibit
    Which two statements about the health of the displayed tenant are true?
    (Choose two)

    • A. The current health score is good and indicates that all EPGs of this tenant are deployed.
    • B. The tenant health score has not changed over displayed period of time.
    • C. The health score is good, but further investigation is needed to determine the health of the EPGs
    • D. faults directly related to this tenant caused by access pohcies must be viewed in the Fabnc > Access polices tab

    Answer: BC

    An administrator is replacing an IOM. The failed IOM is in chassis 1 and was connected to FI-B. the replacement IOM has an older version of software to the fabric interconnect. Which description is the correct process to bring the replacement IOM into the environment?

    • A. Install the replacement IOM and connect a single cabl
    • B. Monitor the software auto-upgrade using the show fexdetall command from Cisco NX OS CL
    • C. Connect the remaining cables when the upgrade is complete.
    • D. Install replacement IOM and connect all cable
    • E. Monitor the software auto-upgrade using the show fex detall command from Cisco NX OS CLI.
    • F. Downgrade the fabric interconnect to match the IOM versio
    • G. Connect all cables and bring the IOM onlin
    • H. Upgrade the fabric interconnect and IOM to match the system.
    • I. Install the replacement IOM and connect a single cabl
    • J. Perform a firmware update of IOM, then activate with the matching code for fabric interconnect Reackonwledge the chassis.
    • K. Decommission the chassi
    • L. Install the replacement IOM and connect all cable
    • M. Perform a firmware update of IOM the activate with the matching code for the fabric interconnect Reackonwledge the chassis.

    Answer: B

    Which description of how to enable the Flex Flash Controller auto-sync function on the B200M4 blade is true?

    • A. Configure a storage policy for FX3S
    • B. Configure a storage connection policy to use auto-sync
    • C. Configure a local disk policy for FlexFlash
    • D. Enable auto-sync in the servers > inventory > storage subtab

    Answer: D

    Explanation: 1_chapter_01011.pdf

    Which four types of tables does Cisco vPathmaintain?Which are crucial for its operations toclassify
    and redirect traffic flows to enforce service policies?

    • A. service table
    • B. forwarding table
    • C. flow table
    • D. adjacency table
    • E. group table
    • F. path table
    • G. service node table
    • H. MAC table

    Answer: ACFG

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