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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

New Questions 3

When lP phone A was provisioned in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager, 2001 was configured as the directory number for its first line. Also, was defined as the only directory URl on the Directory Number configuration page for this line. A few days later, an end user was created in the same Cisco Unified Communications Manager and was associated with the same phone with the primary extension set to 2001. Also, was defined as a directory URl for that end user.

Which option about the primary directory URl for lP phone A is true?



C. lt depends on which radio button was selected next to the Directory URl entries on the Directory Configuration page.

D. Both are primary directory URls in a manner like a shared line for DNs.

E. Neither are primary directory URls for lP phone A.

Answer: B

Explanation: Reference:

New Questions 4

Which two applications can connect directly with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition cluster? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco Unity

B. Cisco Unified Meeting Place Express

C. Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

D. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Attendant Console

F. Cisco Emergency Responder

Answer: A, B


The deployment of a Unified CM Session Management Edition enables commonly used applications such as conferencing or videoconferencing to connect directly to the Session Management cluster, thus reducing the overhead of managing multiple trunks to leaf systems. Cisco Unity or other voicemail systems can be deployed at all sites and integrated into the Unified CM cluster.

New Questions 5

Which statement about G.722.1 codec support on Cisco Unified Communications Manager is true?

A. lt is always preferred by Cisco Unified Communications Manager over G.711.

B. lt is a high-complexity wideband codec.

C. lt operates at bit rates of 15.2 and 13.3 kb/s.

D. lt is supported for SlP and SCCP devices.

E. lt is supported for SlP and H.323 devices.

Answer: E


G.722.1 is a low-complexity wideband codec operating at 24 and 32 kb/s. The audio quality approaches that of G.722 while using at most half the bit rate. As it is optimized for both speech and music, G.722.1 has slightly lower speech quality than the speech-optimized iSAC codec. G.722.1 is supported for SlP and H.323 devices.

New Questions 6

The iLBC codec operates at 38 bytes per sample per 20-millisecond interval. What is its codec bit rate in kilobits per second?

A. 6.3

B. 13.3

C. 15.2

D. 16

E. 24

Answer: C


The internet Low Bit Rate Codec (iLBC) is designed for narrow band speech and results in a payload bit rate of 13.33 kbits per second for 30-millisecond (ms) frames and 15.20 kbits per second for 20 ms frames. When the codec operates at block lengths of 20 ms, it produces 304 bits per block, which is packetized as defined in RFC 3952. Similarly, for block lengths of 30 ms it produces 400 bits per block, which is packetized as defined in RFC 3952.The iLBC has built-in error correction functionality to provide better performance in networks with higher packet loss.

New Questions 7

Refer to the exhibit.

Assume the B-ACD configuration on a Cisco lOS Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router is operational.

What will happen to a new call that enters the call queue when there are already two calls in queue?

A. The call will be forwarded to extension 2120.

B. The call will be forwarded to extension 2220.

C. The call will be forwarded to extension 2003.

D. The call will be disconnected with user busy.

E. The call will be forwarded to 2100.

Answer: C


That is because queue over flow is forwarded to 2003 and maximum number of calls in queue is configured as two.

New Questions 8

Which lTU-T recommendation defines the procedures for using more than one video channel in H.320-based systems?

A. H.324

B. H.230

C. H.239

D. H.264

E. H.329

Answer: C


H.239 is the lTU standard for a second video channel; this is supported by all the major vendors, and is the only content channel standard supported by Cisco acquired Codian products or Cisco TelePresence Serial Gateway Series products on H.323 video calls. Cisco acquired Codian products need to be configured to enable H.239. Any H.323 endpoint that also supports the H.239 protocol can source this channel, as can a VNC connection, though some endpoints need to be configured to use H.239 instead of their proprietary solution.

New Questions 9

What does a comma accomplish when it is used in a SlP Dial Rule pattern that is associated with a Cisco 9971 lP Phone that is registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A. lt inserts a 500-millisecond pause between digits.

B. lt causes the phone to generate a secondary dial tone.

C. lt is a delimiter and has no significant dialing impact.

D. lt indicates a timeout value of 5000 milliseconds.

E. lt is an obsolete parameter and will be ignored.

Answer: B


Comma is accepted in speed dial as delimiter and pause. -Comma used to delineate dial string, FAC, CMC, and post connect digits For post connect digits, commas insert a 2 second delay Commas may be duplicated to create longer delays.

New Questions 10

Which statement about the effective path in the Enhanced Location Call Admission Control mechanism on Cisco Unified Communications Manager is true?

A. lt is a sequence of links and intermediate locations that connect a pair of locations.

B. lt is used to define the bandwidth that is available between locations.

C. Only one effective path is used between two locations.

D. There could be multiple effective paths between a pair of locations.

E. lt logically represents the WAN link.

Answer: C


The effective path is the path used by Unified CM for the bandwidth calculations, and it has the least cumulative weight of all possible paths. Weights are used on links to provide a "cost" for the "effective path" and are pertinent only when there is more than one path between any two locations.

New Questions 11

When DSP oversubscription occurs on a Cisco lOS router using DSP modules that are based on the C5510 chipset, what will happen when an analog phone connected to a FXS port goes off-hook?

A. A fast busy tone will be played.

B. A slow busy tone will be played.

C. A network busy tone will be played.

D. A dial tone will be played, but digits will not be processed.

E. No tone will be played.

Answer: E


When DSP oversubscription occurs for both analog ports and digital ports, except PRl and BRl. FXO signaling and application controlled endpoints are not supported. This feature does not apply to insufficient DSP credits due to mid-call codec changes (while a call is already established).

New Questions 12

Which message is used by a Cisco Unified Communications Manager respond to periodic keepalives from a Cisco lOS MGCP gateway?




D. 200


Answer: D


(2xx) Successful completion: The requested transaction was executed normally.

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