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Where would you find the workitem.xml file located after deploying a virtual machine with the guest agent installed in a vRealize Automation Linux blueprint?

  • A. /usr/share/gugent/site
  • B. /tmp
  • C. /var/share/gugent
  • D. /opt/vmware-appdirector/agent

Answer: A

Why would a user see a catalog item without seeing any other items in the service assigned to that item?

  • A. The service does NOT include the item.
  • B. There are no actions assigned to the entitlement.
  • C. The user's entitlement does NOT include the service.
  • D. The blueprint has NOT been publishe

Answer: C

Which two requirements allow vRealize Automation to integrate with vCloud Air via web proxy? (Choose two.)

  • A. DEM Worker is configured for internet access via the proxy.
  • B. vCloud Air endpoint has been configured to use the DEM worker set as the proxy.
  • C. vCloud Air endpoint has been configured to use the proxy server hostname.
  • D. vCloud Air proxy agent is configured for internet access.

Answer: CD

Which two options are supported for the laaS database in a minimal deployment of vRealize Automation? (Choose two.)
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  • A. Microsoft SQL Server installed on the IaaS server
  • B. Microsoft SQL Server installed on an external server
  • C. PostgreSQL Server installed on an external server
  • D. PostgreSQL Server installed on an IaaS server

Answer: AB

What role must an administrator use when adding a third party Identity Provider to vRealize Automation?

  • A. System Administrator
  • B. Business Group Administrator
  • C. IaaS Administrator
  • D. Tenant Administrator

Answer: D

What is a custom resource?

  • A. Custom resources are new provisioned items that attach to a service.
  • B. Custom resources configure post-provisioning operations that users can perform on provisioned items.
  • C. Custom resources are a type of provisioned item mapped to an existing vRealize Orchestrator object type.
  • D. Custom resources configure the properties of blueprints using VMware vSphere endpoint

Answer: B

While attempting to create a nested blueprint, a software architect is unable to locate the child blueprint under Blueprints in the Design Canvas.
What would be a possible reason for this?

  • A. The child blueprint is NOT entitled.
  • B. The child blueprint is created as a private blueprint.
  • C. The child blueprint is unpublished.
  • D. The child blueprint is NOT marked as a componen

Answer: A

What is the vRealise Orchestrator Plug-In installer file extension?

  • A. .vro
  • B. .exe
  • C. .dat
  • D. .vmoapp

Answer: D

An approval policy has been created for use with a catalog item named CentOSWeb. The item is assigned to the LinuxServers service which is included in the current entitlement. The approval policy should NOT be triggered for any of the other current or future items in the LinuxServers service.
Which three steps would assign the approval policy to the CentOSWeb item and produce the minimum number of entitlements? (Choose three.)

  • A. Create a new entitlement.
  • B. Confirm that the entitlement is active.
  • C. Add the CentOSWeb item to the entitlement under Entitled Items.
  • D. Add the approval policy to the CentOSWeb item.
  • E. Add the LinuxServers service under Entitled Service

Answer: BCD

Which messaging system does the vRealize Automation Event Broker System use?

  • A. JBoss Messaging
  • B. OpenJMS
  • C. RabbitMQ
  • D. ActiveMQ

Answer: C

Which vRealize Automation role has permissions to create Custom Groups?

  • A. Fabric Administrator
  • B. Business Group Manager
  • C. Tenant Administrator
  • D. Catalog Administrator

Answer: C

What would an administrator use to associate a vRealize Automation catalog resource type with a vRealize Orchestrator inventory type for managing resources provisioned outside of XaaS?

  • A. A custom entitlement.
  • B. A custom action.
  • C. A resource mapping.
  • D. A custom resource.

Answer: C

Explanation: Reference https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Automation/7.4/com.vmware.vra.prepare.use.doc/GUID-EB44B4B4- 0A6

How would an administrator allow an approver to modify a request?

  • A. Create a custom XaaS form and assign it to the approval policy.
  • B. Apply a custom property to the approval for the desired attribute.
  • C. Use a custom action to enable the feature for the approving user.
  • D. Add a custom property to the virtual machine blueprint specifying the approve

Answer: B

A user's computer is hardwired to the company network.
Which authentication method must an administrator use in accordance with the vRealize Automation Access Policy?
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  • A. A securID code
  • B. A password
  • C. The Adaptive Authentication answers
  • D. A certificate must be on the computer

Answer: D

What is one reason provisioning would fail when deploying a catalog item with nested blueprints using cloned virtual machines?

  • A. One of the approvers has NOT responded to the approval request.
  • B. The entitlement does NOT have the nested blueprint as one of the entitled items.
  • C. The virtual machine template used in the nested blueprint does NOT exist in any of the reservations for that user.
  • D. The template virtual machine has more snapshots than vRealize Automation allow

Answer: C

What is a requirement for successfully using a reservation policy in a blueprint when provisioning machines?

  • A. The reservation policy is assigned to the blueprint author.
  • B. The reservation policy is assigned to a reservation.
  • C. The reservation policy is assigned to a fabric group.
  • D. The reservation policy is assigned to the tenan

Answer: B

Which option would explain why an error message is displayed when the vRealize Automation Software architect attempts to add the Load Init Data software component?
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  • A. The software component has syntax errors.
  • B. The software component is NOT published.
  • C. The software component's container is NOT properly defined.
  • D. The software component action has an incorrect script typ

Answer: C

Which two statements must be true for a functional vSphere Endpoint in vRealize Automation? (Choose two.)

  • A. A vSphere proxy agent must be installed.
  • B. The vSphere Plug-In must be installed in vRealize Orchestrator.
  • C. A vRealize Automation Plug-In must be installed and configured
  • D. The endpoint name in vRA must match the endpoint name provided to the vSphere proxy agen

Answer: AD

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