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Q61. An administrator finds that some desktop pools fail to report metrics back to vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon, while other desktops are reporting metrics as expected.

Which condition could cause this behavior?

A. The vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon server is not paired with a View Connection server.

B. The vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon adapter is running version 1.0.1.

C. HKLMSOFTWAREVMware, Inc.vCenter Operations ManagerClient is disabled.

D. The vCenter Operations Manager agent is disabled in the virtual desktops.

Answer: D

Q62. An administrator is configuring a group of desktops that will be accessed via the PCoIP display protocol across a WAN link.

Which two settings should the administrator apply to minimize bandwidth usage? (Choose two.)

A. Lower the Maximum Frame Rate

B. Raise the Maximum Frame Rate

C. Disable the Turn off Build-to-Lossless feature

D. Enable the Turn off Build-to-Lossless feature

Answer: A,D

Q63. An administrator deployed a linked-clone pool with virtual desktops running Windows XP for a branch office. The Active Directory server supporting the office is a Windows Server 2008 Read Only Domain Controller (RODC). The administrator makes the following changes to Sysprep:

✑ Join the Domain

✑ Use the Virtual Machine name for the NetBIOS name

When the administrator attempts to provision the desktops using View Composer, the following error message is displayed:

View Composer agent initialization state error (18): Failed to join the domain (waited 565 seconds)

What should the administrator do to provision the virtual desktops?

A. Configure the desktop pool to use Quickprep instead of Sysprep to provision the Linked Clones.

B. Log in to the parent virtual machine and apply the RODC compatibility update for XP. Take a new snapshot and recompose the pool.

C. Configure the virtual desktops to synchronize time from another domain controller that is available on the network.

D. Log in to the parent virtual machine and reinstall the View Agent. Take a new snapshot and recompose the pool.

Answer: B

Q64. An organization has deployed a View environment. Users need to connect USB devices to their View sessions.

✑ All client endpoints are Windows 7 thin clients.

✑ A firewall is in place through which all network traffic flows.

✑ All Windows patches are up to date on guest virtual machines and endpoints.

Users report that USB devices are not connecting to the View sessions when they are plugged in to the thin clients.

What are two reasons that could cause this behavior? (Choose two.)

A. TCP port 9427 is closed on the firewall.

B. TCP port 32111 is closed on the firewall.

C. Windows Mobile Device Center is preventing USB redirection.

D. USB redirection drivers on the guest virtual machine are missing or disabled.

Answer: B,D

Q65. A View environment includes a View Connection Server and View Security Server.

The View Connection Server has the following configuration:

✑ DNSName:

✑ IP Address:

The View Security Server has the following configuration:


✑ IP Address:

An administrator needs to set up View to allow external access for the users via PCoIP. Which option represents the format in which information must be entered into the External

URL field of the security server in View Administrator?





Answer: A

Q66. An administrator increases the number of virtual desktops in a desktop pool and finds that the provisioning task fails with an error. The error indicates that an Active Directory object already exists with the name of the virtual machine being created.

After reviewing the error, the administrator checks the inventory of the pool and finds that there are two virtual machines with the same name in the inventory list.

What is causing the issue?

A. The naming pattern configured for the pool has been modified since the pool was created.

B. The Computer Account in Active Directory was moved out of the Organization Unit in which it was created.

C. An existing virtual machine with the same name was moved out of the desktop pool folder in vCenter Server.

D. The Allow re-use of pre-existing computer accounts setting is selected in the pool settings.

Answer: C