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Q1. In addition to the default user attributes, which specific Active Directory attribute is required for integrating View with Workspace Portal?

A. User Distinguished Name

B. SAMAccountName

C. SAMAccountType

D. User Principal Name

Answer: D

Q2. An administrator has completed upgrading the View pods in two datacenters to Horizon 6. To facilitate the new Continuity of Operations initiative, the administrator needs to implement global entitlements via the new Cloud Pod Architecture.

Which capability of the administrator's current environment is incompatible with Cloud Pod Architecture?

A. Dedicated Full Clone Pools

B. HTML Access

C. ThinApp Entitlements

D. Persona Management

Answer: B

Q3. An administrator is building a parent virtual machine for a View desktop pool and needs to enable users to log onto the virtual desktops.

To which group should the administrator assign the users?

A. Global Terminal Server Users group

B. Local Remote Desktop Users group

C. Local Terminal Server Users group

D. Global Remote Desktop Users group

Answer: B

Q4. An administrator is building a new View parent image to boot the operating system (OS) from an .ISO file that is loaded with the virtual machine's CD-ROM. When the virtual machine boots, the .ISO does not load and instead, attempts a PXE boot.

What should the administrator verify the CD-ROM is set to in order to correct this issue?

A. is set to Emulate IDE.

B. is set to Connect at Power On.

C. is set to Device Type - Client Device.

D. is set to Device Type - Host Device.

Answer: B

Q5. An administrator experiences a system failure on the vCenter Server during a Linked-Clone recompose operation.

Which two methods should the administrator use to resolve the unsuccessful recompose operation? (Choose two.)

A. Select a new snapshot and then recompose once more.

B. Delete the failed snapshot and then recompose once more.

C. Delete the failed snapshot, create a new snapshot, and then recompose once more.

D. Select the snapshot that was used in the last successful recomposition and then recompose once more.

Answer: A,D

Q6. A View environment includes a View Connection Server and View Security Server.

The View Connection Server has the following configuration:

✑ DNSName: view.company.com

✑ IP Address:

The View Security Server has the following configuration:

✑   DNSName:security.company.com

✑ IP Address:

An administrator needs to set up View to allow external access for users via PCoIP.

Which option represents the format in which information must be entered into the PCoIP External URL field in View Administrator?

A. https://security.company.com:443



D. security.company.com:4172

Answer: C

Q7. An organization has the following desktops:

✑ 100 Windows XP SP3 physical desktops

✑ 25 Windows 7 32-bit desktops

✑ 25 Windows 7 64-bit desktops

The organization has mandated that all existing desktops are backed up and then migrated to Windows 7. An administrator has already performed the following tasks:

✑ Configured User State Migration Tool (USMT)

✑ Performed desktop centralization of all the Windows XP SP3 desktops

✑ Performed desktop centralization of all the Windows 7 32-bit desktops

✑ Captured Base Windows 7 32-bit OS layer

✑ Created Office 2010 App Layer

What must the administrator do next to fulfill the stated requirements?

A. Capture Base Windows 7 64-bit OS layer

B. Deploy Windows 7 32-bit Centralized Virtual Desktop (CVD) to all Windows 7 desktops

C. Create Office 2013 App Layer

D. Perform desktop centralization of all the Windows 7 64-bit desktops

Answer: D

Q8. An administrator identifies PCoIP packet fragmentation on the network. The following items have been discovered:

✑ Network Path Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is 1200

✑ PCoIP Traffic has Quality of Service (QoS)

What should the administrator do?

A. Set router buffers to tail drop.

B. Set router buffers to Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED).

C. Set PCoIP MTU to 1500

D. Set PCoIP MTU to 1100

Answer: D

Q9. An administrator is installing View Connection server and stops at the Authorize a View Administrators account step.

Which user or group is the default suggestion at this stage?

A. The Domain Admins group

B. The local user performing the install

C. The local Administrators group

D. The domain user performing the install

Answer: D

Q10. An administrator is preparing a virtual machine guest OS for a View pool deployment. A security policy requires that non-VMware View Clients must not be able to connect directly to virtual desktops using RDP.

Which configuration option should the administrator choose to meet the requirement?

A. Set Allow users to choose protocol to No

B. Set Default display protocol to PCoIP

C. Set AllowDirectRDP to Disabled

D. Set Default display protocol to RDP

Answer: C