Exam Code: 2V0-651 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: VMware Certified Professional 6 - Desktop and Mobility Beta
Certification Provider: VMware
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Q11. An administrator is granted access to a vCenter Server with a custom Active Directory user account. The user account should have the required permissions for full management of the View environment. However, when the administrator attempts to enable View Storage Accelerator, permission is denied.

Which View privilege within vCenter Server needs to be configured?

A. Storage Views > View

B. Global > Act as vCenter Server

C. Host.Configuration > Advanced settings

D. Virtual Machine.Configuration > Modify device settings

Answer: B

Q12. An administrator is deploying a pool of virtual desktops and receives the following message when testing a desktop connectionfrom a View Client machine:

The Desktop Currently Has No Desktop Sources Available. The administrator has confirmed that:

✑ The desktops are built and are visible in the View Administrator console.

✑ The desktops display a Agent Unreachable status in the View Administrator.

After logging in to the vCenter Server, what should the administrator ensure to troubleshoot the issue?

A. The virtual desktops are powered on.

B. There are no Memory reservations.

C. There are no CPU reservations.

D. The View Composer service is running.

Answer: A

Q13. An administrator enables Persona Management for a desktop pool and leaves the universal naming convention (UNC) path blank in the session variable Persona Repository Location.

What is the likely outcome?

A. The User Profile will not be created.

B. The User Profile will be created but when users log on again their files will not be available.

C. The User Profile Path in Active Directory will be used.

D. The User Profile Path will default to the local My Documents.

Answer: C

Q14. An administrator needs to ensure that the Horizon View environment accounts for single points of failure.

Which  type of server should the administrator install in addition to the Horizon View Connection server?

A. vCenter Operations for Horizon server

B. Security server

C. Replica server

D. Mirage server

Answer: C

Q15. An administrator needs to provide access to a View virtual desktop for users in Domain A and Domain B.

How should the administrator configure the domains and the View implementation?

A. Install a View Connection Server in a resource domain and create a one-way trust to both Domain A and Domain B.

B. Install a View Connection Server in Domain A and create a one-way trust to Domain B.

C. Install a View Connection Server in Domain A and create a two-way trust between Domain A and Domain B.

D. Install a View Connection Server in a resource domain and create a two-way transitive trust between Domain A and Domain B.

Answer: C

Update 2V0-651 vce:

Q16. During the process of pairing a View security server, the administrator aborts the operation and attempts to run the pairing process again. The security server status displayed in the View Administrator dashboard isdown, and remote usersreceivethe following message when attempting to connect:

The View Connection Server authentication failed. No gateway is available to provide a secure connection to a desktop. Contact your network Administrator.

What should the administrator do to resolve the issue?

A. In the View Connection Server instance click More Commands>Specify a Security Server Pairing Password then enter a new password and install the security server again.

B. Run vdmadmin -S security_server_name and then install the security server again.

C. In the View Connection Server instance click More Commands>Specify a Security Server Pairing Passwords then enter a password and restart the View Connection Server service.

D. Run vdmadmin -S security_server_name and restart the View Connection Server service.

Answer: A

Q17. An administrator needs to backup the View LDAP Configuration and View Composer database.

What are three ways this can be accomplished? (Choose three.)

A. Schedule automatic backups by using the View Manager Configuration Backup feature.

B. Initiate a backup immediately by using the Backup Now feature in View Administrator.

C. Use a replicated instance of View Connection Server as the backup.

D. Take a snapshot of the View Connection server.

E. Manually export the View data by using the vdmexport utility.

Answer: A,B,E

Q18. Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator recently updated a linked-clone desktop pool with optimizations to improve performance. After the desktop pool is recomposed, users are unable to connect to their client printers. The administrator examines the services on the desktop, as shown in the exhibit.

Based on the exhibit, which Windows service is causing the client printers to fail to connect to virtual desktops?

A. Desktop Window Manager Session Manager

B. VMware USB Arbitration Service

C. TP AutoConnect Service

D. Windows Firewall

Answer: C

Q19. Several users within a corporation installed a team collaboration utility onto their Mirage- managed systems. The systems became erratic, so they uninstalled the application, but the problem remained.

An administrator needs to repair the users' systems and ensure they are compliant with the corporate image. All user profile data must remain intact.

What should the administrator do?

A. Revert to Snapshot with Restore System Only option selected.

B. Enforce All Layers with the Preserve user applications option selected.

C. Revert to Snapshot without Restore System Only option selected.

D. Enforce All Layers with the Remove user applications option selected.

Answer: D

Q20. Which two statements are true regarding configuring an Identity Provider Instance within Workspace Portal? (Choose two.)

A. The Configure Via option is only available when you add a third-party identity provider instance.

B. Third-party Identity Provider Instances must be SAML 2.0 compliant.

C. Workspace Portal natively supports Kerberos, RSA SecurID, and Smart-card authentication types.

D. The Meta-data XML enables Workspace Portal to automatically receive the metadata of the Third-Party Identity Provider Instance.

Answer: A,B