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2021 Mar 2V0-631 free practice exam

Q1. Which mechanism should be used in vRealize Automation to associate host names with a particular department? 

A. Machine Prefix 

B. Reservation Policy 

C. Key Pair 

D. Approval Group 


Q2. What is the most efficient way for an administrator to add multiple endpoints to vRealize Automation? 

A. Upload via CSV file. 

B. Export admin data to the vRealize Automation Web Console. 

C. Populate plugin data for each endpoint. 

D. Addplugins via multiple groups concurrently. 


Q3. A vRealize Automation workflow is configured to accept typed user data as input to customize a virtual machine during launch. 

Which defined property below would enable this functionality? 

A. Input.Datacenter.Property 

B. Input.VirtualMachine.Property 

C. Input.Custom.Property 

D. Input.UserData.Property 


Q4. Which two network services are available when NSX for vSphere is integrated with vRealize Automation? (Choose two.) 

A. Dynamic creation of a one-armed load balancer 

B. Network Isolation for multi-machine blueprints 

C. Network Isolation for blueprints 

D. DNSServer 

Answer: A,B 

Q5. Refer to the Exhibit. 

While building an application blueprint, the administrator cannot add a vPostgres database service to the new operating system, as shown in the exhibit. 

What is needed to resolve this? 

A. Drag and drop vPostgres from the Services menu onto the new operating system. 

B. Delete the current operating system and deploy a new Database Server that includes vPostgres. 

C. Drag and drop a vPostgres Application Component to join the existing operating systemand vPostgres objects. 

D. Add an External Service Instance Profile to the Deployment Environment. 


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Q6. Which VMware NSX for vSphere components can be created on demand using vRealize Automation? (Choose two.) 

A. The Logical Switch 

B. The Distributed Router appliance 

C. The Distributed Firewall appliance 

D. The NSX Edge Services Gateway appliance 

Answer: A,D 

Q7. A department has a critical business service that will need Compute Resources of 8 GHz CPU, 20 GB Memory and 310 GB Storage. 

How should the administrator configure vRealize Automation to ensure the highest priority for this critical service? 

A. Create a Reservation with Priority 0, Memory: 20 GB, StoragE. 310 GB Priority 0 using a vSphere Resource Pool that guarantees 8 GHz CPU. 

B. Create a Reservation with Priority 100, Memory: 20 GB, StoragE. 310 GB Priority 100 using a vSphere Resource Pool that guarantees 8 GHz CPU. 

C. Create a Reservation with Priority 0, Memory: 20 GB, StoragE. 310 GB Priority 0 and CPU: 8 GHz CPU Priority 0. 

D. Create a Reservation with Priority 100, Memory: 20GB, StoragE. 310 GB Priority 100 and CPU: 8 GHz CPU Priority 100. 


Q8. An organization needs to track costs across multiple groups. Creating/Editing a Consumer Hierarchy is a function of which module in vRealize Business Standard? 

A. Operational Analysis 

B. Consumption Analysis 

C. Cloud Comparison 

D. Cost Drivers 


Q9. Your company is moving cloud providers from Amazon EC2 to VMware vCloud Air. The IaaS Administrator is cleaning up the remaining components. 

What is a valid component that the IaaS administrator can remove? 

A. Amazon AWS Data Collector 

B. Amazon AWS Data Templates 

C. Amazon AWS Endpoint 

D. Amazon AWS Instantiator 


Q10. An administrator needs to give another engineer access to create and manage fabric groups and create and manage endpoints, but needs to make sure they do not have access to system event logs. 

What role is required? 

A. IaaS Administrator 

B. Fabric Administrator 

C. System Administrator 

D. Account Administrator