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A vSphere Administrator must ensure that when vSphere HA is triggered, the virtual machines are restarted by priority.
What four VMrestart priorities are available? (Choose four.)

  • A. Medium
  • B. Low
  • C. Conservative
  • D. High
  • E. Disabled
  • F. Aggressive

Answer: ABDE

Explanation: The values for this setting are Disabled, Low, Medium (the default), and High. The Disabled setting is ignored by the vSphere HA VM/Application monitoring feature because this feature protects virtual machines against operating system-level failures and not virtual machine failures. When an operating system-level failure occurs, the operating system is rebooted by vSphere HA, and the virtual machine is left running on the same host. You can change this setting for individual virtual machines.

A VM-Host affinity rule states that VM group “X” must run on hosts in group “Y”.
If all ESXi hosts in group “Y” fail, which is the resulting behavior with vSphere HA enabled?

  • A. The virtual machines in group “X” will failover to hosts that do not belong to group “Y”, but will vMotion back to hosts in group “Y” when they become available.
  • B. The virtual machines in group “X” will not failover to hosts that do not belong to group “Y”.
  • C. This scenario is not possible because vSphere HA and DRS cannot work together.
  • D. The virtual machines in group “X” will only fail over to hosts that do not belong to group “Y” if they are marked as “High” VM Restart Priority within vSphere HA.

Answer: B

Which storage feature always requires the use of third-party software on ESXi?

  • A. Hardware Acceleration for NAS devices
  • B. VVOL
  • C. Hardware Acceleration for Block Devices
  • D. VM Storage Policies

Answer: A

Explanation: With NAS storage devices, the hardware acceleration integration is implemented through vendor-specific NAS plug-ins. These plug-ins are typically created by vendors and are distributed as VIB packages through a website. No claim rules are required for the NAS plug-ins to function.
Several tools for installing and upgrading VIB packages are available. They include the esxcli commands and vSphere Update Manager.

Upgrading vCenter Server with Microsoft SQL database fails with the following error message:
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What could cause this error?

  • A. incorrect database on the SQL Server
  • B. incorrect ports open on SQL Server
  • C. incorrect compatibility mode on the SQL Server
  • D. incorrect permission on SQL Server database

Answer: C

An ESXi host has been placed into Quarantine Mode by Proactive HA. What will happen?

  • A. Virtual machines will be migrated off the quarantines host if doing so will not violate any DRS affinity and anti-affinity rules or cause increased resource contention.
  • B. Newly powered-on virtual machines may be placed on the quarantined host to balance cluster resources.Already powered-on virtual machines will be migrated off of the quarantined host if doing so will not violate any DRS affinity and anti-affinity rules or cause resource contention.
  • C. All virtual machines will be migrated off the quarantined host to other hosts in the cluster without regard to DRS rules.
  • D. vSphere HA will conduct a failover on all VMs residing on the quarantined host.

Answer: A

An administrator is using virtual machine encryption in their vSphere 6.5 environment. The Key Management Server (KMS) has experienced a critical failure.
Which two statements are true about VM encryption when the KMS is not available? (Choose two.)

  • A. VMs will shut down gracefully in the event of a KMS outage as a proactive measure to prevent data theft.
  • B. VMs which were running at the time of the KMS failure will continue to run.
  • C. If an ESXi host is rebooted, it will be unable to power on encrypted VMs until KMS connectivity is restored.
  • D. vCenter Server will continue to distribute encryption keys as long as it is not rebooted while the KMS is unreachable.
  • E. ESXi hosts within the same cluster will share keys with one another while the KMS is unreachable.

Answer: BC

Explanation: If the KMS is unreachable, the VMs running at the time of KMS failure will continue to run. Another fact is if an ESXi host is rebooted, it will not power on encrypted VMs until KMs connectivity is fully restored.

Which is the predefined user name when publishing a Content Library?

  • A. admin
  • B. root
  • C. administrator
  • D. vcsp

Answer: D

An administrator is investigating virtual machine performance issues using ESXTOP. The ESXi host does not have hyperthreading enabled.
Which statistics would be relevant for troubleshooting VM performance issues?

  • A. %RDY
  • B. %IDLE
  • C. %RUN
  • D. CORE UTIL(%)

Answer: A

Virtual machines that are known to run read-intensive applications have begun to underperform. Which action can improve performance?

  • A. Enable vFlash Read Cache.
  • B. Migrate virtual machines to a VMFS6 datastore.
  • C. Ensure that DRS is in manual mode.
  • D. Disable virtual machine encryption.

Answer: A

How can an administrator exclude Encryption rights from a support engineer?

  • A. Clone the role virtual machine power user , remove Cryptographic operations privileges.
  • B. Clone the role No crytography administrator and select privileges only for the support engineer.
  • C. Clone the role virtual machine power user and assign to the support engineer.
  • D. Clone the role Administrator and assign to the support engineer.

Answer: B

Which is the minimum number of hosts required for a VMware vSAN cluster to be able to apply a vSAN RAID5 storage policy?

  • A. six hosts
  • B. three hosts
  • C. four hosts
  • D. five hosts

Answer: C

Which Host Profile Subprofile configuration is used to configure firewall settings for ESXi hosts?

  • A. Advanced Configuration Settings
  • B. General System Settings
  • C. Security
  • D. Networking

Answer: C

Explanation: 2V0-622 dumps exhibit

What advanced parameter defines a custom isolation IP address for a vSphere HA cluster?

  • A. das.isolationaddress
  • B. das.usedefaultisolationaddress
  • C. das.isolationshutdowntimeout
  • D. fdm.isolationpolicydelaysec

Answer: A

Which two tasks should a vSphere administrator perform if the vmJc«rn«l log reports VMFS metadata errors? (Choose two.)

  • A. reformat the datastore
  • B. ignore the messages
  • C. contact VMware technical support
  • D. check the device with VOMA

Answer: CD

Explanation: VOMA = vSphere On-disk Metadata Analyser (dentify and fix incidents of metadata corruption that affect file
systems or underlying logical volumes)
ProblemYou might need to check metadata consistency of a file system or a logical volume backing the file system when you experience problems with various functionalities on a VMFS datastore or a virtual flash resource. For example you might want to perform a metadata check if one of the following occurs:
You experience storage outages.
After you rebuild RAID or perform a disk replacement. You see metadata errors in the vmkernel.log file.
You are unable to access files on a VMFS.
You see corruption being reported for a datastore in events tabs of vCenter Server.
ResultsTo check metadata consistency, run VOMA from the CLI of an ESXi host. VOMA can be used to check and fix metadata inconsistency issues for a VMFS datastore or a virtual flash resource. To resolve errors reported by VOMA, consult VMware Support.

Which two new vSphere 6.5 features enable an Administrator to locate configuration options when creating or editing host profiles more easily than in previous versions? (Choose two.)

  • A. Add the configuration option to favorites.
  • B. Search for the configuration option.
  • C. Navigate the option tree.
  • D. Copy the configuration option from a different profile.

Answer: AB

Which statement regarding datastore clusters meets VMware's recommended best practices?

  • A. Clusters should contain only datastores presented from the same storage array.
  • B. Clusters should contain only datastores with equal hardware acceleration capability.
  • C. Clusters should contain only datastores using the same connection method (iSCSI, FC, etc.).
  • D. Clusters should contain only datastores with the same capacity.

Answer: B

An administrator has an application that requires high CPU throughput. Which action would ensure that the application gets the required throughput?

  • A. Enable Fault Tolerance on the virtual machine.
  • B. Disable Fully Automated DRS.
  • C. Set a CPU limit on the virtual machine.
  • D. Adjust the virtual machine latency sensitivity.

Answer: D

Explanation: You can adjust the latency sensitivity of a virtual machine to optimize the scheduling delay for latency sensitive applications.
ESXi is optimized to deliver high throughput. You can optimize your virtual machine to meet the low latency requirement of latency sensitive applications. Examples of latency sensitive applications are VOIP or media player applications, or applications that require frequent access to the mouse or keyboard devices.

Which external backup target can be used for vSphere Data Protection 6.1?

  • A. NetApp Metro Cluster
  • B. Dell EMCData Domain
  • C. IBM SVC
  • D. Hitachi USP VM

Answer: B

A vSphere Administrator is in the process of configuring replication for a virtual machine, but is not able to select the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) value of 5 minute.
2V0-622 dumps exhibit
Which statement could explain why the RPO value cannot be lower than 15 minutes?

  • A. The target and source sites use different types of datastores.
  • B. The OS quiescing option is selected for Replication options.
  • C. The virtual machine hardware version is not compatible.
  • D. The target and source sites are not using VMFS 6.0 datastore.

Answer: B

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