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New VMware 2V0-602 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. Which two statements are correct when licensing an ESXi 6.x host? (Choose two.)

A. ESXi licenses can be assigned utilizing the ESXi host client.

B. Bulk licensing requires vSphere PowerCLI.

C. Bulk licensing requires vSphere Auto Deploy to be enabled.

D. ESXi licenses can only be applied to ESXi hosts connected to a vCenter Server.

Answer: B,D

Q2. Which two choices are valid ways to patch an ESXi host? (Choose two.)

A. utilizing the esxcli Command Line Interface

B. vSphere Update Manager

C. vRealize Operations Manager

D. configuring a Host Profile

Answer: A,B

Q3. Which two options are requirements to perform a migration between vCenter Server instances? (Choose two.)

A. The vCenter Server servers must be time-synchronized.

B. The ESXi hosts must be version 5.5 or later.

C. The vCenter Servers must be version 6.0 or later.

D. The vCenter Server must be in the same single Sign-On domain.

E. The ESXi hosts must have vSphere Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise Plus licensing.

Answer: A,C

Q4. Which three options are available for remediation with Proactive HA? (Choose three.)

A. Quarantine mode for moderate and Power off for severe failure.

B. Quarantine mode for all failures.

C. Power off for all failures.

D. Quarantine mode for moderate and Maintenance mode for severe failure.

E. Maintenance mode for all failures.

Answer: B,D,E

Q5. A vSphere Administrator attempts to remove a host from a vSphere distributed switch, and fails. There is a notification that resources are still in use.

What are two possible causes? (Choose two.)

A. There are virtual machine network adapters connected to the distributed switch.

B. There are VMkernel adapters on the distributed switch that are in use.

C. The administrator does not have sufficient rights to remove the host from the distributed switch.

D. The ESXi host has a virtual machine with over 256 GB RAM assigned.

Answer: A,B

Q6. What tool is utilized for detailed performance monitoring of the vCenter Server Appliance?

A. vim-cmd

B. esxtop

C. Perfmon

D. vimtop

Answer: B

Q7. Which three factors should an Administrator take into account when determining the required VDP appliance size and number of appliances? (Choose three.)

A. retention periods (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

B. VMs guest OS family and version

C. typical change rate

D. Number and type (database, file system) of VMs

Answer: A,C,D

Q8. Which three object types can be stored in the Content Library? (Choose three.)

A. vDS backups

B. VM templates

C. vAPP templates

D. ISO files

Answer: B,C,D

Q9. What will happen to the VM when a vSphere Administration returns to a snapshot that was created without memory on the running VM?

A. VM will be rebooted

B. VM will be running in the state that it was at the time the snapshot creation

C. VM will be powered on

D. VM will be powered off

Answer: D

Q10. What are two requirements needed to enable a 4vCPU virtual machine with Fault Tolerance? (Choose two.)

A. vSphere Standard license

B. 10 GbE uplink for FT logging network

C. vSphere Enterprise Plus license

D. 1 GbE uplink for FT logging network

Answer: A,D

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