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New Cisco 200-105 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 13 - Question 22)

Question No: 13

What OSPF command, when configured, will include all interfaces into area 0?

A. network area 0

B. network area 0

C. network area 0

D. network all-interfaces area 0

Answer: A


Example 3-1 displays OSPF with a process ID of 1 and places all interfaces configured with an IP address in area 0. The network command network area 0

dictates that you do not care ( what the IP address is, but if an IP address is enabled on any interface, place it in area 0.

Example 3-1 Configuring OSPF in a Single Area

router ospf 1

network area 0

Reference: http://www.ciscopress.com/articles/article.asp?p=26919&seqNum=3

Topic 4, WAN Technologies

127.What is the purpose of Inverse ARP?

A. to map a known IP address to a MAC address

B. to map a known DLCI to a MAC address

C. to map a known MAC address to an IP address

D. to map a known DLCI to an IP address

E. to map a known IP address to a SPID

F. to map a known SPID to a MAC address

Question No: 14

What are two benefits of using NAT? (choose two)

A. NAT protects network security because private networks are not advertised.

B. NAT accelerates the routing process because no modifications are made on the packets.

C. Dynamic NAT facilitates connections from the outside of the network.

D. NAT facilitates end-to-end communication when IPsec is enable.

E. NAT eliminates the need to re-address all host that require external access.

F. NAT conserves addresses through host MAC-level multiplexing.

Answer: A,E

Question No: 15

Which WAN technology uses labels to make decisions about data forwarding?

A. Metro Ethernet

B. Frame Relay




Answer: C

Question No: 16

Refer to the exhibit.

While troubleshooting a switch, you executed the show interface port-channel 1 etherchannel command and it returned this output. Which information is provided by the Load value?

A. the percentage of use of the link

B. the preference of the link

C. the session count of the link

D. the number source-destination pairs on the link

Answer: D

Question No: 17

Which two actions must you take to configure a PAgP EtherChannel between two switches, S1 and S2? (Choose two.)

A. Configure the channel-group 1 mode auto command on S1.

B. Configure the channel-group 1 mode desirable command on S2.

C. Configure the channel-group 1 mode active command on S2.

D. Configure the channel-group 1 mode on command on S2.

E. Configure the channel-group 1 mode active command on S1.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 18

Which IPsec security protocol should be used when confidentiality is required?

A. MD5




Answer: D

Question No: 19

Which process is associated with spanning-tree convergence?

A. determining the path cost

B. electing designated ports

C. learning the sender bridge ID

D. assigning the port ID

Answer: B


Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) convergence (Layer 2 convergence) happens when bridges and switches have transitioned to either the forwarding or blocking state. When layer 2 is converged, Root Switch is elected and Root Ports, Designated Ports and Non-Designated ports in all switches are selected. At Converged condition, the Root Ports and the Designated ports are in forwarding state, and all other ports are in blocking state.

Question No: 20

Refer to the exhibit.

Router edge-1 is unable to establish OSPF neighbor adjacency with router ISP-1. Which

two configuration changes can you make on edge-1 to allow the two routers to establish adjacency? (Choose two.)

A. Set the subnet mask on edge-1 to 255 255.255.252.

B. Reduce the MTU on edge-1 to 1514.

C. Set the OSPF cost on edge-1 to 1522.

D. Reduce the MTU on edge-1 to 1500.

E. Configure the ip ospf mtu-ignore command on the edge-1 Gi0/0 interface.

Answer: D,E

Explanation: A situation can occur where the interface MTU is at a high value, for example 9000, while the real value of the size of packets that can be forwarded over this interface is 1500.

If there is a mismatch on MTU on both sides of the link where OSPF runs, then the OSPF adjacency will not form because the MTU value is carried in the Database Description (DBD) packets and checked on the other side.

Question No: 21

At which layer of the OSI model is RSTP used to prevent loops?

A. physical

B. data link

C. network

D. transport

Answer: B

Explanation: RSTP and STP operate on switches and are based on the exchange of Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs) between switches. One of the most important fields in BPDUs is the Bridge Priority in which the MAC address is used to elect the Root Bridge ,

RSTP operates at Layer 2. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk389/tk621/technologies_white_paper09186a0080094cf a.shtml

Question No: 22

What can cause two OSPF neighbors to be stuck in the EXSTART state?

A. There is a low bandwidth connection between neighbors.

B. The neighbors have different MTU settings.

C. The OSPF interfaces are in a passive state.

D. There is only layer one connectivity between neighbors.

Answer: B


Neighbors Stuck in Exstart/Exchange State

The problem occurs most frequently when attempting to run OSPF between a Cisco router and another vendor's router. The problem occurs when the maximum transmission unit (MTU) settings for neighboring router interfaces don't match. If the router with the higher MTU sends a packet larger that the MTU set on the neighboring router, the neighboring router ignores the packet.0 When this problem occurs, the output of the show ip ospf neighbor command displays output similar that shown below:

router-6# show ip ospf neighbor

Neighbor ID Pri State Dead Time Address Interface 1 EXCHANGE/ - 00:00:36 Serial2.7


router-7# show ip ospf neighbor

Neighbor ID Pri State Dead Time Address Interface 1 EXSTART/ - 00:00:33 Serial0.6

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/ip/open-shortest-path-first- ospf/13684-12.html

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