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Which tool can automatically install Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI?

  • A. Python
  • B. RPM
  • C. APT
  • D. PIP

Answer: A

Which two statements about fault domains are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. A fault domain is a grouping of hardware and infrastructure within an availability domain
  • B. Each availability domain contains three fault domains
  • C. A failed instance in a fault domain is automatically relaunched
  • D. A fault domain is selected automatically based on usage data

Answer: AB

What is the maximum number of security lists that can be associated with a subnet?

  • A. four
  • B. three
  • C. five
  • D. two

Answer: C

Which two use Oracle dynamic routing gateway (DRG) for connectivity? (Choose two.)

  • A. Remote virtual cloud network (VCN) peering across region
  • B. Oracle IPsec VPN
  • C. Local VCN peering
  • D. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect public peering

Answer: AB

You have an external facing web server running in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) London region. You are notified that customers in North America and Australia are facing high latency while connecting to your web server.
Which services are available on OCI that can help you get current latency statistics to your web server from these markets?

  • A. Use DNS Zone Management service to check latency over that connection
  • B. Setup an IPsec VPN with customers in those markets and check latency over that connection
  • C. Use the Internet Intelligence too
  • D. Run tests using the web server’s public IP address and review traceroute details from different vantage points
  • E. Setup a FastConnect with customers in those markets and check latency over that connection

Answer: A

What is the default backup location for database backup on Database Cloud Service (DBCS)?

  • A. Object Storage on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • B. ASM diskgroup
  • C. block volume
  • D. locally attached NVMe on Virtual Machine

Answer: A

Given: When creating multiple subnets within a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN), security lists are often made to group common services, for example, SSH and RDP (remote access), 80 and 443 (HTTP), and so on.
By default, what is the maximum number of security lists that can be associated with a subnet upon creation?

  • A. 4
  • B. 2
  • C. 5
  • D. 3

Answer: C

You need to transfer over 12 TB of data from on-premises to your cloud account. You started copying this data over the internet and noticed that it will take too long to complete.
Without increasing the costs of your subscription, what is the recommended way to send this amount of data to your cloud account?

  • A. Use Data Transfer Service to send your data.
  • B. Split the data into multiple parts and use the multipart tool.
  • C. Use a 10 GB FastConnect line to send the data.
  • D. Send the data over a VPN IPsec tunnel.
  • E. Compress the data and use the multipart tool.

Answer: A

Which two are NOT an image source when launching a new compute instance? (Choose two.)

  • A. boot volume
  • B. custom image
  • C. Object Storage
  • D. bare metal instance

Answer: AC

You are tasked with creating a highly available clustered application on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure consisting of three nodes. The round-trip latency between nodes must be less than 500 µs (micro-seconds) and your cluster should be resilient to hardware failure.
What is the recommended deployment strategy?

  • A. Deploy the cluster nodes in a single region and deploy each node into a different A
  • B. Select the same fault domain in each AD to ensure consistency.
  • C. Deploy the cluster nodes in two separate regions and take advantage of multiple availability domains (ADs) in each region.
  • D. Deploy the cluster nodes in a single region and deploy each node into a different AD.
  • E. Deploy the cluster nodes in a single region and deploy each node in different fault domains within a single AD.

Answer: D

Which two tools would you use to manage Database Cloud Service (DBCS)? (Choose two.)

  • A. psql
  • B. Oracle Swingbench
  • C. SQL Developer
  • D. Oracle Enterprise Manager

Answer: CD

Which statement is true regarding Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP)?

  • A. A database name cannot be used concurrently for both an Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and an ATP database
  • B. After terminating a database, the database name is available for immediate reuse
  • C. A maximum of 8 cores can be enabled for an ATP database
  • D. A maximum of 2 TB of storage can be enabled for an ATP database

Answer: A

Your company is developing a new database application in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You need to test application functionality including a hardware failure scenario. Since the application is still in the development phase, you want to minimize infrastructure costs.
Which database service deployment option meets this requirement?

  • A. two node real application cluster (RAC) system
  • B. Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) system as it provides auto fail over functionality
  • C. two node bare metal system with data guard enabled
  • D. single node bare metal system

Answer: A

Which statement is true about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect?

  • A. For private peering, FastConnect extends your existing infrastructure to allow you to consume object storage from your on-premises data center
  • B. For private peering, FastConnect extends your existing infrastructure to a virtual cloud network
  • C. The FastConnect provider network offers only 1 Gbps port connection speed increments
  • D. For public peering, a dynamic routing gateway must be configured and attached to the virtual cloud network (VCN)

Answer: B

You have an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) load balancer distributing traffic via an evenly-weighted round robin policy to your backend web servers. You notice that one of your web servers is receiving more traffic than other web servers.
How can you resolve this imbalance?

  • A. Check security lists and route tables of your virtual cloud network (VCN) and fix any issues associated with the rules
  • B. Create separate listeners for each backend web server
  • C. Delete and re-create your OCI load balancer
  • D. Disable session persistence on your backend set

Answer: A

What happens when you run terraform plan?

  • A. It configures, reconfigures, and instantiates resources and their dependencies.
  • B. It shows the operator the course of action that would be taken if a change is applied.
  • C. It deletes all existing resources and re-creates them.
  • D. It shows a dependency graph.

Answer: B

Which three load-balancing policies can be used with a back end set? (Choose three.)

  • A. Throughput
  • B. IP Hash
  • C. Weighted Round Robin
  • D. CPU Utilization
  • E. Least Connections

Answer: BCE

Which two identity providers can your administrator federate with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? (Choose two.)

  • A. Microsoft Active Directory
  • B. Oracle Identity Cloud Services
  • C. AWS Directory Services
  • D. Google Directory Federation Services

Answer: AB

Which option lists Virtual Cloud Networks (VCNs) that can be peered?

  • A. VCN A ( and VCN B (
  • B. VCN A ( and VCN B (
  • C. VCN A ( and VCN B (
  • D. VCN A ( and VCN B (

Answer: D

For what business need should you use Database Cloud Service (DBCS) instead of Oracle database on a compute instance?

  • A. to bring your own license on a compute service
  • B. to lower license and infrastructure cost
  • C. to implement Oracle RAC for high availability
  • D. to build an Oracle database on a compute service

Answer: D

When creating a subnet, one or more placeholder security lists are often associated with the subnet. Why?

  • A. Each operator needs its own security list.
  • B. Each protocol needs its own security list.
  • C. Each network endpoint or instance in the subnet needs its own security list.
  • D. It is not possible to add or remove security lists after a subnet is created.

Answer: C


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