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Consider that local disk files are accessible via MySQL with commands such as: mysql> LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ‘/etc/passwd’ INTO TABLE mypasswords; What change could be made to stop any breach via this insecurity?

  • A. executing REVOKE LOADFROM *.*
  • B. setting the --local-service=0 option when starting mysqld
  • C. executing REVOKEFILEFROM *_*
  • D. executing REVOKEFILE ON *_* FROM ‘ ‘@’%’
  • E. setting the --local-infile=0 option when starting mysqld
  • F. setting the --open-files-limit=0 option when starting mysqld

Answer: F

One of your colleagues is trying to make a change using the mysql command-line client for his or her application session.
The colleague instant messages you this command: mysql> SET SESSION max_connections = 200; Why does the command fail?

  • A. max_connections requires the GLOBAL scope.
  • B. Its current user does not have the SUPER privilege.
  • C. max_connections is not a dynamic variabl
  • D. You need to change the config file and restart the database.
  • E. Users can control only the max_user_connections variabl

Answer: A

MySQL is installed on a Linux server and has this configuration:
[mysqld] user=mysql
As the ‘root’ user, you change the datadir location by executing:
shell> cp –R /var/lib/mysql /data/mysql/ shell> chown –R mysql /data/mysql
What is the purpose of changing ownership of datadir to the ‘mysql’ user?

  • A. MySQL needs to be run as the root user, but files cannot be owned by it.
  • B. The mysqld process requires all permissions within datadir to be the same.
  • C. MySQL cannot be run as the root user.
  • D. MySQL requires correct file ownership while remaining secur

Answer: A

What two statements are true regarding FLUSH TABLES FOR EXPORT?

  • A. It can be used to export TEMPORARY tables.
  • B. Table only exports when the table has its own tablespace.
  • C. The InnoDB Storage engine must be used for the table being exported.
  • D. It is the safest way to extract tables from the shared tablespace.
  • E. Partitioned tables are not supporte

Answer: AB

Which two are considered good security practices when using passwords? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use one-way encryption for storage of passwords.
  • B. Store passwords external to the database.
  • C. Choose short passwords to save on storage space.
  • D. Use simple keyboard actions that give mixed letters.
  • E. Do not use dictionary-based word

Answer: AE

old_alter_table is disabled as shown. mysql> SELECT @@old_alter_table;
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
Consider this statement on a RANGE-partitioned table: mysql> ALTER TABLE orders DROP PARTITION p1, p3; What is the outcome of executing this statement?

  • A. All data in p1 and p3 partitions is removed and the table definition is changed.
  • B. All data in p1 and p3 partitions is removed, but the table definition remains unchanged.
  • C. Only the first partition (p1) will be dropped because only one partition can be dropped at any time.
  • D. It results in a syntax error because you cannot specify more than one partition in the same statemen

Answer: B

Which three are key advantages of standard MySQL replication?

  • A. supports native automatic failover
  • B. enables automatic resync of databases when discrepancies are detected
  • C. provides arbitrary geographic redundancy with minimal overhead to master
  • D. synchronously guarantees identical slave copy
  • E. is easy to configure and has low performance overhead
  • F. can easily add slaves for read scaling

Answer: BEF

Consider the table people with the definition:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
The application uses a query such as:
SELECT * FROM people WHERE YEAR(Birthday) = 1980;
The query is not using an index.
Which two methods can be used to allow the query to use an index?

  • A. Change the WHERE clause to Birthday BETWEEN 1980-01-01 AND 1980-12-31.
  • B. Add a functional index for YEAR(Birthday).
  • C. Execute ANALYZE TABLE to update the index statistics.
  • D. Add a generated column calculating YEAR(Birthday) and index that column.
  • E. Add FORCE INDEX (Birthday) to the quer

Answer: AE

What are three methods to reduce MySQL server exposure to remote connections? (Choose three.)

  • A. using SSL when transporting data over remote networks
  • B. using the sql_mode=STRlCT_SECURE after connections are established for encrypted communications
  • C. setting —skip-networking when remote connections are not required
  • D. setting specific grant privileges to limit remote authentication
  • E. setting —mysql_secure_configuration to enable paranoid mode

Answer: ACD

You enable binary logging on MySQL Server with the configuration: binlog-format=STATEMENT log-bin
Which database updates are logged on the master server to the binary log by default?

  • A. all updates except to the TEMPDB database
  • B. all updates except to the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA database
  • C. all updates not involving temporary tables
  • D. all updates to the default database, except temporary tables
  • E. all updates to all databases

Answer: D

Which two statements are true regarding the creating of new MySQL physical and logical backups?

  • A. Physical backups can be used to recover from data corruption.
  • B. Logical backups are human-readable whereas physical backups are not.
  • C. Logical backups are always larger than physical backups.
  • D. Physical backups are usually slower than text backups.
  • E. Physical backups are usually faster than text backup

Answer: AE

A crucial database, ‘db_prod’, just disappeared from your production MySQL instance.
In reviewing the available MySQL logs (General, Audit, or Slow) and your own application-level logs, you identified this command from a customer facing application:
SELECT id FROM users WHERE login=’payback!’;DROP DATABASE db_prod;’
Which three methods could have been used to prevent this SQL injection attack from happening?

  • A. writing your client code to properly escape all user input
  • B. giving limited privileges to accounts used by application servers to interact with their backing databases
  • C. using SSL/TLS on your outward facing web servers (https://) to encrypt all user sessions
  • D. using a hashing or encryption method to secure all user passwords in your MySQL tables
  • E. removing any remaining anonymous accounts from your MySQL instance
  • F. validating all user input before sending it to the database server
  • G. changing all passwords for the MySQL account ‘root’@’%’ immediately after losing an employee who knew the current password

Answer: DEG

After analysis on the slow query log on a high-end OLTP service, the table identified in the slow queries is:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
What are the two most likely reasons for the slowness given this output?

  • A. Date should be a TIMESTAMP field for better performance.
  • B. The User field is too long for most names.
  • C. The engine type is not appropriate to the application use.
  • D. Using default values for DATETIME causes table scans.
  • E. No indexes are define

Answer: CE

You are contacted by a user who does not have permission to access a database table. You determine after investigation that this user should be permitted to have access and so you execute a GRANT statement to enable the user to access the table.
Which statement describes the activation of that access for the user?

  • A. The access does not take effect until the user logs out and back in.
  • B. The access does not take effect until the next time the server is started.
  • C. The access is available immediately.
  • D. The access does not take effect until you issue the FLUSH PRIVILEGES statemen

Answer: C

You want to create a temporary table named OLD_INVENTORY in the OLD_INVENTORY database on the master server. This table is not to be replicated to the slave server.
Which two changes would ensure that the temporary table does not propagate to the slave?

  • A. Set binlog_format=MIXED with the --replicate-ignore-temp-table option.
  • B. Use the --replicate-do-db, --replicate-do-table, or --replicate-wild-do-table option with the value equal to OLD_INVENTORY.
  • C. Change the binlog_format option to ROW and restart mysqld before you create the OLD_INVENTORY table.
  • D. Stop SQL_THREAD on the slave until you have finished using the OLD_INVENTORY temporary table.
  • E. Use the --replicate-ignore-table option with the value equal to OLD_INVENTORY.OLD_INVENTORY and restart mysqld before creating the temporary table.

Answer: BE

You have a MySQL replication setup and you intentionally stop the SQL thread on the slave.
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
What are two reasons that you may stop the SQL thread on the slave while keeping the I/O thread running?

  • A. to allow the remaining events to be processed on the slave while not receiving new events from the master
  • B. to allow a backup to be created under reduced load
  • C. to allow for point-in-time recovery on the slave
  • D. to prevent schema changes from propagating to the slave before they are validated
  • E. to prevent any transaction experiencing a deadlock

Answer: BC

Consider these global status variables:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
Which two conclusions can be made from the output?

  • A. There are 140 Performance Schema threads at the time of the output.
  • B. There are 510 connections to MySQL at the time of the output.
  • C. The thread cache has been configured with thread_cache_size set to at least 6.
  • D. There are more connections being idle than executing queries.
  • E. All max_connections were in use at 2021-03-22 14:54:06

Answer: BD

Due to an authentication plug-in that is used on the server, passwords are required to be sent as clear text as opposed to the usual encrypted format.
Which two methods would allow the mysql client to connect to the server and send clear text passwords?

  • A. mysql --protocol=PLAIN –uroot –p –h dbhost.example.com
  • B. INSTALL PLUGIN mysql_cleartext_password SONAME ‘mysql_cleartext_password.so’;
  • D. SET GLOBAL mysql_cleartext_passwords=1;
  • E. mysql --enable-cleartext-plugin –uroot –p –h dbhost.example.com

Answer: DE

An admin attempts to enforce stronger security by using these commands:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
The admin then leaves the system running with the specified changes. What are two remaining security concerns?

  • A. validate_password_policy cannot be set without restarting the MySQL instance.
  • B. The name of the dictionary file is too obvious.
  • C. The dictionary file word list is too short.
  • D. validate_password_dictionary_file cannot be set without restarting the MySQL instance.
  • E. The validate_password plug-in has not been loaded.
  • F. The dictionary file is an insecure locatio

Answer: BF

When you examine a new MySQL installation with default configuration, you find a file called ibdata1 in the database directory. Which two statements are true about this file?

  • A. it contains the binary log.
  • B. it contains a general tablespace.
  • C. it is the default location for all new tables that you create.
  • D. it contains the system tablespace.
  • E. it contains the redo log.
  • F. it contains the undo lo

Answer: CD

Examine the mysqldumpslow output:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
Which two options could explain the slow query?

  • A. There is network congestion between client and server.
  • B. No index has been defined on the filtered column.
  • C. There are 108 queries still being executed.
  • D. A table lock is causing delays.
  • E. A full table scan is being use

Answer: AE

Which two statements describe how InnoDB recovery works?

  • A. InnoDB handles most crash recoveries automatically.
  • B. InnoDB blocks some operations when innodb_force_recovery is set to greater than 0.
  • C. There will in general be lost committed transactions after a crash using the default settings.
  • D. It is required to enable binlog_gtid_simple_recovery to perform a crash recovery.
  • E. It is recommended to set innodb_force_recovery = 1 as part of normal operations.
  • F. It is always required to enable innodb_force_recovery to perform a crash recover

Answer: BF

What is the order of tables shown in an EXPLAIN output?

  • A. It lists tables from the smallest to the largest.
  • B. It lists tables in the order in which their data will be read.
  • C. It lists tables from the most optimized to the least optimized.
  • D. It lists tables in the order in which they are specified in the statement that is being explaine

Answer: D

A MySQL server was initialized with separate UNDO tablespaces. Users complain that when they roll back large transactions, the time to process the request takes too long. The DBA would like to move the MySQL InnoDB UNDO tablespace to a solid-state drive (SSD) for better performance. Is this possible and how?

  • A. Ye
  • B. Shut down the mysqld process, enable the transportable_tablespace option, and move the UNDO directory to the SSD.
  • C. Ye
  • D. Shut down, copy the UNDO tablespaces to the new location, and change the innodb_undo_directory value in your my.cnf.
  • E. N
  • F. The UNDO tablespaces must remain on the same file system as the system tablespaces.
  • G. N
  • H. The sequential write pattern of the UNDO tablespaces is not supported on modern SSD block device

Answer: C

You back up by using mysqldump.
Which configuration is required on the MySQL Server to allow point-in-time recovery?

  • A. binlog_format=STATEMENT
  • B. log-bin
  • C. apply-log
  • D. bonlog_format=ROW
  • E. gtid_enable

Answer: B


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