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Q31. Which three migration options are available when you migrate a database from the Big Endian format system to Exadata? 

A. Data Pump Export and Import 

B. transportable database 

C. transportable tablespaces 

D. Data Guard 

E. Insert as Select 

Answer: BCD 

Q32. Which two statements appropriately describe the backup and recovery procedures on Exadata? 

A. Cell software backup is automatic and cell recovery is accomplished by using a rescue procedure. 

B. Data stored in a database is backed up and restored by using CellCLI commands. 

C. Database server software backup is automatic and recovery is accomplished by using a rescue procedure. 

D. Data stored in a database is backed up and restored by using RMAN commands. 

E. Cell software backup is performed through CellCLI and cell recovery is accomplished by using a rescue procedure. 

Answer: AD 

Q33. What are two choices that a customer must make that impact diskgroup creation? 

A. What is the level of redundancy required? 

B. What OS will be run? 

C. Where will disk backups be written? 

D. How many databases will run on the cluster? 

Answer: AB 

Q34. When should you use Hybrid Columnar Compression? 

A. always 

B. on large active tables where deeper compression is desired 

C. on tables or partitions that have fairly static data 

D. on every table where Advanced Compression is not used 


Q35. The Exadata compute node, exadbs04, has been having issues for some time. The server had to be repaired and you just received a new server. Your LVM snapshot was corrupt and now the compute node must be re-image with an Oracle Support installation image. Which three tasks would you need to perform to re-image the compute node? 

A. Mount the LVM backup image across the network and recover the system. 

B. Remove exadbs04 from the RAC cluster and all associated Oracle Homes from the central inventory. 

C. Create a CELLBOOT USB Flash Drive using an external USB drive. 

D. Reboot the new server using a bootable recovery image from the external USB drive. 

E. Reconfigure all site-specific settings (host name, IP addresses, NTP server, and so on). 

Answer: BCE 

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Q36. What would be the best way to ensure that batch Jobs do not impact performance ofonline queries that use the same database? 

A. Configure IORM to disable Flash Cache usage for batch workload. 

B. Build a Database Resource Management Plan, giving priority to query workload. 

C. Deploy Instance Caging to control batch jobs. 

D. Configure and enable Parallel Query. 

E. Configure resource plans by using the I/O Resource Manager on the storage cells, giving priority to query workload. 


Q37. Identify a recommended configuration to set up Auto Service Request (ASR) for Exadata. 

A. Install ASR Manager on Exadata Database Server. 

B. Install ASR Manager on Exadata Storage Server. 

C. ASR is not recommended for Exadata; the Oracle Configuration Manager is preferred. 

D. Install ASR Manager on a Standalone Server. 


Q38. You are calculating the storage capacity that your customer will require on their ZFSBackup Appliance. Identify the set of factors that will affect this calculation. 

A. database size, full/incremental cycle, RPO (Recovery Point Objective), and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) 

B. database size, retention period, RPO (Recovery Point Objective), and compression 

C. database size, full/incremental cycle, compression, and retention period 

D. database size, compression, and backup window 

E. full/incremental cycle, retention period, and ZFS Backup Appliance model 


Q39. When an Exadata Storage Server hard disk failure alert is received, what manual action must you take to restore the system to full redundancy? 

A. Replace the disk and run MegaCLI to rebuild the degenerate mirror. 

B. No manual action is required because Automatic Storage Management (ASM) fast mirror resync is automatic 

C. No manual action is required because ASM rebalancing isautomatic. 

D. Replace the disk and manually copy the mirror extents to the new drive. 



Q40. Which three statements accurately describe update of software on Exadata Database Machine? 

A. The Oracle Database patchset software (for example, requires the Exadata-specific version. 

B. Rolling patching is faster than non-rolling patching, but database down time is longer. 

C. The Oracle Database software on Exadata is updated using standard OPatch and the Oracle Universal Installer. 

D. Running Exadata with different storage server software versions is supported, but should be minimized to rolling patching scenarios. 

E. The database server operating system software (other than kernel and OFED) may be installed or updated from non-Exadata sources 

F. Storage server updates require access to an Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) based repository. 

Answer: CDF