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2021 Jul 1z0-485 actual exam

Q1. You are concerned about how to recover from a failed Exadata Storage Server. What is the best way to recover from a storage cell failure when content in both system disks is lost? 

A. Database Machine Administrators should be prepared by creating a backup using 

B. Database Machine Administrators should be prepared by creating a backup to an NFS file location as described in the owners guide. 

C. Any USB can be plugged in to create a backup. 

D. Be sure that you have a backup by running in /opt/oracle.cellos. 

E. Use the Exadata Storage Server rescue functionality that Is provided on the CELLBOOT USB flash drive. 

F. Re-imaging the cell is the only option. 

Answer: E 

Q2. Which table compression technique will not work on Exadata without licensing the Oracle Advanced Compression Option? 






Answer: C 

Q3. A control file tracks the physical components of a database. It is the root file that the database uses to find all the other files used by the database. Because of the importance of the control file, Oracle recommends that the control file be __________? 

A. size constrained, to prevent size overruns 

B. multiplexed, or have multiple identical copies 

C. stored on an HA USB Drive, to ensure that it does not get overwritten 

D. managed by EM12c, to ensure proper maintenance 

Answer: D 

Q4. Which two statements describe correct network configuration for Exadata Database Machine? 

A. The InfiniBand network subnet manager runs on all database servers to achieve High Availability. 

B. Oracle Clusterware communication is configured to use the management network. 

C. The InfiniBand network interfaces on Linux servers are configured using active-passive bonding. 

D. Database connections to the SCAN listener route through the Ethernet switch in the Exadata rack. 

E. Database servers are deployed with three logical network interfaces configured: management, client access, and private. 

Answer: CE 

Q5. The mpstat output from OS Watcher shows a database node as being90%idle on an average.Whatwould you do to get a full picture of CPU utilization on the entire Exadata RAC cluster? 

A. Average the mpstat id1 output from all the nodes. 

B. Ask application users if they have noticed a slowdown in screen response. 

C. Look for an increase in batch job servicing times. 

D. A & B above 

Answer: A

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Q6. Which is the best location to point your customer to, for finding the latest Exadata patches? 

A. owner's guide 

B. Patch database in MyOracle Support 

C. MyOracle Support note 888828.1 

D. MyOracle Support for database patches, ULN for OS patches, and Sun Support for Server and InfiniBand patches. 

Answer: B 

Q7. You are measuring the I/O savings provided by storage indexes for Table A. One of your scripts displays the I/O savings as a result of the storage indexes. Which two statements are true? 

SQL> select count (*) from transmap.mymap_comp 

2 where map_id between 400 and 500; 



Elapsed: 00:00:00.08 

SQL> select, a.value/1024/1024 value 

from vSmystat a, vSstatname b, 

where b.statistic# = a.statistic# 

and b.nafne in (.cell physical IO bytes eligible for predicate offload', 

cell physical IO interconnect bytes', 

cell physical IO bytes saved by storage index', 

cell physical IO interconnect bytes returned by smart scan') order by 1; 

Statistic Value (MB) 

cell physical IO bytes eligible for predicate offload 2,255 .09 cell physical IO bytes saved by storage index .00 cell physical IO interconnect bytes 1.72 cell physical IO interconnect bytes returned by smart scan 1.68 

A. The storage indexes were disabled using the disable_storage_INDEX Parameter. 

B. Storage Index data is not on the Cell Server's region index memory structures yet because this predicate has not been used. 

C. Since the database was started, no quires were run against this table with the same predicate. 

D. The storage indexes reduced the amount of physical I/O bytes significantly for this query. 

Answer: BC 

Q8. Which is a best practice for High Availability (HA) in an Exadata environment? 

A. Checksums performed on the Exadata Storage Server ensure logical consistency of block content. 

B. When a standby database is in place, DB_BLOCK_CHECKING is not required and thus not recommended. 

C. Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software HARD checks operate transparently after enabling DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM on a database. 

D. Due to the different architecture that Exadata has with storage servers, compared to regular Storage Area Network, DB_LOST_WRITE_PROTECT need not be set. 

E. Stretched RAC is the best alternative for Exadata that combines both HA and DR into one. 

Answer: C 

Q9. Which Exadata feature uses Flash as a parallel write cache to Disk Controller Cache? 

A. Exadata DRAM 

B. InfiniBand network cache 

C. high performance SAS disks 

D. Smart Flash Log 

E. Hybrid Columnar Compression 

Answer: D 

Q10. Which two actions are permitted with Exadata Database Machine? 

A. replacing the Ethernet switch with an equivalent 1U48-port Gigabit Ethernet switch 

B. installing a second Ethernet switch in the Exadata rack for client access network connectivity 

C. replacing the Sun Data Center InfiniBand Switch 36-spine switch with an InfiniBand Gateway Switch 

D. configuring a Linux active-active channel bonding on the database servers by using two 10-Gigabit Ethernet port 

E. configuring a Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) protocol on database servers 

Answer: AC