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2021 Oct 1z0-482 exams

Q41. Can a project in ODI contain a user function to translate commands with different syntax for different technologies but with the same functionality?

A. No, a customized knowledge modules is needed.

B. No, this must be explicitly mapped to an ODI interface.

C. Yes, but an ODI procedure must be associated for it to be implemented.

D. Yes, it can be defined for every technology that is listed in Topology.

Answer: D

Q42. After invoking an Enterprise Data Quality Job from ODI, where can you monitor the detailed progress of that Job?

A. In Operator

B. In Enterprise Data Quality

C. In ODI Console

D. In Enterprise Manager

Answer: C

Q43. What is a relationship in a matching process?

A. It is how many matched records exist globally.

B. It is matching functions that determine how well two records match each other, for a given identifier.

C. It is a link between two records, created by automatic match rules and manual decisions.

D. A Relationship determines how many comparison results are interpreted during the matching process.

Answer: B

Q44. Select the three correct options for Token Checking in the EDQ parser.

A. Checking against a list of values.

B. Checking for duplicates.

C. Checking against a list of patterns.

D. Checking for typing errors.

E. Checking against a list of regular expressions.

Answer: ABE

Renovate 1z0-482 latest exam:

Q45. A. Yes, it is possible to declare it, and if the desired datatype is not in the list available, you

can also add it into a Topology datatypes definition.

B. Yes, it is possible to declare it but only if it is a standard SQL datatype.

C. Yes, it is possible but in any case, you need to forward-engineer the datatype via the JDBC driver.

D. No, datatypes are assigned by default as string variables.

Answer: A

Q46. If an ODI user function has one syntax and one or more implementations, can it be used in an ODI interface mapping?

A. Yes, but to be mapped in an ODI interface it also needs an ODI variable.

B. No, it can only have one syntax and one implementation for all technologies.

C. Yes, but you need to write a custom knowledge module.

D. Yes, during execution, it will substitute the specific technology implementation.

Answer: D

Q47. A step in the Package you are designing should not appear in the ODI logs. How do you implement this?

A. Schedule periodically a scenario that uses OdiPurgeLog to remove those steps from the ODI logs

B. In the Package Editor, click the step, go to the Advanced tab, and set Log Steps in the Journal to Never

C. Modify the Operator Navigator settings to disable that step from being displayed

D. Right-click the step in Package Editor and select the No Logging menu item

Answer: B

Q48. Which one of the following attributes should always be provided to EDQ AV as a separate attribute if available?

A. Name

B. City

C. Country

D. State or Province

E. Zip or Postal code

Answer: E

Q49. Select two correct statements about Results Books.

A. A Results Book can contain tabs containing the output from several different EDQ processor steps.

B. Results Books always link to the latest version of a process.

C. Results Books can be exported to a multlsheet MS Excel Workbook.

D. A Results Book page will always look the same as the output of the processor it is linked to,

E. ResultsBooks can combine pages from many projects.

Answer: AC