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2021 Jun 1z0-462 practice question

Q41. When creating a flex asset through WebCenter Sites UI, saving the asset takes a long time. After reviewing the logs, you see: 

Given this situation what could be the possible reason for this? 

A. WebCenter Sites is waiting on a Satellite Server to flush cache that it cannot reach 

B. WebCenter Sites is taking time on the save action due to incorrect flex asset model 

C. WebCenter Sites is taking time because the flex parent contains too many children causing delay in saving the asset 

D. WebCenter Sites is waiting on the publishing queue to clear cache 

Answer: D 

Q42. Your customer has given you the following requirements: 

.A single-level tabbed navigation bar of heterogeneous assets as part of a header 

.Tab styles defined in the CSS as classes of the <UL><LI> HTML tags 

.Dynamic tabs based on a user's profile, as indicated by the Marketing department Which one of the following best meets these requirements? 

A. creating an editable header asset with a CKeditor body attribute and allowing editors a free-form layout by using CKeditor's features and functions. In the rendering code, just stream the Header's body attribute "as is." 

B. using SitePlan and specifying a group of placed pages under "HEADER.” In your header template, use the site tags to “traverse” the children of the HEADER node. 

C. Creating a header asset definition with flex attributes for all times on the header: for example, the logo, background image, list of tab navigation links, and so on. 

D. Creating a page asset named Header and populating its named association with navigation tab assets 

E. Creating a recommendation asset named Header and creating a list of child nodes that represent the tabs. Use the commercecontext tags to render the list. 

Answer: E 

Q43. Which set of asset typescan be managed only throughthe Admin UI withthe defaultsettings after aninstallation? 

A. flex filter, recommendation, and flex definition 

B. query, flex definition, and recommendation 

C. SiteEntry, flex parent definition, and flex attributes 

D. flex parent definition, SiteEntry, and query 

Answer: D 

Q44. You are responsible for a small marketing website that was built WebCenter Sites that consists of page assets and page templates. The site is fully cachaed and does not use an uncachedSiteEntry wrapper. The Marketing department has requested that you make the site responsive such that visitor experience is good even when you web pages are viewed on other devices, including tablets and mobile phones. You are tasked with designing an inexpensive solution that does not impact performance,add more hardware, change the asset model, or impact the contributor’s current workload or the process that creates the web pages. What would you do to address their requirements? 

A. Refactor your page templates to use a third party JavaScript or CSS framework such as Foundation 3 or CSS3 media queries. 

B. Add browser detection logic to an uncached JSP SiteEntry wrapper, which then dispatches to one of three different page templates: one designed specifically for computers, one for tablets, and one for mobile phones. No third party framework is used. 

C. Create three different contribution sites, one for each device, and map them to a specific subdomain, such that all “” requests get forwarded to the mobile site, all “” requests get forwarded to the tablet site, and so on. No third party framework is used. 

D. Install an additional WebCenter Sites mobility server environment. 

Answer: A 

Q45. What are the basic required components to make the Contribution User Interface usable? 

A. users (including their ACLs and roles) and the data model 

B. users (including their ACLs and roles) and auxiliary user interfaces 

C. a data model, auxiliary user interfaces, and a JSP page template 

D. users, a data model, and a workflow 

Answer: B

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Q46. Your client has an existingvideo streaming service thatis performing well. Videosare of high definitionand can measure ingigabytes of data each.The Marketing team wantsthe ability to allow itseditors toembed videos in the middle of their CKedit body attributes, with the stipulation that there is no need for any coding for the editors.Assume that the editors alreadyknow how to use all the OOTB features of CKedit. Additionally, the Marketing team wants video links to appear in lists with other heterogeneous assets throughout the website. 

Which solution will best meet these requirements? 

A. Create a basic asset that has several metadata attributes, one of which stores a reference to the video stream server URL. Create a typed template that builds the JavaScript code to render the video “in situ.” 

B. Train the editors to simply type the URL of the video server in their CKedit body attribute by using the source code feature. 

C. Migrate the video blob data to the WebCenter Sites database as assets. Create a typed template that streams each video asset via blob server tags “in situ” just like any other blob asset. 

D. Create a flex video asset definition that has a single attributes that stores the JavaScript to embed the video player. Create a template that simply streams the JavaScript “in situ.” 

Answer: D 

Q47. In whichenvironment do editorialusers maintain their content? 

A. management 

B. development 

C. delivery 

D. disaster recovery 

E. quality assurance 

Answer: E 

Q48. Before an asset canbepublished, it must be approved. Which three arevalid ways to approveanasset? 

A. manually approving the asset with a SQL script 

B. using the "Approve Multiple Assets" option for the Publish destination 

C. manually approving by clicking the Approve icon on the asset toolbar 

D. when the asset is in workflow, where the final step is approval 

E. configuring the publish destination for Auto-Approve 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q49. Which three items cannot be published usingstandard WebCenter Sites publishing mechanisms,from a source instance to a target instance? 

A. users, ACLs, and roles 

B. start menus 

C. workflow history 

D. revision tracking history 

E. asset subtypes 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q50. During a WebCenter Sites installation, the schema is not created and the following error appears in thefuturetense.txtlogs: 

What is the reason? 

A. The database is down. 

B. There is a mismatch between the database driver and the database server version. 

C. The connection string used for the data source is incorrect. 

D. The database user privileges are inadequate. 

Answer: A