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2021 Aug 1z0-241 sample question

Q41. View the Exhibit.

What is OCPUtilites?

A. a record definition

B. an application class

C. an application package

D. a PeopleCode program

E. an application class superclass

F. an application package subpackage

Answer: F

Q42. Select the two true statements about the Web server and the application server. (Choose two.)

A. Executables reside on the application server.

B. PeopleSoft services generally run from the Web server.

C. The Web server caches images, style sheets, and JavaScript.

D. The application server stores user data until the Web server connects with and writes the values to the database server.

E. Under certain development configurations, you can connect the browser directly to the database server for testing purposes.

Answer: AC

Q43. Select the three true statements about levels on a page. (Choose three.)

A. You usually associate level zero with the search record.

B. Each level is associated with one primary record definition.

C. Related fields in a level must reference the same record definition.

D. All fields in a level must write to that level's primary record definition.

E. Multiple levels of the same number, for example, two level twos, are allowed on a page.

Answer: ABE

Q44. Select the record definitions that are correctly configured as A) a control table and B) a transaction table, respectively.

Answer: D

Q45. View the Exhibit.

What is the most likely source of the inherited security authorization for the ALLPAGES permission list for the Classroom Preparation folder?

A. It was configured in the Root folder.

B. It was configured in the registration wizard.

C. It was configured in the Set Up Training folder.

D. It was configured by the Author Access check box.

E. It was configured in the ALLPAGES permission list in PeopleTools Security.

Answer: C

Renovate 1z0-241 practice exam:

Q46. View the Exhibit.

Select the SQL that corresponds to the record definition shown.
































Answer: B

Q47. Which three statements are true when you modify the default settings in Crystal Reports? (Choose three.)

A. To add a Print Date field, you drag the Print Date field from the Field Explorer to the appropriate area of the report.

B. To change fonts in a report, you select the text, double-click it, and then select the appropriate font, style, size, and color from the tool bar.

C. To change default column headings of a report, you can either double-click the column heading that you want to change or click the text object and select Edit, Edit Text. Then, edit the text and click a blank area of the report to deselect the column headings.

D. If you modify a query to include additional fields, you need to modify the report definition in Crystal Reports to include the new fields in your report. To modify the report definition, select the Verify Database option from the Database menu.

E. You can make the column headings as long as you want. If you make them much longer than the current heading, Crystal Reports will automatically enlarge the text box to fit your new heading.

Answer: ACD

Q48. Which two statements are true regarding the usages and description of the Crystal/Bus.

Interlink/JDeveloper tab in the PeopleTools Configuration Manager? (Choose two.)

A. The Crystal/Bus, Interlink/JDeveloper tab is used to specify the locations of Crystal Reports executables and the default location for Crystal Reports that are generated through PeopleSoft Query.

B. If you have Crystal Reports installed on a network drive, the Crystal EXEs Path parameter is populated automatically to reflect the location of the Crystal Reports executables-for example: n:hr880binclientwinx86crystal.

C. If you have Crystal Reports installed locally on the workstation, the Crystal EXEs Path parameter is populated automatically.

D. If the Default Crystal Reports option is deselected, you are able to create a Crystal report from Oracle's PeopleSoft Query.

Answer: AC

Q49. Your manager asks you to use PeopleCode to autogenerate the keys for the Orders page.

Which event do you use?

A. RowInit

B. SaveEdit

C. PostBuild

D. SearchSave

E. SavePrechange

F. SavePostchange

Answer: E

Q50. Select three uses for PeopleSoft application classes. (Choose three.)

A. Organizing code into logical packages

B. Encapsulating complex data structures

C. Creating platform-independent applications

D. Extending the general classes with subclasses

E. Expediting application design with rapid prototyping

Answer: ABD