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2021 Jun 1z0-241 Study Guide Questions:

Q111. Examine this PeopleCode snippet: class OCP_ROWSET extends Rowset; property integer FilledRowCount get;method OCP_ROWSET(&strRecName As string, &strDataFld As string, &strGetOrCreate As string);method InsertRow(&iRow As integer) Returns boolean; Select the correct statements. (Choose all that apply.)

A. OCP_ROWSET is the constructor method for the OCP_ROWSET class.

B. Executing the RO_ROWSET method instantiates an object of the OCP_ROWSET class.

C. The OCP_ROWSET method runs automatically whenever an object is instantiated using the OCP_ROWSET class.

D. The OCP_ROWSET method must initialize the ROWSET class.

E. The OCP_ROWSET method is added to the ROWSET class, and, by extension, to any instances of the ROWSET class.

Answer: ACD

Q112. Put the steps of application development in the correct order.

1. Define new fields.

2. Build the SQL tables.

3. Test the application.

4. Define the records.

5. Define the components.

6. Define the pages.

7. Register the components.

8. Design the application.

A. 8, 1, 4, 6, 5, 7, 2, 3

B. 8, 1, 4, 2, 6, 5, 7, 3

C. 8, 1, 2, 4, 6, 5, 7, 3

D. 8, 2, 1, 4, 6, 5, 7, 3

Answer: B

Q113. Select the two true statements about the translate table. (Choose two.)

A. A translate lookup is searchable.

B. The page control most associated with a translate table validation is a drop-down list box.

C. The best candidates for translate table validation are those fields that require only a value and a description.

D. When you add translate values to an existing field, the system automatically adds radio buttons to the pages where this field exists.

Answer: BC


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Q114. Select the two true statements regarding parent/child relationships and page design. (Choose two.)

A. Parent/child relationships on a page can write to the same table.

B. Parent/child relationships on a page are determined by occurs level.

C. Parent/child relationships on a page are determined by occurs count.

D. Parent/child relationships on a page always indicate a one-to-many relationship.

E. Parent/child relationships on a page are automatically configured by the physical layout of the scroll area or grid.

Answer: BD

Q115. Select the three primary advantages of using the Message Catalog. (Choose three.)

A. Messages are reusable.

B. You can enter messages through a browser.

C. Developers can secure messages through Definition Security.

D. Developers can search for and use messages in Application Designer.

E. Messages in the catalog are easier to translate in globalization situations.

Answer: ABE

Q116. You can print the report after running the Crystal report and saving the file. Which three options are true when printing a Crystal report? (Choose three.)

A. To print HTML reports from Crystal Reports, open the appropriate HTML file and print it from the browser.

B. Before you print a Crystal report, you must modify a query to include additional fields and you need to modify the report definition in Crystal Reports.

C. As with many Microsoft Windows applications, you can choose to print the entire report or only a few pages, specify the number of copies to print, and indicate whether you want the copies collated.

D. If you want to update and print the report from within Crystal Reports, the query and report names must match to use the formatting that you just created in Crystal Reports every time you print the report.

E. If you want to run your report directly from Microsoft Windows-based PeopleSoft Query, the query and report names must match to use the formatting that you just created in Crystal Reports every time you print the report.

Answer: ACE

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Q117. View the Exhibit.

The red dot on the left margin of the PeopleCode Editor screen _____.

A. marks a breakpoint

B. marks a bookmark

C. indicates an abend

D. indicates a syntax error

E. indicates a compile error

F. indicates a run-time error

Answer: A

Q118. Select the record definition that is configured correctly.

Answer: C

Q119. Which three statements are true regarding Query Profile? (Choose three.)

A. The Query Profiles page enables users to run existing queries and create new ones.

B. The Query Profiles page enables you to specify the type of access that users have when they work with PeopleSoft Query.

C. By default, the query profile does not give users access to all PeopleSoft Query features, even if you gave them access to PeopleSoft Query.

D. If a user has more than one permission list, PeopleSoft Query uses the highest time-out value as defined in the Time-out Minutes section of the user's permission lists.

E. The Query Profiles page enables you to restrict the types of queries that users can create, limit the number of rows returned, or set the time that a query can run before it times out.

F. By default, the Only Allowed to Run Queries option on the Query Profiles page is selected, and each permission list that is granted to a user or role has the possibility to have capabilities added.

Answer: BDE

Q120. Which PeopleCode event would you use to validate the search key?

A. SearchInit

B. SearchSave

C. SearchEdit

D. EditSearch

E. InitSearch

Answer: B