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You have enabled budgetary control and have a control budget set to Advisory control level. For September 2021, your budget for a given account combination is $5,000 USD. In the same month, there is an approved requisition for that account of $900 and an approved purchase order for that account of $2,500 USD. There is also a General Ledger adjustment journal entry for that account of $1,600 USD. An approved purchase order line of $400 USD is then cancelled. And an invoice is matched to the purchase order for $2,100 USD. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. No change
  • B. Purchase order encumbrance will be released for $2,100 USD
  • C. Funds reservation only happens for non-matched invoices, so the system will not reserve funds
  • D. As there are cancellations for $400 USD, the system will partially reserve the funds in September 2021 and fully reserve it in October 2021
  • E. The system always consumes budget of future periods if the limit for the current period is expired, so October 2021 budget will be considered for reservation

Answer: BD

What are the two possible reasons for encumbrance created on the purchase order to go back to the budget or funds availability? (Choose two.)

  • A. The purchase order is canceled or finally closed or rejected without performing any receipt or invoice
  • B. When the purchase order is set to accrue at receipt and partially received, then canceled or finally closed, encumbrance goes back to the extent of the unreceived amount
  • C. The requisition reserved successfully undergoes amendment and is rejected in the reapproval
  • D. When the requisition is set to accrue at period end and partially billed and then canceled or finally closed, encumbrance goes back to the budget to the extent of the unbilled amount

Answer: AB

Your company has complex consolidation requirements with multiple general ledger instances. You are using Oracle Hyperion Financial Management to consolidate the disparate General Ledgers. You can typically map segments between your general ledger segment to a Hyperion Financial Management segment, such as Company to Entity, Department to Department, and Account to Account. What happens to segments in your source general ledger, such as Program, that cannot be mapped to Hyperion Financial Management?

  • A. Data is summarized across segments that are not mapped to Hyperion Financial Management
  • B. The unmapped segments default to future use segments in Hyperion Financial Management
  • C. No data is transferred
  • D. Errors occur for unmapped segment
  • E. You must map multiple segments from source general ledgers to the target segment in Hyperion Financial Management

Answer: D

You are implementing a multipillar implementation of both HCM Cloud and ERP Cloud. You are implementing ERP first followed by HCM Cloud. You want to ensure your ledgers and chart of accounts are correctly defined. What should you do? (Choose three)

  • A. Deploy your chart of accounts
  • B. Use HCM’s Enterprise Structure Configurator (ESC) first
  • C. Create your chart of accounts in the following order: value sets, COA structure, and instance before assigning values to the value sets
  • D. Use file-based spreadsheet loaders using UCM to mass load and maintain chart of accounts segment values and hierarchies
  • E. Use the Rapid Implementation spreadsheet when creating your enterprise structure

Answer: ABE

Your customer has enabled budgetary control for purchase orders. They have a purchase order for $1,000 USD which is fully reserved. An invoice for $600 is entered and matched to the purchase order, and the purchase order is closed for further invoicing.
What happens to the remaining $400 USD?

  • A. Invoice type will have less funds available by $400 USD
  • B. $400 USD will be expired and not available for use
  • C. $400 USD will be added back to available funds
  • D. Only obligation type will have $400 USD funds available
  • E. Manual encumbrance journal needs to be entered in General Ledger to release the budget amount of$400 USD

Answer: C

Which AMX builder method is most effective in routing the journals to the Accounting Manager when his subordinate, The General Accountant, enters a journal?

  • A. Supervisory level approval
  • B. Cost center based approval
  • C. Dynamic Approval Groups
  • D. Management Chain approval
  • E. Approval Groups

Answer: A

You are reconciling your subledger balances and you need a report that includes beginning and ending account balances and all transactions that constitute the account’s activities.
What type of report will provide this type of information?

  • A. Account Analysis Reports
  • B. Aging Reports
  • C. an Online Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) report to create ad hoc queries on transactions and balances
  • D. Journals Reports

Answer: A

Your customer requires physical invoices to be generated in Payables Cloud and Receivables Cloud for the Intercompany payables and receivables transactions. Which two statements are correct with regards to setting this up? (Choose two.)

  • A. You only need to assign the Legal Entity and Organization Contact
  • B. You can only associate one Intercompany Organization per Legal Entity
  • C. You must have implemented Payables Cloud and Receivables Cloud
  • D. You must assign the corresponding Receivables and Payables Business Units

Answer: CD

Management has added a requirement to segregate the duties of transferring journals to the General Ledger from the posting function. Which two new features allow this segregation? (Choose two.)

  • A. Uncheck the Enable Posting from the Manage Subledger Accounting Options task.
  • B. Journal entry spreadsheets are not impacted by this new function.
  • C. Must have separate user defined roles using the privilege XLA_CREATE_GENERAL_LEDGER_AND_SUBLEDGER _JOURNALS.
  • D. For previously scheduled automated processes, it is recommended to cancel and rescheduled the process for the option to be effective.

Answer: AD

You already ran Translation, but a last-minute adjusting journal entry in your ledger currency was entered after you consolidated your results. What is Oracle’s recommended practice when this occurs?

  • A. Translate only the adjusting journal entry
  • B. Rerun Translation and then reconsolidate your results
  • C. Rerun Revaluation and then rerun Translation
  • D. Enter another adjusting journal entry in the target currency to true up the balances

Answer: B

Which reporting tool is best suited for submitting high-volume transactional reports, such as Invoice Registers or Trial Balance reports, that can be configured to extract the data in Rich Text Format or xml?

  • A. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)
  • B. Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher)
  • C. Financial Reporting Center
  • D. Smart View
  • E. Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service

Answer: B

You want to specify Intercompany System Options. Which three factors should you consider? (Choose three.)

  • A. the approvers who will approve intercompany transactions
  • B. whether to allow receivers to reject intercompany transactions
  • C. whether to enforce an enterprise-wide currency or allow intercompany transactions in local currencies
  • D. automatic or manual batch numbering and the maximum transaction amount
  • E. automatic or manual batch numbering and the minimum transaction amount

Answer: BCE

Which two statements are true regarding how Intercompany Balancing Rule are defined? (Choose two.)

  • A. All ledgers engaged in an intercompany transaction must share the same chart of accounts in order to define balancing rules.
  • B. You can only define balancing rules for different journals’ source
  • C. You cannot define balancing rules for different journal categories.
  • D. You can define different balancing rules for different combinations of journal sources, journal categories, and transaction types.
  • E. You can define different rules for different charts of accounts, ledgers, legal entities, and primary balancing segment values.ys

Answer: AC

You are using budgetary control. You have an open purchase order for $500 USD, and an invoice for $300 is matched to the purchase order. What will be the funds status of the purchase order and the invoice?

  • A. Both are Partially Reserved
  • B. The purchase order is Liquidated and the invoice is Partially Reserved
  • C. The purchase order is Partially Liquidated and the invoice is Partially Reserved
  • D. The purchase order is Partially Liquidated and the invoice will be Reserved
  • E. Both are reserved
  • F. The purchase order is Open and the invoice is Validated

Answer: C

You just submitted the Accounting Configuration. What two things must happen before you can enter journals? (Choose two.)

  • A. You must re-deploy the chart of accounts
  • B. A Data Access Set with full read/write access to the ledger is automatically created
  • C. You must define a Data Access Set to obtain full read/write access to ledgers in the Accounting Configuration
  • D. You must assign the job role and data security context to each user

Answer: BD

You want to process multiple allocations at the same time. What feature do you use?

  • A. RuleSets
  • B. Formulas
  • C. General Ledger journal entries
  • D. Point of View (POV)

Answer: A

Your customer wants to use a clearing company to automatically balance intercompany entries. Which three statements are true regarding the use of a clearing company value? (Choose three.)

  • A. You must map legal entities to balancing segment values in order to use a clearing company
  • B. If you do not map legal entities to balancing segment values, then a clearing company can be applied to any journal within the ledger
  • C. Clearing companies are not supported
  • D. If you map legal entities to balancing segment values, then a clearing company can only be applied within a legal entity
  • E. If you choose to use a clearing company, you can define a default clearing company value or select the clearing company value directly in the general ledger journal

Answer: BDE

How can your Accounting Manager expedite journal processing during the time-critical month-end close?

  • A. by creating an ad hoc query on journals using Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)
  • B. by running the Journals report using Business Intelligence Publisher
  • C. by using the Journals region to view journals Requiring Attention, Requiring Approval, and Pending Approval from Other
  • D. by using the Close Status monitor to drill down on the close status across ledgers

Answer: C

Identify three differences between Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA). (Choose three.)

  • A. Cloud customers can use both OTBI and OBIA
  • B. OTBI allows you to create custom reports from real-time transactional data against the database directly
  • C. OBIA is based on the universal data warehouse design with different prebuilt adapters that can connect to various source applications.
  • D. Both OBIA and OTBI provide a set of predefined reports and dashboards and a library of metrics that help to measure business performance.
  • E. OBIA works for multiple sources including E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SAP, and Cloud Applications

Answer: BCE

You are setting up Close Monitor, which compromises a ledger set hierarchy definition.
Which two components of the enterprise structure should the ledgers in the ledger set share? (Choose two.)

  • A. Accounting Calendar
  • B. Legal Entities, Business Units, and Chart of Accounts
  • C. Chart of Accounts
  • D. Chart of Accounts and Business Units
  • E. Chart of Accounts, Currency, Accounting Calendar, and Subledger Accounting Method

Answer: AC

The expense account of airfare was erroneously assigned to the account type “Liability”. Which method should you choose to fix the problem?

  • A. Deactivate the value
  • B. Run the “Segment Value Inheritance” program
  • C. Run the “Correct Misclassified Account” program
  • D. Run the “Update Balance Cube Chart of the Accounting Dimension” program

Answer: C

You want to enter budget data in General Ledger Cloud. Which method is not supported?

  • A. Entering budget journals
  • B. Application Development Framework Desktop Integration (ADFdi)
  • C. Direct budget balance updates from a Financial Statement in Smart View
  • D. File-based Data Import

Answer: A

Your customer has a large number of legal entities. The legal entity values are defined in the company segment which represents the primary balancing segment. They want to easily create eliminating entries for their intercompany activity. What would you recommend?

  • A. Define an intercompany segment in the chart of account
  • B. The Intercompany module and the Intercompany balancing feature in general ledger and subledger accounting will automatically populate the intercompany segment which the balancing segment value of the legal entity with which you are trading
  • C. There is no need to define an intercompany segment, the Intercompany module keeps track of the trading partners for you based on the intercompany rules to define
  • D. Define an intercompany segment and qualify it as the second balancing segment to make sure all entries are balanced for the primary balancing segment and intercompany segment
  • E. There is no need to define an intercompany segmen
  • F. You can track the intercompany trading partner using distinct intercompany receivable/payable natural accounts to identify the trading partner

Answer: A

You want to be notified of anomalies in certain account balances in real time. What is the most efficient way to do this?

  • A. Create an Account Group using Account Monitor
  • B. Use Account Inspector
  • C. Open a Smart View file saved on your desktop
  • D. Perform an account analysis online

Answer: A


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