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Exam Name: Oracle Talent Management Cloud 2021 Implementation Essentials
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Identify two correct statements for Goal Plan setup.

  • A. Long-term goals can only be created within long-term goal plans and cannot exist across goal plans.
  • B. The review period attached to a Goal Plan restricts the user from creating long-term goals.
  • C. The start and end dates of a Goal Plan have to be within the review period.
  • D. Goal Plan dates are defaulted from review period dates.
  • E. The performance document attached to a Goal Plan decides the Goal Plan inclusion in a performance document.

Answer: CE

When a descriptive flexfield is deployed for a goal template, which will that flexfield will be visible for?

  • A. None of the above
  • B. Existing goals using that goal template
  • C. New goals that are created from that moment on, using that template
  • D. All goals previously created using that template along with goals created going forward using that template

Answer: D

What can you use Questionnaires for before a Talent Review meeting?

  • A. to view and track development goals of workers outside of your direct reporting line
  • B. to assign Development Goals to workers in your direct reporting line
  • C. to calculate the worker potential rating during the content preparation stage
  • D. to assign qualitative or quantitative measurements to assess the level of success of achieving a goal

Answer: C

A manager has several goals and has assigned some of those goals to his or her direct reports. However, when direct reports complete the goal, their profiles are not updated with the competencies associated with the goal as Target Outcomes.
What is the reason that the competencies were not added to the profiles?

  • A. The Target Outcome was added to the goal after the goal was submitted.
  • B. The Target Outcome was added after the goal was assigned to the direct reports.
  • C. Goal Tasks were not associated with the goal.
  • D. The Target Outcome was added, but the target proficiency was not selected.
  • E. The goal was assigned to the direct reports after the Target Outcome was added.

Answer: C

Which statement is correct regarding eligibility profiles in the performance evaluation module?

  • A. They must be marked as required on the general and document periods tabs of the evaluation to ensure that employees receive the evaluation.
  • B. They are used to determine which audience receives which questionnaire.
  • C. They are the sole determining factor in how employees receive access to performance evaluations.
  • D. They can be on the general tab and/or the document periods tab however at least one of the profiles must match the review period on the performance evaluation.

Answer: A

The HR manager is planning for the next goal plan period. She finds that the current goal plan template being used by the organization does not reflect the latest organization-wide changes with respect to goal management.
How should the HR manager incorporate the changes?

  • A. Update the goal-setting options in the current goal plan template.
  • B. Add a new goal plan period row to the current template and update the goal-setting options.
  • C. Update the goal management profile options.
  • D. Create a new template and edit the goal settings in the new template.
  • E. Delete the currently used template and create a new one.

Answer: C

Which two statements are true for each type of questionnaire questions?

  • A. For the single select question type, the possible responses can be configured only to appear in a single select choice list.
  • B. For the single select question type, you can specify that the possible responses appear either in a single select choice list or as radio buttons.
  • C. You may configure specific responses and select the presentation method to determine how the response appears.
  • D. You may configure specific responses, but you cannot select the presentation method to determine how the response appears.
  • E. For the single select question type, the possible responses can be configured only to appear as radio buttons.

Answer: BC

Your organization may require an annual performance evaluation that includes any or all of the sections. Which four section types are valid for performance document template sections?

  • A. Manager only Questionnaire
  • B. Profile Content to rate worker competencies
  • C. Manager Final Feedback
  • D. Worker Final Feedback
  • E. Goals to rate worker goals

Answer: BCDE

Which two options are available in the Page Layout field on the Create Questionnaire Template Contents page when creating a questionnaire template?

  • A. 3 column
  • B. 5 column
  • C. 2 column
  • D. 1 column
  • E. 4 column

Answer: DE

When a manager is terminated, how will you reassign the performance document and the corresponding tasks of his or her reports to the new manager?

  • A. The new manager can be made responsible for the tasks associated with the performance document by using the Transfer Performance Document function.
  • B. A new performance document has to be created for the report whose manager has been terminated and it has to be assigned to his or her new manager.
  • C. The performance documents are automatically reassigned to the report’s new manager.
  • D. The worker must reassign the new manager to their performance document.
  • E. New managers can assign tasks in the performance document to themselves.

Answer: C

You are implementing Oracle Performance Management Cloud with the requirements that during performance evaluation, a manager should be able to allocate rewards to direct reports and also be able to promote them. How do you meet these requirements?

  • A. In the performance process flow setup, include the tasks Allocate Rewards and Manage Promotions.
  • B. Recommend that the client perform those tasks outside the performance evaluation process in compensation management.
  • C. Include the Manage Promotions task in the process flow, but handle rewards separately in compensation management.
  • D. Include the Allocate Rewards subtask in the process flow, but handle promotions separately in core HR.
  • E. Configure the performance document sections to include rewards and promotions.

Answer: C

An HR specialist recently created a performance goal plan for his or her organization. Two new hires have joined the organization after the existing goal plan was created and assigned.
1Z0-1052 dumps exhibit Employee 1 is required to have all the goals in the existing goal plan.
1Z0-1052 dumps exhibit Employee 2 needs goals A1 and A2 in addition to the goals in the existing goal plan.
1Z0-1052 dumps exhibit Goals A1 and A2 need to be added to the goal library.
Which statement addresses these requirements?

  • A. The HR specialist can assign Employee 1 to the existing goal plan, create a new goal plan with goals (A1 and A2) from the goal library, and then assign the new goal plan to Employee 2.
  • B. The HR specialist can create a new goal plan with goals from the existing goal plan, add goals A1 and A2 from the goal library, and assign them to both the new hires.
  • C. The HR specialist can add the eligibility criteria to new goals (A1 and A2) within the goal plan and assign both the new hires to the existing goal plan.
  • D. The HR specialist can add goals A1 and A2 to the goal library, add those goals to the existing goal plan, and then add both the new hires to the goal plan.

Answer: B

A Human Resource Specialist is required to create a Talent Review Meeting for all the Sales Consultants in the Regional Sales Department. While creating the meeting, the Human Resource Specialist is unable to add Succession Plan to the meeting.
Identify two reasons for this.

  • A. The Human Resource Specialist creating the Talent Review Meeting does not own any Succession Plans.
  • B. The Business Leader of the Talent Review Meeting is not an owner of any Succession Plans.
  • C. The Workers part of the Review Population of the meeting is not part of any Succession Plans.
  • D. Talent Review Template selected for the meeting does not have Include Succession Plans enabled.
  • E. The Workers part of the Review Population of the meeting does not have any Succession Plans defined.

Answer: BC

Which two statements are true regarding succession plan strength?

  • A. It is also known as plan bench strength.
  • B. It is a non-calculated description of succession plan that is determined by the number of candidates in the plan and their risk of loss.
  • C. It is a non-calculated description of succession plans that is determined by the number of candidates in the plan and their readiness.
  • D. It can be manually overridden.

Answer: AC

You configure questions and responses in the question library to add to the questionnaire. Identify four question types that can be defined in the question library.

  • A. Additional response – It is used to provide additional information or add attachments.
  • B. No response – It is used to provide additional information or allow respondents to add attachments.
  • C. Single choice – Respondent selects a single choice from selections you provide.
  • D. Text – Respondent enters a response in a test field.
  • E. Multiple choice – You provide responses and respondents select one or more responses from the options available.

Answer: ACDE

Your customer wants Project Managers to evaluate employees on Competencies but not on Goals when both Goals and Competencies are present in the performance document. How should you achieve this?

  • A. Create a project manager performance role and attach it to the competency and overall rating section.
  • B. This could be achieved only by using the Matrix Manager Role; the role could be attached to the performance template competency section.
  • C. Create a project manager security role with data access restricted to competency profile type.
  • D. Attach a security profile with only competency profile type access to the Matrix manager performance role.

Answer: D

You are an HR specialist for the Manufacturing Department of your company. This department contains a total of six employees and your CEO has instructed you to perform the following steps:
1Z0-1052 dumps exhibit Determine how well the employees’ profiles match a job or position profile.
1Z0-1052 dumps exhibit Run an analysis, which compares competencies, licenses, and certifications.
The process described above is _______ .

  • A. determining plan bench strength
  • B. Best-Fit Analysis
  • C. determining readiness level
  • D. Talent Pool

Answer: B

Which two statements are true regarding adding goals to and removing goals from a talent pool?

  • A. When you add a goal to a pool, all members of the pool are assigned the goal.
  • B. If you remove a development goal from a talent pool, that goal will be automatically removed from the workers’ goals list, which inherited the goal from the talent pool.
  • C. You can only add goals that exist in the goal library.
  • D. When you add a goal to pool members who already have that goal as one of their existing goals, the goal will be duplicated in their goal list.

Answer: AC

You are implementing Oracle Goal Management for a midsize company.
Your customer wants to add goals from a legacy application. These goals need to be available to all workers, managers, and organization owners.
Identify two ways to satisfy these requirements.

  • A. Add goals to a goal plan.
  • B. Add goals to the goal library.
  • C. Add the goals as an organizational owner.
  • D. Upload goals into the goal library by using an application-generated spreadsheet.

Answer: CD

Which goal task can managers NOT perform for employees that report to them?

  • A. Align goals
  • B. Mass assign goals
  • C. Assign goals
  • D. Delete goals
  • E. Print goals

Answer: E

The Human Resources department manager informs the Human Resource Specialist that Employee 1, who is Head of Sales, plays a vital role in the organization and they must plan for the successors of the employee. What should the Human Resource Specialist do?

  • A. Create an Incumbent Succession Plan for Employee 1.
  • B. Create a Job Succession Plan for the Head of Sales job.
  • C. Create a Position Succession Plan for the Head of Sales position.
  • D. Create a Job Profile Succession Plan for the Sales job profile.
  • E. Create a Job Family Succession Plan for the Sales job family.

Answer: A

During the talent review meeting, review participants want to see data from five previous meetings; however, the system does not allow this. What is the reason?

  • A. Only data from four meetings can be included in the talent review meeting.
  • B. Data from previous meetings can never be included in a current meeting.
  • C. Only data from one meeting can be included in the talent review meeting.
  • D. Only data from two meetings can be included in the talent review meeting.

Answer: D

Which functionality in Talent management enables an HR specialist to select an individual based on a specific list of requirements?

  • A. Person Portrait
  • B. Best-Fit Analysis
  • C. Profile Comparison
  • D. Profile Search

Answer: B

Which two types of goals can be included in a Performance Document for review?

  • A. Development Goals
  • B. Organization Goals
  • C. Performance Improvement Goals
  • D. Performance Goals

Answer: AD


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